Things that nobody told you about photography

If you have finally decided to buy a professional camera, if you do nothing but receive praise to the photos you do with your mobile and post them on Instagram, if you were always attracted to photography but you never dared to get seriously with it … If you are in any of these cases […]
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If you have finally decided to buy a professional camera, if you do nothing but receive praise to the photos you do with your mobile and post them on Instagram, if you were always attracted to photography but you never dared to get seriously with it … If you are in any of these cases maybe you should know a series of important issues that nobody usually tells someone who is preparing to enter the exciting, but also complex, world of photography.

Things in short, that you do not usually know until you get fully into learning photography and you’ll be sure we’ll tell you so it’s easier for you to decide whether to move forward or take a step back. These are the things that someone who wants to start in photography should know before anything and that probably nobody has told you.

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Photography is not easy to learn

Pushing the camera button is a very simple act but what is behind, if you want to learn real photography, it is much more complicated. If you go into this world you will have to learn a lot of concepts that may sound like Chinese to you at first.

Most cameras offer automatic shooting modes that usually give good results but when learning photography is not that it is forbidden to use them is that we must use manual modes. Keep in mind that what is involved is knowing the art technique of capturing light to be able to allow us, and not the camera, to have total control over images, knowing exactly what we want to achieve and how to do it. And this requires a long learning process.

Mastering the technique is not enough

Of course, in addition to knowing the technique, in photography there is an artistic part that is surely more important and that takes longer to master. We talk about learning to compose an image, how to interpret the changing light conditions that you can find in a scene, or to educate our eyes to be able to tell a story and transmit emotions with our photographs. This is something that is not easily achieved.

It takes time to achieve good results

The camera is a tool in which you have to invest many hours of learning and practise to be able to squeeze it. A good comparison would be that anyone can drive a car after getting the license, but only with a lot of practise and based on experience is ready to drive a race car.

In short, you need a certain degree of experience to get photos at the level of those we saw in that exhibition. First you have to learn to master the technique, then practise a lot and accustom our eyes to look differently. Also, as if that were not enough, it also takes time to master our camera.

The equipment is not everything

Surely you have heard more than once (or even you have told someone) that you need a super spectacular camera to be able to shoot a specific photo. Well, you cannot be more wrong. It does not matter you have a very good camera, if you do not have good pulse or do not practise, you can have the best camera in the world, but your photos will not be good.

That’s not to mention that the better it is the harder it will be to master (a point we’ll talk about later), because it’s clear to you that the creative part will always be more important than the technique and the team. This explains that with a “simple” mobile you can get excellent images or that it is more important to be in the exact place at the right time than the equipment you have.

The temptation to buy a camera “like the one the professionals use” can be great but it is not the same to want something that needs it. So, getting a camera of this type can be throwing money depending on your aspirations, and surely a smaller camera, like a mirrorless one, will not only offer you everything you need, but will be more comfortable and practical without losing benefits do not have to crush your neck and back carrying a heavy reflex.

So, our advice is that you study well what you need and you buy a model according to your knowledge, the goal you are going to reach with the photos, the importance you give to the size and weight of the camera and, of course, the budget you have.

Photography is an expensive hobby

You may think that getting started in photography is buying a good camera and little else, which is an expensive thing but you pay for it and that’s it. But no, if you really want to get into this discipline, prepare the hammer to break the piggy bank. A basic equipment is sufficient in principle but very soon you will see that you need more things, especially if you want to dedicate yourself to some kind of more specialized photography such as nature photography, macro photography or astrophotography.

A tripod, a flash, filters, a reflex, etc. There is always something new and useful to add to our team and, in general, photographic equipment and accessories are not exactly cheap. And if nothing happens to you, sure that the manufacturer of shift will, much earlier than you expected, get a new camera model that replaces yours and will make your teeth long. Not to mention how expensive it is to travel, if you want to photograph distant countries, or how expensive it is to repair a digital camera or a lens if it breaks down.

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