The real benefits of drinking alkaline water regularly

  Consuming alkaline water has many health benefits, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, preventing some diseases such as gastritis Surely more than once you have heard about the healthy properties of alkaline water and its many benefits. Despite not being scientifically proven, there is a lot of information about it, which maintains […]


Consuming alkaline water has many health benefits, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, preventing some diseases such as gastritis

Surely more than once you have heard about the healthy properties of alkaline water and its many benefits. Despite not being scientifically proven, there is a lot of information about it, which maintains that it can help delay the aging process, regulate the body’s pH level and prevent diseases such as bronchial asthma, dermatitis, neuralgia, among others. We will tell you what alkaline water is and what its benefits are.

Alkaline water: When talking about this type of water, reference is made to its pH level (hydrogen potential), which is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14, 7 being neutral point and more than 7 is already alkaline. It helps to eliminate acids from the body as well as being a natural antioxidant.

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Currently there are ways to increase the alkaline properties of water through the use of special filters, accessories for faucets and additives that raise pH levels by making tap water from neutral to alkaline pH.

Scientists point out that alkaline water has a powerful antioxidant effect and delays aging.

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How to get alkaline water

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Alkaline water can be obtained in different ways. One of them is to buy it packaged in self-service or health food stores. Although it can also be obtained through water purifiers, such as those designed by many renowned brands, whose filter system retains sediments and bacteria, providing water with a high degree of minerals such as Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

By installing an filter for alkalization in the tank, you get that much purer and healthier resource, quickly, 24 hours, since you only need to open the tap. It retains 99% of bacteria, improving the quality and taste of water, as it eliminates the taste of chlorine.

Another way to get it is at home. One option is to alkalinize the water by boiling it for a period of 5 minutes, in this way it will increase its pH to an ideal 8.4 to alkalinize our body.

It can also be obtained by adding half a tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water. The pH will rise to 7.9 is the degree required to make it alkaline. In both options, it is important to use distilled water because tap water or bottled water may have other additives.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water regularly

Alkaline water is rich in minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium, its consumption helps to keep the body free of toxins.

There is diverse information regarding how or in what way it favors the consumption of alkaline water, for example: it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, preventing gastrointestinal diseases, constipation, back pain, high cholesterol, neuralgia, among others. It helps good digestion, neutralizes gastric acidity, to name a few benefits. It also improves circulation and increases the supply of oxygen throughout the body.

Another advantage found in a lot of literature is that it has properties that help prevent premature aging, because by eliminating toxins from the body, it promotes oxygenation of the cells, regenerating them, thus keeping the skin hydrated and with elasticity.

Almost all diets recommend detoxifying the body, hence the importance of drinking plenty of water during the day, according to the age and sex of people, they recommend consuming an average of 8 glasses of water a day, in addition to having a healthy diet and balanced rich in fruits and vegetables.

Alkaline water naturally neutralizes acids in the body and significantly aids in weight loss because fat storage is reduced. A body that has a healthy alkalinity level loses weight more easily than a body with a high level of acidity, all this added to a properly balanced diet.

Also keeping the body hydrated with alkaline water improves the immune system as it neutralizes free radicals and helps cleanse the body of toxins. Therefore, the benefits of alkaline water are vital for long-term health.

In addition to the many benefits that we have already discussed, drinking alkaline water also represents a significant saving in money. If you buy a Water Purifier with a filter for alkalization, the purchase of bottled water is reduced, and you help the environment by avoiding contamination with plastic containers. In that sense, it is more economical to invest in an alkaline water purifier and, in this way, you will have immediate access to the consumption of healthy water.

Drawbacks of drinking house-made alkaline water

Without a doubt, it is one more alternative to drink this improved water, although it would not always have such a natural flavor. In order to add the components such as sodium, magnesium or potassium that makes the water improve its quality and tend towards alkalinity, you would need the first water, but also Himalayan salt and lemon.


Advantage, obviously the price, but not the taste. Having to calculate the quantities and the fact that the final liquid changes from being tasteless to having a characteristic flavor may make the little ones, especially not want to try it, in addition to having little antioxidant capacity.

Hence, although an alternative, it may not be the most comfortable for families since they would have to be continually preparing jars with the exact recipes to achieve the objective.

It is not easy, in the rhythm of life that society leads today, in many cases improve sports or eating routines… although you have to make an effort to do so.

However, starting the change with water, a liquid that everyone ingests, in addition to quantity, may be the key to greatly improving cellular, body and organ health.

Preventing ailments is the key to improving the quality of future life, but for this you have to invest from youth and even childhood. Although it seems obvious, several generations are beginning to see how ailments that were hardly popular before have become common in family medicine practices.

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