A top revision your car before the holidays

When summer is real close, many have already decided to think about the destination of their next vacation. This is a good time to plan the trip and start thinking about tuning the car. A long trip with family or friends requires a complete check of the vehicle, even if it is new. All cars […]

When summer is real close, many have already decided to think about the destination of their next vacation. This is a good time to plan the trip and start thinking about tuning the car. A long trip with family or friends requires a complete check of the vehicle, even if it is new. All cars must pass at least one revision per year and doing it before a long journey is a great occasion.

If you want to go out with guarantees on the road, increase the efficiency of your vehicle and extend the life of it, you should periodically check the main elements of your car, especially those that directly affect safety.

If you have a Saab car and you are looking to give it the maintenance it deserves, here at JB Prestige automotive service you will find a team of qualified professionals for the task.

¨Always remember to check your tires¨

Checking the tire pressure and condition, together with the oil level, are fundamental guarantees but they are not the only ones. It is necessary to obtain a positive diagnosis about the condition of the shock absorbers, the brakes, the timing belt, the electronic system, the spark plugs, the particulate filters, the gearbox, the exhaust system and the air conditioning system. If any of these elements is worn or does not work properly, it must be replaced before making any journey; In addition, it will also be necessary to change some parts if the deadlines indicated by the car company so recommends.

The checking of the different components and systems of the car must always be done by a trained and qualified professional in a centre that has the necessary infrastructures and technologies. It is essential that the workshop carry out the revision in a personalised way according to the brands and car models, strictly following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

These are some of the aspects needed to be taken into account when reviewing a car before a trip: checking the tire pressure after the first inspection and filling of the oil levels, coolant, windscreen wiper fluid and of the power steering, without any added cost for the driver.

If you are already thinking about your summer vacation we encourage you to consult a professional; it is the best way to go programming the details of the tuning of your car and get an idea of ​​the economic investment that this requires.

Know the 4 basics for the maintenance of your car

We advise you to attend the four basics to keep your vehicle in perfect condition, in this way you will achieve greater durability, saving money and safety.

  1. Lubricants: They are essential for the proper functioning of your car, as they ensure that each moving part in the engine gets enough oil to move easily and avoid possible friction that cause premature wear. In addition, they contribute to the cooling of the machine, which prevents the temperature from rising due to friction.

For this reason, you must be very careful to check the oil level, as well as change and use a lubricant of excellent quality. Currently, brands such as Total, have at their disposal a wide range of lubricating oils to provide solutions appropriate to each type of vehicle; only take into account that the product adheres to the requirements established by the manufacturer of your car, considering the model and year of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the change of oil has to do with several factors such as: Driving habits, types of vehicle, oil to use, among others, but something elementary that you must not forget is to avoid exceeding 20 thousand kilometres with the same oil. Check the manual of your car and observe the periods of change recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

  1. Brakes: Take special care with the brakes, as they are part of the most important safety system in your car. Usually, they are not given much attention until they start to fail, however, in addition to the risk that can be had by having them worn out, the investment you will have to make for their arrangement will be more difficult and expensive; try not to let much time go by.

You should constantly check the level of the brake fluid reservoir, avoiding the lack of fluid, which will make a better braking and increase the duration of the brake pads.

It is easy to notice when they have wear, because when driving you can feel instability, vibration, light tap or squeal when you step on the pedal. Checking them at least once a year is more than enough to guarantee good operation and safety.

  1. Tires: inseparable companions of security! They are the point of contact between your car and the pavement, so it is important that they are always in good condition, so you can travel calm and comfortable.

To avoid wear, check at least once a month the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, if you have the wrong amount of air (either due to excess or lack of air) you will have less control of the vehicle, the braking distance will increase and your tires will wear out faster. When you detect damage or cracks in them, like vibrations or strange noises, visit the workshop for revision and make the necessary changes.

  1. Body: although it is inevitable that it deteriorates over the years, washing your car regularly will prevent accumulated dirt from adhering to the paint and damaging it. We suggest you use special materials for cars, so you will avoid wear; You can also wax it two or three times a year, you will protect it from the weather.

To keep it in good condition, avoid rubbing the stains dry because you can grate the paint, do not let the stains and, dirt for a long time. Keep in mind that sunlight damages the paint a lot and is one of the frequent causes of wear, so we recommend you try to park it in places with a roof or shade.

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