Tips for Organizing the Perfect Pool Party

Spring has arrived with all its charms and we have a lot of perfect days ahead for celebrations, meetings or parties. What if you ride a pool party? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any birthdays or anything special to commemorate. Do it just for the pleasure of enjoying a great day with your […]

Spring has arrived with all its charms and we have a lot of perfect days ahead for celebrations, meetings or parties. What if you ride a pool party? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any birthdays or anything special to commemorate. Do it just for the pleasure of enjoying a great day with your friends. The only risk you run is that they never want to leave.

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As soon as the heat begins to tighten it seems that humans tend to become amphibious. We look forward to any aquatic area to soak our body. Now we can add more to the theory that ensures that all current species are the evolution of a fish that came out of the sea. Jokes aside, it is undeniable that most of us love beaches and coasts. We love to enjoy the sun and the breeze and, above all, the water. So much so that many families and communities of neighbours have a swimming pool in their homes next to which they spend most of their free time. If you are one of those lucky ones, stick with these ideas that we propose to prepare a memorable pool party.

  1. Design the invitations. You can create them online and send them by email through applications like this. You can also lustre your creative ability and make them by hand. Thus, each guest will receive them in their home mailbox. An option that we like is to prepare VIP passes with cardboard and fasten them with a bow so that each visitor carries it hanging around the neck.
  2. Decoration. This is where you will be able to make a difference between your pool party and any other. You can use coloured balloons and garlands to create atmosphere. You can fill the pool with floats, churros or inflatable balls. If it is a more formal celebration, decorate the surface with flower garlands, floating candles or water lilies. Around it places sun loungers, hammocks and mats for sunbathing between bath and bath. If you have a garden with enough space you can separate environments. You can make a barbecue area and another for food or snack. You will find proposals that surely you like here.
  3. Catering. What the body asks for most on a hot day are light and fresh meals. You cannot miss fruit skewers, as appealing to the eye as to the palate, in addition to juices and lemonade. You can organize a buffet where guests can choose between different types of canapés, spreads or cold soups.
  4. Games. Let’s start from the base that playing is not just a children’s thing. Having this clear, we can prepare some things to have fun regardless of the age of our guests. You can place a net that crosses the pool and organize a volleyball match in the water. You can play the classic Marco Polo. Another good idea is to organize a circuit, creating a route with some complication, depending on the space you have and the imagination you put. Finding the treasure is also a fun game in which everyone can participate. And finally, you can start a good war of guns or water balloons. You will have a guaranteed laugh time.

A good host must have initiative to propose fun ideas and create an environment that brings out the best of all attendees. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a pool in your home, share it with others and give a day to remember.

The perfect option for birthday parties

The outdoor parties, and even more in the pool, are wonderful to enjoy the hottest days and have fun with the little ones. Celebrating their birthdays at the pool is unusual, but it is undoubtedly an event that enchants children and adults.

Our children grow by leaps and bounds and have grown tired of birthday parties at home and in playgrounds. Therefore, the idea of ​​celebrating the birthday of the kids in the pool is fantastic and, in addition, it is perfect to cool down a bit.

All children have a swimsuit and flip flops that serve to enjoy a great water birthday party, but before giving some small ideas to organize it, we will give some guidelines that should never be forgotten during a pool party.

We know that in any of them there will be lifeguards who will be responsible for ensuring the safety of our children. However, and although we do not doubt their professionalism, we must, as parents, always stay close at all times. A float and some sleeves, if anyone still does not know how to swim very well, will not be enough. The most advisable thing is that the adults who watch are in the water with the minors to avoid any misgivings.

In addition, we will have to notify, in this case to the lifeguard, if we have to leave the pool for a short period of time and never leave another child in charge of the other children, even if it is bigger. It is also important to remind them that they should not swallow the pool water since they could get sick, even if it is in perfect condition.

Are you preparing your child’s birthday party and don’t want to spend a lot of money?

No problem, with these ideas your party will be a success and spending little.

The idea of ​​holding it in the pool can take away more of a headache. The organization is much simpler than we think and we can get a great birthday with very little. You can choose to talk with the parents of other children and offer them the idea of ​​wearing their own swimsuits and enjoying birthday together.

When it comes to celebrating any birthday, there is no doubt that the most important are the invitations. We will do them with our son and it will surely be a lot of fun. We must be original and creative, and decorate our invitations with elements related to the theme of the party, or buy small beach balls, which will have to inflate our son’s classmates and friends to see all the necessary data. Remember the lifesavers!

Remember that if you want to ensure your pool is fulfilling the requirements in terms of safety, here at Pool Certify you’ll find fully accredited certifiers.