It’s Time to Celebrate with A Slice of Heaven

We need cakes for almost all occasions. Be it for a wedding or for your child’s birthday or your wedding, and cakes make the celebration complete. Choosing the right cake from a wedding cake shop Melbourne can be a tedious task.  You can keep yours as well as dearest one’s worries away by tasting the […]
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We need cakes for almost all occasions. Be it for a wedding or for your child’s birthday or your wedding, and cakes make the celebration complete. Choosing the right cake from a wedding cake shop Melbourne can be a tedious task.  You can keep yours as well as dearest one’s worries away by tasting the cake and making them relish the fine taste of sweetness all day around.

The Perfect Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

A wedding is a once in a lifetime moment. The most beautiful feeling in the world is finding your person. Celebrating that special day with your special someone seems only right. With wedding cake shops Melbourne, ensure that you fascinate your guests in yet another aspect of your wedding celebrations.

We offer wedding cakes in all sizes and shapes. You can even get a custom-made cake as per your ideas. Wedding cakes Brighton ensures that your special day is no less than perfect. Our range of flavours will give your guests something to remember the wedding by.

A Wide Range of Wedding Cakes

Select from our range of beautiful wedding cakes that show the couple you and your partner have. Our wedding cakes are the perfect way to celebrate your special day. We offer cake delivery as well so that you can get your wedding cake delivered right at your venue. We are amongst the best wedding cake shops Melbourne for a reason.

Right from flower cakes to topsy-turvy, we have it all. You can choose from an array of flavours too. Chocolate or strawberries or even pineapples, whatever flavour you are looking for, you can find it at our wedding cake shop Melbourne.

We offer a wide variety of choices while you select the base of the cake. You can select from chiffon or sponge or even a fruitcake. The choice is yours, and we will ensure it is done with precision. Check out our wedding cakes Brighton to get an idea of what we deliver.


The Best Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes Brighton provides you with a mix of the different designer logo on the cupcake. Right from the Frozen doll fever to the superhero cake, from fashion inspired to sporty deliciousness, theme cakes are known to add more charm to the occasions. Make your occasion grander with a delicious range of designer cake from the wedding cake shop Melbourne. We will make all your special occasions sweeter.

Wide Range of Flavours Available

When rage climbs up the head, heart melts into a calm, silent soul, and this is the power of birthday cake Brighton. Decadent Dark Chocolate Mud Cake, you will find yourself lost in the taste buds, and left wanting for more.

Our birthday cakes Brighton have art and the taste of precision and quality. We create custom and beautiful cake for your special day. We can provide an amazing birthday cake that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Birthday Cakes as Per Your Kid’s Liking

At that young age, kids can be very choosy. Be it the flavour of the cake, the design or even the size, they want everything as per their specifications. But, when you have birthday cakes Brighton, there is nothing to worry about. We provide all types of modifications and custom-made cakes.

You select from an array of superhero or cakes based on animated characters. Or you can go with a sports cake. At our cake shop, you will find all varieties.

The Perfect Birthday Cake for Your Special One

Birthdays are always special. Be it your partner’s birthday or your friend’s, and if you do not get the right cake, the celebration would be incomplete. You can give as many gifts as you want or go anywhere for the birthday, but it’s not a birthday unless there is cake cutting.

We offer birthday cakes for all sizes and flavours. You can choose from our wide range and enjoy a memorable day. Since every special occasion demands a celebration, the party must go on. To add stars to your celebration, order birthday cakes Brighton. Our cakes are delicious with the finest designs.


Expert Bakers

Our team of expert bakers ensures that your special day doesn’t go unnoticed. We give our best to get you the most delicious and attractive cake. Our bakers can make all types of designs. We have made multiple storey cakes in different flavours with different bases.

Our bakers use the best ingredients that are healthy and delicious at the same time. When our order from our cake shop, you can have relaxed planning. Your cake is in safe hands.

Check out our cake designs to have a better idea of what our bakers are capable of. The quality and flavour that we offer in our wedding and birthday cakes Brighton is unparalleled.

Delicious Flavours to Choose From

We offer a lot of unique and delicious flavours to base your cake around. Right from a romantic red velvet cake to dark chocolate with orange infused flavour, we have it all. We even provide infused cakes in which there will be multiple flavours infused in one. Our range of flavours will surely bring water to your mouth even while you select from them.

Your Go-To Cake Maker Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s leading cake shop for a reason. We believe in taking your celebration to the next level with our delicious cakes. Our designs are elegant and state of the art. With our cake delivery, you can have the cakes right at your venue or home.

Select from our wedding cake shop Melbourne, and we assure you that you will not leave disappointed. We put in a lot of hard work to make that special day even better.

Splendid Servings provides you with the best and most professional cake delivery services. Our birthday cakes Brighton are famous for the taste as well as the design. So, what are you waiting for? Order the perfect cake for your celebration.