Convertible Dress: The Best Clothes to Take on a Trip

Today he has given us to try to dress up the dresses that we take on a trip, and there is no better way to take advantage of the space of the suitcase (which is always scarce) than wearing a convertible dress that can be put in several ways and that can It occupies practically […]

Today he has given us to try to dress up the dresses that we take on a trip, and there is no better way to take advantage of the space of the suitcase (which is always scarce) than wearing a convertible dress that can be put in several ways and that can It occupies practically space.

The only downside of choosing convertible dresses? You have to practice a little to put it on and be able to change its configuration, but with practice in the end it is very simple.

And the good thing is that the size of the dress is not a big problem because we can manage it in different ways. It will surely work for you.

Remember that here at Lucy and Loo you can buy premium quality and elegant convertible dresses that you can wear more than one time by wrapping it around your body in a unique way.

What can complement a convertible dress for bridesmaids

The first advice is to always keep in mind the cut and colour of the dress to choose any complement, as it will be your base. This will be how to put together a puzzle and every detail will perfectly fit. If you already decided that they will wear a red evening dress because it was always your illusion, let them participate in the rest of the process, because another objective is that they also feel beautiful and in the same channel as you. Here you have the main accessories for bridesmaids.

  1. Flower bouquets and corsages

If your ladies wear their own bouquet with flowers to achieve harmony with your natural bridal bouquet, they will create a visual appeal for your wedding. They may be too small to take care of practicality, but they are not afraid of creativity. If you like classic details and don’t want to worry about caring for flowers, a corsage on the wrist would be the ideal option.

To achieve the best choice, opt for the most appropriate according to the style of the celebration. Ask the wedding flower arrangement provider; He will be the most suitable professional to help you decide on pastel colours or well-marked and bright tones.

The variety of textures with flowers and leaves will also give a total twist to your appearance. They even take care if they want them to be static or with hanging details for a more natural and carefree look.

  1. Shoes

If you are a bride with classic tastes and all will wear the same dress, the ideal is to apply the same rule with the shoes, although licenses can always be taken. Why not the same colour, but different model? This guarantees comfort and safety for everyone on the big day.

While uniformity will give them the special touch to accompany the bride, it is important to keep in mind that they can also achieve it based on style. That is to say, that all coincide in the type of footwear, be it sandals, sneakers with thin or wide heels, with straps or open, as appropriate for the place of the party.

Even if the dress lends itself, they can all wear shoes of different colours, but of the same model. It is recommended that they be neutral tones, unless the style of the event is very crazy. And if your ladies will wear cocktail dresses in midi or knee length, let the shoes be the protagonists.

  1. Bag

The characteristics of your bag can give a total turn to the ladies set. Here you have to take into account the size, texture, colour and even shape, because each detail conveys something different. If you wear something very sophisticated, maybe a clutch or a minaudière with plain details, in glitter or rhinestones is ideal. A wristlet style bag is not a bad option either. The one that hangs from his wrist will allow them greater ease to support the bride when she needs it, in addition to giving a tender and formal touch at the same time.

Or look in the catalogue of party bags for a design with chain or long slim handle to be able to carry it on the shoulder with your makeup basics and your cell phone to capture the best moments. Among all the options, look for pieces that give them an elegant and subtle appearance and that they can reuse in any other event.

  1. Jewellery

Delicate and simple jewellery is always versatile, so if you choose to wear an equal bracelet, bracelet or necklace, it will be a very nice detail that you will also have as a souvenir. Depending on the style of the party they can bet on thin chains with a precious stone that has a special meaning or colour. Even as a girlfriend you can give them some details to ask your ladies to accompany you and that they could wear on the big day.

If you marry in front of the sea, why not an ankle brace? It will look perfect on each of your ladies, just like some earrings with a particular design or, if your beach party dress needs subtle accessories, look for a dedicated pendant for them.

  1. Hair accessories

For this they can rely on the headdress of the bride. For example, if you wear crystals, the ladies would complement well with small versions among the textures of the hairstyle. If it is an outdoor or day wedding, the flowers are very romantic and are carried even in the hair. In fact, floral headbands still do not go out of style, whether they are very wide or delicate, as long as they do not take centre stage from the bride!

If you wear an elegant hairstyle, you can also look for pins or brooches with discreet rhinestones for something sophisticated. While tiaras are prohibited for ladies and guests (there can only be one queen at the wedding!), A discreet plain and metallic headband can be ideal for framing hairstyles with braids and, above all, loose hair.

As you have endeavoured so that each wedding centrepiece harmonizes with the lighting, the colours of the reception and the concept of the party, think about the ladies as a whole. Choosing each accessory of your outfit can be an adventure that will unite them much more and strengthen the ties that motivated you to choose them to support you in this important step. Do not forget to have fun in the search for the best accessories and the evidence of collected hairstyles. After all, going out with friends is a guarantee of fun.

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