The strawberry, the queen of spring fruits

  The light of the sun offered by the months that leave the winter and bring us closer to summer is the prelude to a change in climate that is reflected in the offer, especially fruits and vegetables. The fruit of spring is the most varied and tasty of the year. Although, by antonomasia, the […]


The light of the sun offered by the months that leave the winter and bring us closer to summer is the prelude to a change in climate that is reflected in the offer, especially fruits and vegetables. The fruit of spring is the most varied and tasty of the year. Although, by antonomasia, the queen of the fruits of this time of the year is the strawberry.

The strawberries grow in the strawberry, a plant that belongs to the Rosaceae family, specifically the Fragaria genus. According to the varieties, the strawberry trees bloom from late winter to early summer, so the fruits ripen throughout the spring and well into the summer (from March to July).

The size of its fruit varies according to the species, but the strawberries are always smaller than the strawberry; its colour ranges from bright red to orange red depending on the crop variety; and its meat is very juicy and buttery, with a flavour that varies from acid to very sweet. And if they are at their point of maturity, they give off an unmistakable perfume.

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Fibre and calories

In addition to being very tasty, the strawberry provides few calories. Its most abundant component, after water, are carbohydrates (fructose, glucose and xylitol). With regard to micronutrients, its contribution to vitamin C, folic acid and potassium stands out. Vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen, bones, teeth and red blood cells; and favours the absorption of iron from food and resistance to infections. For its part, folic acid plays a very important role in the production of red and white blood cells, as well as in the synthesis of genetic material and the formation of antibodies of the immune system. While potassium is necessary for the transmission and generation of nerve impulse and for normal muscle activity, as well as to maintain water balance inside and outside the cell.

Also, highlights its fibre contribution, which improves intestinal transit. And to a lesser extent, the presence of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. Overall, its consumption in the framework of a varied diet, balanced and sufficient helps the body to strengthen the bones and improve the skin.

In Spain, the province of Huelva has specialised in its cultivation to such an extent that the strawberries and strawberries of Huelva enjoy worldwide recognition. To preserve and enjoy the best of its flavour, it is recommended, in all cases, not to expose them to heat during their conservation. Likewise, it is convenient not to manipulate them in excess. In this regard, it is advisable to wash them just before serving and not remove the stems until the time of consumption.

More than 1,000 varieties of strawberries are known in the world. At present, the most common varieties grown are:

– Queen of the valleys: It is a tiny fruit that goes from whitish red to bright red and with a pulp of sweet and aromatic flavour. It is the predominant variety in the market.

– Camarosa: Californian origin, is a large red fruit extremely bright and good taste and firmness. It is the largest variety of strawberry cultivation.

– Cartuno: It is a strawberry of perfect conical shape, uniform calibre and bright red colour. Its flavour is sugary.

– Charisma: It is soft red and large. It is a very vigorous variety of strawberry, able to adapt to all types of soils and climates.

– Bird: Red uniform and bright, strawberries are conical and firm, and consistent pulp. It is, possibly, the variety with better flavour of all the commercialized ones.

– Jungle: Summer strawberries are considered, since they usually appear in the market in mid-July and last until the end of September.

Strawberries, taste its benefits

Eating strawberries brings great benefits to the body, since this red fruit helps prevent the development of some types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and boosts the immune system. Taste its qualities.

It could be said that strawberries are one of the most delicate fruits. Therefore, when buying them it is recommended to choose them well, and preferably in season. In this sense, it is important to opt for those that present a uniform, intense red colour, and without any white part -indicates that the strawberry is not fully ripe and may be too acidic-. As for the leaves, if the green has lost intensity and yellows, it reveals that the fruit is not fresh. In addition, its surface must be firm, without irregularities and its aroma must also be intense.

How to preserve strawberries

The first thing that must be taken into account is that its consumption must be fast, since its useful life is quite short (maximum two days in the refrigerator). To keep them as long as possible, it is recommended not to remove the green leaves, or wash them, until they are going to eat.

An important fact: they can be frozen! Although it should be noted that after thawing, these may be somewhat soft, so it is recommended not to eat them alone, but use them to make smoothies, cakes or jams, for example. Before putting them in the freezer, we should wash the strawberries well, cut the green leaves and dry them with a napkin. The maximum time that can be in the freezer is six months.

Use of strawberries in the kitchen

There are many uses that can be made of this red fruit in the kitchen. In addition to consuming strawberries naturally, adding if you want orange juice, cream, milk or yogurt, we can prepare many recipes with strawberries, such as rich and light cakes, fruit salads, jams, liqueurs, smoothies, or ice cream, for example. And do not forget that strawberries can also be used as the star ingredient to make sauces, both sweet and salty, that accompany meat or fish.

As we said, strawberries can be the perfect ingredient to make tasty sauces that accompany salty dishes, both meat preparations and to cheer up a fish. In addition, its preparation is very simple!


400g of strawberries

  • 3 spoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of white wine
  • 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
  • ½ fresh chili or, in case you are not, you can also put a chilli
  • Salt and pepper


First of all, we chop the strawberries well. It is important that the pieces are similar in size and thickness. Once chopped, put them in a casserole with the other ingredients and cook over medium heat for about 25 minutes and … Voilà, we have our sauce ready to serve!

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