Tips Before You Go For a Brazilian Hair Removal

Brazilian hair removal has become highly popular among women in the past decade. However, deciding to visit the spa for a Brazilian wax is only one part of it. The pain and price attached to the method is something that scares quite a lot of women. So, why do people go for it? Most of […]

Brazilian hair removal has become highly popular among women in the past decade. However, deciding to visit the spa for a Brazilian wax is only one part of it. The pain and price attached to the method is something that scares quite a lot of women. So, why do people go for it? Most of the women believe that the more you get them, the easier it becomes. Either way, the results after the Brazilian wax is totally worth the pain. There are still a few things that one should know before going for Brazilian hair removal. Here are a few tips to help every woman out.


#1 Go to a spa that is only for women

Women’s skin is more sensitive when they have their periods going on, and hence, the procedure can be more painful during that time. Therefore, make sure you make an appointment at least a few days prior to or after your period. Also, going to a spa that has experienced professionals and are specialists in Brazilian hair removal is ideal. You can ask your friends or go through online reviews to find out the best spas near you. Never head to a spa until and unless you are sure about the quality of treatments that they have on offer.


#2 Keep yourself clean

Even though you are heading for a professional to do the procedure, you must do the basics that are in your hand. Therefore, make sure that you moisturize yourself lightly to remove all the dead cells and get your hair prepared for waxing. This will help you majorly throughout the process. Moreover, you should also exfoliate between the appointments. By moisturizing your skin at least once a week, you will be able to keep your skin soft. So, make sure you follow a great skincare routine post-Brazilian hair removal treatment.

You should also keep your private parts clear. Even though these professionals in the spa wear gloves, you wouldn’t want any foul smell to embarrass you. Go for a warm shower to keep yourself clean, and at the same time, you will also open your pores. This will help with hair removal in a much less painful way. Make sure you are completely clean and relaxed before heading for the procedure.


#3 Be calm

Brazilian wax is definitely not going to be a walk in the park. However, you shouldn’t be stressed before going for Brazilian hair removal. By stressing out, you will flex your muscles more, and at the time of getting hair removed, it will hurt more. You can take a warm relaxing shower before the procedure or listen to songs to ensure that your body is calm and prepared for the process. Do everything that you can to ensure that the procedure isn’t excruciating.


#4 The ideal hair length

Even if you have gathered the courage to visit a spa for your treatment, it might not be the right time. The length of your hair should be at least 6mm or ¼ inch. At this length, your hair will start holding the wax in a much better way, and one can pull the hair without breaking. In case your hair is longer than that, your aesthetician will definitely trim your hair before starting the procedure. If you shave your hair, you must wait for a minimum of 3 weeks after shaving to ensure that your hair isn’t too short. So, make sure that your hair is at the ideal length before heading for Brazilian hair removal.


#5 Take a painkiller

Undoubtedly, a Brazilian wax is one of the most painful procedures that one can get done in a day spa. If you are someone who cannot bear the pain but want to look clean and beautiful like most other women, painkillers might come to your rescue. You can take Tylenol or Advil about 30-45 minutes before going for the procedure. You can also opt for numbing creams to the parts of your skin, which is highly sensitive. This will make it less sensitive and help you go through the procedure in a much more confident manner.


#6 Wear comfortable clothes

You could go in with any top or t-shirt but make sure that you have a loose and comfortable bottom to go with it. One could simply opt for sweats along with regular panties to make sure that they have some breathable bottoms for Brazilian hair removal. Avoid tights at every cost as post-treatment, and they might rub against your skin and might irritate you. One should also avoid wearing thongs as there might be wax residues that are on your skin. For tops, you could go with a comfortable and breathable top or a sleeveless one. You might end up sweating during the procedure, so you need to make sure that you are comfortable and not irritated.


#7 Avoid the use of oils or moisturizers

Yes, it is recommended to moisturize your body before going for the procedure lightly. However, anything in excess will spoil the treatment. You can use the moisturizer lightly to ensure that your body is clean. But, by using excessive oils or lotions, these add-ons will interfere with the wax during your Brazilian hair removal. Especially in the bikini area, make sure that you do not use any sort of lotions or oils or moisturizers excessively. You definitely don’t want these lotions to affect the wax to adhere well to the hair.


The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you prepare yourself for a Brazilian hair removal procedure. However, the thing that you will require the most to get yourself through a Brazilian wax sitting is courage. You will need a lot of courage to step in a day spa and sit through the entire procedure. But stay confident! There are plenty of ways to reduce the pain. Moreover, renowned spas like Angelique Day Spa have experts to provide you with post-treatment tips to make it less painful. Book an appointment at Angelique Day Spa today for your Brazilian hair removal to get the best treatment!