The importance of corporate uniforms, workwear

Many companies nowadays have implemented mandatory corporate uniforms for their employees. The importance of presentation for work is critical in portraying a professional business image to the public. However, when we hear the term ‘corporate uniform’, we automatically think of unfashionable, unflattering and poorly made pieces of clothing that we are forced to wear for […]

Many companies nowadays have implemented mandatory corporate uniforms for their employees. The importance of presentation for work is critical in portraying a professional business image to the public. However, when we hear the term ‘corporate uniform’, we automatically think of unfashionable, unflattering and poorly made pieces of clothing that we are forced to wear for work. No one wants to wear daggy and uncomfortable uniforms, especially when it has to be worn on a regular basis. Poor quality uniforms can often lead to discomfort and can even restrict workers from doing their job. Imagine having to wear really uncomfortable high heels as part of your company’s dress code or heels that have been given by your employer to wear to work while your role requires you to be on your feet for most of the day. This will not only slow you down but cause pain to your legs and feet. We all want to be comfortable in what we wear. These days, wearing a uniform is very common within many organisations. Police and paramedics wear uniforms to be easily recognisable and to stand out from the crowd. It helps distinguish them for the service they provide and can even create an effect on those around them. Hospitals, restaurants, department stores, as well as many other organisations, instil mandatory uniforms to allow for discipline. A lot of organisations have compulsory uniforms and at some stage of your life, you probably would have had to wear one. For instance, the majority of schools provide uniforms to their students. I for one was glad that my school had compulsory uniforms to wear as it created a sense of equality among all students and I definitely did not have to worry about thinking of different outfits to wear every day to impress my friends and those around me.

Currently now working in a business environment I am a manager for my company. I have been given the role to implement corporate uniforms for all employees. I already struggle with coming up with different outfits for work and sometimes run late to work, therefore, I personally am all for corporate workwear. I was ecstatic to be given the role of providing workwear to my colleagues, but knew the importance of this task, as I did not want to disappoint my fellow peers with inferior and unflattering corporate men workwear and corporate women workwear in Brisbane. Finding high-quality uniforms can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding a corporate uniform supplier that has appropriate clothing for your business. We can all agree that poorly made uniforms can look unflattering and typically do not last very long due to the lack of good materials used. The negativity towards corporate uniforms has caused a lot of discontent among the employees and has the process difficult for me to implement corporate workwear. Although the implementation of corporate uniforms is important, many employees have stated that the requirement will be annoying, while others welcome the idea of not having to choose an outfit for work every, ultimately saving them time in the morning and money.

We can all understand the basic reasons companies choose to implement business uniforms, but there are a myriad number of reasons that reinforce the importance of corporate uniforms. Even though the idea of corporate workwear may not be liked by many employees, you cannot deny that it creates and establishes a good impression for a company in the mind of consumers. Your employees may be the first point of contact for a customer, therefore it is crucial that they are well dressed. When we visit a business, we will instantly create an impression based on how the employees present themselves. Employees in corporate uniforms that are well dressed, typically create a positive first impression, whereas employees with no uniforms or strict dress codes can lead us to question the company’s level of professionalism. Corporate workwear easily distinguishes employees from other people. It exhibits a company’s professionalism and therefore projects the company’s image. How many times have you walked around a department store trying to look for an employee for assistance because they are not wearing uniforms? One too many times. Corporate workwear eliminates the possibility of a customer asking another customer for help and allows your customers to approach your business and your employees with more confidence as it shows a willingness and eagerness to help. Uniforms project competence and immensely helps your customers because, at the end of the day, your customers are your priority. Corporate uniforms undoubtedly make your company stand out from the crowd and from your competitors and distinctive colours or distinctive logos on your uniform associated with your brand will boost your business’s recognition.

Aside from building confidence in your customers, uniforms develop confidence among employees. Work uniforms represent team spirit and are a symbol of being in a team. It can build staff morale and create a feeling of equality and commonness as well as a sense of belonging. As humans, we all want to feel a part of a group, whether it is in a family, a group of friends or at work. Wearing the same clothing brings every employee to the same platform no matter their financial status or background. Your employees will look and feel like a team, working cohesively to attain the same goal. It is also evident that people wearing the same uniform can become more caring towards their colleagues as they will care not only for their own growth but for the growth of their peers as well. A business can prosper and thrive from the mutual growth of its employees created through the implementation of corporate uniforms. Providing corporate uniforms to your employees will also eliminate the need to create and enforce a dress code. It will save a huge amount of time and money for both your employees and your company. So you do not have to worry about wasting time figuring outfits and spending money on new clothes for work when you have a set of work clothes to wear, ready at your convenience.

After doing some extensive research, I found a number of corporate wear suppliers in the industry and could not decide which provider to go with. All had business attire that was appropriate for my company. After continuous research, I eventually came across Welborne Corporate Image, a supplier of corporate uniforms with more than 40 years of experience in the clothing industry. I was quickly impressed with the level of service they provide and their capability of customising their products to their clients’ specific needs. Knowing that they offer not only stock-line items but custom made corporate uniforms as well, it allowed me to explore my options on the styles of uniform I could order for my colleagues. I went ahead and contacted Welborne conversing with some of the loveliest representatives, they ensured my needs were catered for. I ordered shirts for the men and women, opting for classic colours that would suit most skin tones and would not go out of fashion as well as chose colours that fit in line with my company’s logo and brand, pencil skirts, slim trousers for both men and women (so the women would have options to choose from), belts (for that extra professional look), and black leather shoes (kitten heels for the women and lace ups for the men). As a corporate company, suits were the most important uniform to order. I decided to go for custom made tailored suits. Suits are expensive, however, investing in quality suits will last for a long period of time. Upon receiving the order and providing the uniforms to my team members, we were all impressed with the quality of the clothing. The custom suits look exceptional on the team and the men were definitely happy about not having to wear different suits throughout the week. And even the women were impressed with the style and comfortability of the uniforms. The high quality of the uniforms provides breathability and durability, allowing us to perform our tasks hassle free. Ever since my company decided to implement corporate uniforms, it has eliminated the ongoing discussion with staff as to what is and isn’t appropriate business attire. I no longer have to chase up employees not abiding by the dress code now that we have compulsory uniforms. All staff wearing the premium corporate uniforms has made us feel more of a team and has created a sense of pride among us. Our uniforms have reinforced our professionalism and uphold the values of our company.

Learning from my experience, I have definitely recommended Welborne Corporate Image to my friends and advised them on the superior quality of the clothing. Creating corporate uniforms for your company can be as simple as choosing the right provider that will cater to all your specific needs and requirements. Corporate workwear has given my team a unique look and has instilled a positive attitude among the workforce. Welborne has helped me live up to the expectations of my colleagues and have successfully won over my team with the latest designs and the finest quality corporate workwear.