The Right Way To Keep Cool

Not so many years ago, air conditioning was a luxury only for the privileged few, however, now it’s the norm in many households, offices and public transport systems and even in our own cars. It has become a part of our everyday lives whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, faulty maintenance and very low […]

Not so many years ago, air conditioning was a luxury only for the privileged few, however, now it’s the norm in many households, offices and public transport systems and even in our own cars. It has become a part of our everyday lives whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, faulty maintenance and very low temperatures have led to health problems. But on the upside, well maintained air conditioning systems keep us cool during those unbearably hot days. These critical systems control the indoor temperature to ensure our comfort all year around. It produces comfort conditions in which us humans being becomes maximum; hence we are able to work with greater energy Keep Cool, therefore resulting in higher productivity. Air conditioners bring in air from the outside, and expel indoor air. When you think about it, we rely heavily on air conditioning. When we walk into a shopping centre, the temperature is regulated by an air conditioning system regardless of the weather. Even when it’s cold and rainy outside, offices, shops and other buildings have air conditioning to ensure  the inside doesn’t get too hot. Even though you may think this may be unnecessary and excessive to have air conditioning running throughout business hours, lighting, computers and even people contribute to the amount of heat inside a room. Without air conditioning, we would feel the heat and it will affect our productivity and energy.

We all know the reason why we need this appliance that can balance the temperature in rooms. It is very easy to understand that we need the air conditioner because the surrounding temperature can be very high. This is one of the main reasons which we feel hot and our body needs to cool down. Apart from the surrounding heat, there are a number of other sources that release heat inside the room which then leads to a rise in room temperature. Yes, you guessed it! The sun is the major cause of heat generation inside a room. Sun rays enter the room through windows, walls, and the roof of the room. As the heat increases, it causes uncomfortable conditions. Of course, however the total amount of heat generated inside the room due to the sun depends hugely on the direction of the room in respect to the sun. So if your office or the room you’re in is directly facing the sun, you will unfortunately experience Keep Cool a rise in room temperature. Here’s a fact to take away! During the early afternoon, the maximum amount of heat is absorbed by the walls and windows in the south direction, while in the late afternoon, the maximum heat comes inside the room from the western direction. Interestingly enough, the walls also tend to store heat for long periods of time, where the heat absorbed by the walls throughout the day can get released later on in the day.

Not only is the sun a generator of heat, but us as humans, we produce heat, contributing to the overall room temperature. Our bodies are like engines. While an engine consumes fuel and runs the vehicle, we consume food and perform work. The engine burns fuel which creates heat which is realised by the exhaust. Our body works in a similar way. The calories that we eat from food are burnt and part of these calories are used for us to be able to perform activities, while the remainder of calories generate heat inside the body which is then released into the atmosphere Keep Cool. With this said, you can imagine as the number of people inside a room increases, the total amount of heat generated by us subsequently increases. Although, we are not the only inside the room that generate heat. Electronic and electrical appliances also contribute to the level of heat generated inside a room Keep Cool. Lights, coffee machines, computers, printers, and every other appliance contributes to the amount of heat. Appliances such as coffee machines can also increase the level of humidity. As a result of this, there can be less air flow inside the room, making it hot and stuffy. Working in such conditions is very uncomfortable. We have all experienced in one way or another hot rooms which has affected our ability to perform tasks. Back in school, not every classroom might not have had an air conditioner where it would affect your ability to listen to the teacher and get your classwork done.

We may not realise it, but there are actually benefits to air conditioning. Before reading this blog, you may not have realised the importance of a well-maintained air conditioning system Keep Cool and how it affects us as humans. There are even people who just can’t live without an air conditioner. You may be one of those people! Why is it that we need and heavily rely on the air conditioner? Some advantages of working in an air conditioned environment

1. Comfortable environment

Air conditioning gives a comfortable environment at home or at work throughout the seasons, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. A lot of air conditioners also have two functions of cooling as well as heating. With an automatic changeover switch on most air conditioners, you can set the temperature and the unit will cool or heat as accordingly. We can quickly reduce the temperature in any room with an air conditioner and also reduce the humidity. Lower temperatures mean less sweating and reduces the overall risk of dehydration.

2. Increase in efficiency

It has been found through research that in the comfort conditions, our working capacity increases. It improves our job performance because of the optimal temperature set for efficient productivity. If the room temperature is very high, not all the heat from our bodies are released and we feel uncomfortable which causes irritation of mind and lack of concentration. At the comfort temperature and conditions created by the air conditioner, we feel at peace and are able to work more productively.

3. Better health

Air conditioning helps circulate filtered air inside the room or office. Air purification is another benefit as an anti-fungus filter is used in most modern air conditioning units. The filtered air is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, bacteria, microorganisms, and the like. This creates clean air as well as a healthy environment inside the room. It improves the health of those inside, especially people who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

4. Less noise

With windows and doors of the air conditioned rooms closed, outside noise as well as insects cannot enter. Noise coming from the air conditioner is typically very low and it can maintain peace such as inside hospitals and office rooms. You can sometimes hear the noise coming from air conditioners but compared to the noise coming from outside, it’s not comparable. The noise inside the air conditioned room can also be further reduced by soundproofing the room.

5. Fresh air

Fresh air can be taken inside the air-conditioned room at any time by simply opening the door or windows. However if you don’t want to open the doors and windows because of the heat or outside noise, fresh air can be taken in by the blower of the air conditioner.

As there are many advantages to the use of air conditioners, its use has become widespread. An item of luxury now considered as an everyday essential, it has become almost compulsory in a number of buildings. With the number of benefits or air conditioning, it’s critical to remember that air conditioned spaces should be regularly ventilated, keep room temperature between 21-25 degrees Celsius, and a professional installation and maintenance is essential for both individual units and commercial systems. Having air conditioners that are working to optimum capacity is a must if you want to keep cool when temperatures rise. There is not really any point in having an air conditioner that is not regularly serviced and maintained. The last thing you want to happen is for your air conditioning system to malfunction when you need it the most. To be on top of your air conditioner and prevent such an unfortunate event from happening, keeping your unit is tip top condition is essential. There are simple ways you can maintain your unit even if you have zero experience working with air conditioning parts. Changing your filter is probably one of the simplest tips when it comes to air conditioning maintenance while keeping your unit free from obstructions, adjusting your thermostat according to your schedule, and maintaining air conditioner coils properly maintained will help keep your unit in good working condition. It is not only enough to check your unit by yourself, but it is also important to have a qualified professional perform a tune-up. If you are in need of professional help, Blue Innovation commercial air conditioning service has got your needs covered. We not only maintenance, but repairs and installation on all types of air conditioners. We have the solution for you at competitive prices, so you don’t have to compromise your budget! You can rely on the team at Blue Innovation for professionalism, efficiency and credibility!