Tips for caring for caprine livestock on a farm

It is essential to assess the importance of the preservation of health and well-being that deserves goats in a farm or hatchery. In case of not being able to offer a good quality of life to the goats and goats of our farm, the commercial use of these animals will be significantly diminished. Goats and […]

It is essential to assess the importance of the preservation of health and well-being that deserves goats in a farm or hatchery. In case of not being able to offer a good quality of life to the goats and goats of our farm, the commercial use of these animals will be significantly diminished. Goats and livestock are farm animals with a slight body structure that can leave important commercial dividends for our farm or our farm. Many people tend to raise goats to take advantage of their meat, wool, milk or simply for domestic use.

However, the care of these animals implies an enormous responsibility, since it is necessary to feed them day by day, choose carefully the food that will be offered to them and of course check that the animals retain their full health. In relation to the latter, it is necessary to get enough information about the main diseases that affect goats and how they can be fought.

One tip to identify various problems in the health of goats is to review it carefully with the touch, trying to identify bumps and lumps that will appear and reveal the presence of abscesses. It should also be noted the consistency of the feces of goats, since, if they are not firm enough, this could reveal problems in animal health.

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The hydration of the goats

It should be taken into account that goats and goats are herd animals and therefore like to live in groups. It is essential that goats receive a generous and daily supply of clean and fresh agra. This is something especially relevant if our hatchery or farm is located in a dry and hot climate. Taking into account the above, it should be noted that we will need two to fifteen litres of water for each goat day by day.

A wise idea is to dig a ditch to fill with water in the barn or shelter for goats. It is also advisable to install a water storage tank there. It is important to be careful not to contaminate the water or the stagnation of it, since these problems can lead to an alarming death of goats and goats.

Usually the goats do not require too much care except for those with long hair, although it will be necessary to observe that they have the proper care to ensure their perfect hygiene and comfort. Sooner or later you will have to address the problem of having a sick goat, so it is essential to learn to identify the symptoms of these diseases, or have the support of an experienced veterinarian.

Main diseases of the goats

Among the most frequent symptoms that are related to health problems of goats and goats, the following stand out: eyes with irritation, lack of appetite, udders with high temperatures, diarrhea, cough, watery eyes, the fact that they dance incessantly or that they rub their head with a fence or wall, etc. But, in addition, diseased goats usually have grey gums, pale eyelids, in addition to grinding their teeth frequently and remarkably moving away from the rest of the herd.

It is essential to comment that the health of farm animals, as with the health of people, must be preserved with preventive measures. This implies that we must be able to act with due anticipation to cure caprine diseases as soon as they arise and instead try to fight them when they are already very advanced and the damage, they can cause in the herd is more considerable.

Caring for the health of the goats

Considering the above, different diseases capable of affecting goats and goats can be identified. One of them is brucellosis, which is also referred to as bang disease or undulating fever. This problem in the health of goats is revealed from fever, headaches and other bodily effects.

We also need to ask the veterinarian for help with the risk of tuberculosis, a disease that can seriously affect the goats of our farm. The symptoms of this contagious disease are: a notable loss of weight, dry cough, weakness, poor appetite and several others.

Chutes for cattle: To facilitate procedures in your company.

The chute for cattle, are a very functional tool that serve to securely tie the cattle, so that neither this nor the operator will get hurt, they are also very comfortable. In this way, the processes of insemination, vaccination or other procedures that are for the welfare of cattle and for the improvement of the production of the company can be carried out, since it allows optimizing time and making the process easily.

There is a wide range of equipment and chutes for cattle, which are divided into mechanical, electromechanical or electronic technologies.

Characteristics of chutes that will be excellent choices to take care of your livestock:

  • The side walls are adjustable according to the size of the animals to be handled.
  • With sliding door that allows animals to enter quickly.
  • Lever system that allows immobilization of the head of cattle.
  • With yoke-shaped door to immobilize the animal’s head.
  • Frontal bar that allows to tie the head of the animal.
  • Lateral wall closure system that operates with the foot or hand and facilitates the rapid immobilization of animals.
  • To access the animal in any upper part, the system has nine folding bar windows.
  • To access the animal in the lower front and rear rooms, the system has four casement windows.
  • With support for hanging medications.
  • To free the animal, the system has a central upper lever that speeds up the process and provides operator safety.
  • Safety pin that allows you to open parts of the chute to remove an animal that falls.
  • An electronic weighing system can be adapted.

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