Tips for Dresses at Wedding in Spring

Spring-summer brides choose more relaxed options for their wedding party and weddings by day, with parties that start with a lunch and last until sunset and late night. When you choose one of our dresses at Lucy and Loo, you are not buying one model alone but many. In only a few steps you can […]
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Spring-summer brides choose more relaxed options for their wedding party and weddings by day, with parties that start with a lunch and last until sunset and late night. When you choose one of our dresses at Lucy and Loo, you are not buying one model alone but many. In only a few steps you can take your convertible dress and make it look like a new one.

Succeed in colorimetry, dress according to our body type and be very successful with the accessories and accessories of this look. You have to avoid the typical style that everyone will wear.

The first decision is: skirt or dress? In either case, it has to be short. Then you have to achieve a balance between clothing and accessories to avoid overloading the look. Using wrapped hair or half-wrapped hair together with a daytime make-up helps to look sophisticated and natural.

Mono-colour options look excellent, where the protagonist is a single colour or a single tone: neutral, discreet, dark or flashy. The pastel colours are a good option if we want a clean, elegant and very clean look.

Another option may be to look for dresses in two colours where one is the protagonist and the other tone neutralises. The dresses of type “A” cut are ideal; those made of lace and chiffon give a fine and elegant appearance. Leather is another great option if it is well used in a dress can give us a sophisticated and very cool look.

The very bright or too glossy genres such as satin or sequins are discarded.

Never stop combining shoes. It is true that not everyone likes to wear the shoes the same colour as the dress – although it is the right thing to do according to the label -, therefore, it is best to wear shoes that are worn. The stylist recommends opting for nude shoes, since the colour of the skin stylized in height and give a “long legs” effect. Put boots aside, boots or wooden platforms, but if you’re not the type of girl that wears high heels opt for metalized ballerinas, with stones or with a special touch.

While in church always wear your shoulders covered.

The coat must be the right one for the dress or the main garment. The specialists do not recommend sacks or blazers on dresses; on the other hand, the layers are usually a good option because they are super feminine and provide a lot of style. The coat should never go over the length of the dress and the colour should be trimmed with the main garment of the outfit. Neither do you have to neglect the buttons: if they are of poor quality or clash with the dress they can ruin the look.

Tips to look splendid and radiant at a wedding party

When receiving a wedding invitation, multiple questions arise, but the most important one is: What am I going to wear at the wedding party? It is well known that behind this ceremony there are a series of protocols that must be followed to the letter so as not to be out of tune, but the most important thing is not to overshadow the protagonist or highlight more than the bride.


The range of colours to use in this ceremony is infinite, but there are two colours that must be considered before being used.

Although the black colour refers to elegance and good taste, in the particular case of day ceremonies, it is usually associated with mourning; so, wearing only black is not an option but it is not discarded, for example, to use it as an accessory in a shawl or headdress.

It may be obvious, but many guests overlook it, the white colour can only be used by the bride or failing that she must authorize its use. If the dress is a similar colour, such as pale pink or champagne, they should be combined with other shades to avoid confusion.

Dress code

Your dress code dictates which pieces can be used. The cocktail code implies that the wedding party will be on the day or in the afternoon, so short dresses or skirts must be worn at knee level. You can also wear blouses and pants and even a jumpsuit with a low neckline.

Cocktail Dresses

For the nocturnal and more formal events the formal code is dictated. For this you can use rhinestones and glitters. The dresses are usually long or below the knees with flashy fabrics. If sober fabrics are preferred, they should be combined with accessories that enhance the outfit.

Formal dresses

The code of etiquette is the most elegant, usually worn in night events that occur in closed spaces. The dresses are characterised by being long with fine fabrics covered in jewellery and stilettos.

Tag Dresses

But the most important dress code to follow is the one dictated by the bride, since weddings are currently held on the beach, either on the beach or bohemian, so the best guide in these cases is to ask the family of the girlfriend or revise the invitation, since normally this is where this fundamental aspect is specified.

The sweet lilac

This soft tone is elegant and simple, can be combined with greenish blue and if you are more daring with yellow or orange. Serves in both day and night events, the accessories must be silvery and delicate. The makeup can follow the soft line or break with wine-coloured lips.

Olive green

It alludes to nature and earth tones, gives a sense of freshness to the attire. Usually used in day celebrations and combined with pearly and loose accessories. The makeup in nude tones gives it a minimalist touch.

Blue King

This tone is a classic of elegance and sobriety. It is the perfect substitute for black, since it enhances the figure and is easy to combine. For a wedding party that is in the day a dress by the knee can be used, but if the ceremony is at night, a beautiful long dress with a slight tail will attract the attention of all. The accessories can be both gold and silver and the makeup will stand out with red lips.


The hair must be relaxed, rigid pigtails and complicated hairstyles have been left behind, to give way to a natural style, with the hair loose or semi-pulled, but always reinforcing it with a fixer so that the whole celebration lasts.

Remember that here at Lucy and Loo you can buy premium quality and elegant convertible dresses that you can wear more than one time by wrapping it around your body in a different way.