Things you should know to renovate your home carpets

If, despite the good weather and the heat we still enjoy, you are thinking of giving your house to renovate to a more autumnal style, consider renovating the carpets and changing the textiles. You will gain warmth, comfort and a perfect environment for the cold days that will arrive safely. Whether you have some and […]

If, despite the good weather and the heat we still enjoy, you are thinking of giving your house to renovate to a more autumnal style, consider renovating the carpets and changing the textiles. You will gain warmth, comfort and a perfect environment for the cold days that will arrive safely.

Whether you have some and want to change them, as if you don’t have them and want to put them in certain spaces, buying carpets for the floors of our house is not an easy task. To start the offer is so immense that we can get lost among so many options. And then, the qualities are equally varied, and it is not always easy to choose one that is really worth it.

Today we want to offer you a small buying guide so that renovating the carpets of your house is an experience that is as simple and satisfying as possible. Take note.

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How to renew carpets without going crazy

Before embarking on the adventure of renovating the carpets in your home, or buying one or several new models, it is convenient that you study, at least approximately, what types of carpets exist, what qualities, materials, etc.

To choose a carpet and get it right, you must consider many aspects. Where are you going to put it? In a space with a lot of traffic? Or in an area of ​​little use? Do you want her for the living room? Or for the children’s room?

Depending on the place or the room of the house where you are going to put your carpet, you will need it to be more or less resistant. And more or less suffered. If this is your case, bet on more resistant carpets, able to withstand the daily jog to which they are subjected to the children of the house

Wool, a natural material full of beauty

There are many types of carpets, especially if they are classified according to the type of material from which they are manufactured. Here we tell you the most frequent materials that you can find in the market.

Wool is a natural fibre with which you get a very special appearance and a soft texture and very pleasant to the touch. However, wool rugs are delicate. They are less resistant than synthetic fibres. You find them of pure wool and with a mixture of nylon.

Since its cleaning can give you the odd headache the best, if you like wool rugs, it is that you choose a dark-coloured model to last you clean longer. Light tones can be very pretty, but they will get dirty much sooner.

One aspect to consider, if you like wool rugs, is that it is a very insulating natural material. That means it will protect you from the cold in winter, but also from the heat in summer. In addition, it is a material that also isolates noise.

The advantages of synthetic materials

Nylon carpets are very resistant. They do not cake or crush no matter how much you step on them, so they are indicated for passageways. In addition, they are easy to clean and have simple maintenance.

Another material that is on the rise, as far as carpet manufacturing is concerned, is vinyl. These types of carpets are commonly used in outdoor spaces, as they withstand water and humidity without problems. However, the special designs they present have allowed them to enter the interior of the houses. Today vinyl carpets also decorate interior spaces. Among its advantages are the ease of cleaning and maintenance, its resistance and the fact that they are non-slip.

Polyester is a less durable fibre than nylon. However, it offers enough resistance against wear and moisture. If you choose a polyester carpet you will not have many problems when cleaning it.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of materials and types of carpets so you can choose the one you like best and the one that best suits your needs. Which are your favourites?

Do it yourself! How to renew an old carpet

To improve the decoration of the house we have to take into account many aspects, we always think about furniture, tables, pictures and even cushions but what happens to the carpets? If you have some with spectacular designs but they are old with a bad smell, today we will show you the best tips for you to learn to eliminate them and also give it a completely new look.

The products that we will use are very easy to apply to the carpets and they are very economical. All people sure have them at home. Next, we will show you the best tips to clean your carpets from the beautiful.

  1. Fight against bad smells

Cleaning carpets can be one of the most cumbersome and somewhat annoying activities. Inside they deposit a large amount of dust, mites, crumbs, animal hair, dead skin and dirt. For those who love cleaning, the right thing is to have a plan that allows you to clean them without problems and get the bad smells that characterise them. It is true that we rarely clean them and believe that by vacuuming we will be more than good but it is not so.

  1. Use baking soda

The carpets are a decorative element that we have always loved, allows the furniture to not roll and barefoot gives us that fabulous feeling of softness in each step, very comforting to relax at home. Most carpets are very durable but to be in good condition they have to be clean, using bicarbonate will remove the grease and dirt they have in each thread. You guarantee with this the disinfection and elimination of mites. Also, whiten them considerably, you can mix it with a little vinegar to make it liquid like a paste, spread it with a brush.

  1. Apply steam cleaner filled with white vinegar

One of the most popular natural recipes is to apply on the white vinegar carpet, it is very simple to prepare and will bring to your environments the comfort you need, will allow you to take care of your carpets and take care of your pocket. Vinegar has wonderful properties; you can remove the stains they have and the dirt that accumulates for a long time without us noticing. Apply a small amount to the stain and remove with an old toothbrush. If it is not removed, add blue soap to the stain mixed with a little water and you will see how it improves your carpet considerably.

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