The origins of cricket and buying a cricket bat

It is believed that Cricket was invented in southern England. Some researchers claim that the game was played since the 13th century. In the early days, cricket was played by children in the field. A stone was used instead of a ball, and the players used a simple bat in the shape of a branch. […]

It is believed that Cricket was invented in southern England. Some researchers claim that the game was played since the 13th century. In the early days, cricket was played by children in the field. A stone was used instead of a ball, and the players used a simple bat in the shape of a branch. A tree stump or a wooden stool acted as the wicket. With the passage of time, the game developed and the tools used during the games also evolved. The popularity of the game grew throughout England and then spread to other parts of the world.

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Cricket Origin

It is said that the oldest form of a cricket game was a children’s game in parts of England. The game may have derived its name from an old English word ‘cryce’ which meant a crutch or rod. He could also have borrowed the Dutch term – krick (-e) which means a stick. Other researchers suspect that the name could have been derived from a French word ‘cricket’ that translates as ‘wooden pole’. English, Dutch and French were the popular languages ​​spoken in southern England in the 10th century.

Cricket History

The cricket game evolved from a simple game in which a player threw a ball to a tree stump or a gate, and another player stopped the ball with a simple bat. A variety of similar games were played in England between the 13th century and 16th century. The first bats used in the matches were like hockey sticks, which were long and heavy. The ball was thrown along the ground in the early stages of the game, unlike today when it is thrown into the air. The first cricket match ever recorded took place in Kent in 1646. The basic rules of the game were modified and registered in 1744. The cricket game grew in popularity in many parts of England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Major cricket clubs they formed in London, Dartford, Slindon, Hadlow and Bromley. Cricket advanced in the 19th century with the way of playing being modified several times. It also reached other countries such as the United States, Australia and South Africa.

International cricket matches

The first international cricket game was played in 1844 in New York. The players were USA teams. UU. And Canada. Later, different nations developed their cricket having local competitions between the counties. Countries that held national cricket competitions at the end of the 20th century include England, South Africa, India, New Zealand and Australia. The Imperial Cricket Conference – the first international cricket organization, was created in 19. Its members were; England, Australia and South Africa. The cricket body was renamed to the International Cricket Conference in 1909 and is currently known by name; International Cricket Council. The Cricket organization has twelve member states and many more associate members.

Modern cricket

The International Cricket Council has invested heavily in the popularisation of cricket worldwide. The organization has development programs aimed at the growth of national teams in Africa, Asia and the United States.

How to choose a cricket bat

When you choose a cricket bat, you may have a problem. Almost all of cricket bat resemble each other and have the same characteristics and prices. When you buy or choose one to play, you should keep in mind some simple parameters that will make your job easier and help you hit four and six.

  1. Your requirements. When you buy a bat, you should keep your requirements in mind. If you want to play with tennis or rubber balls, a tennis bat is perfect. If you want to play with leather or polystyrene balls, you have to buy bats that are thinner. Those of this type are more expensive.


  1. When you buy a bat, ask for its size. The bats come in different sizes. If you are already 11 years old or 12, one of size 4 will serve you. However, if you are a little younger, you will have to go for bats of size 5 or 6. If you are going to play in the school team or in a club, the most appropriate is a senior.


  1. Choose a reliable or reputable brand. At present, there are many reliable manufacturers. Some are: Gray Nicolls, Reebok, S.G., Kookaburra, G.M., Puma, Adidas, etc. Prices may vary depending on the manufacturer and the model. Kookaburra and Gray Nicolls are one of the most popular and reliable bat manufacturers in the world.


  1. Select a suitable wood. There are two major types of willow woods most used in the world to make bats. It is the English willow and the cashmere willow. Remember that the English willow is much more expensive than cashmere, since, bats of that type of wood allow to hit the ball further and stronger and are imported. Cashmere bats, on the other hand, are much cheaper and ideal for beginners. Nothing is more important than choosing wood.


  1. The weight of the bat varies depending on the manufacturer and the wood. English willow bats are much lighter than cashmere. When you buy a bat, check its weight. If you think it weighs much more than normal, it might be made of conventional wood. Cashmere bats weigh more but are quite good for beginners.


  1. They are the lines that are on the front of the bat. They indicate the age of the wood. The more grains a bat has, the better it will perform but it might have a smaller range than a bat with less grains. Normally, those with six or more grains are considered good. Ten or more grains means that the wood is grade A + or player grade; eight or more grains, that the wood is grade A; and six or more grains means that it is grade B +.

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