The commandments of a correct maintenance for your car

The car is a means of transport that is always at your disposal, it can help you get everywhere easily, plus it can protect you from the rain and helps you maintain a good presentation, and it is for the same reason that you it helps so much day by day that the best thing […]

The car is a means of transport that is always at your disposal, it can help you get everywhere easily, plus it can protect you from the rain and helps you maintain a good presentation, and it is for the same reason that you it helps so much day by day that the best thing you can do for it is to give it a proper maintenance, there are many cares that you have to give it what you usually leave aside, but that in the long run can affect the performance it provides.

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When you give proper maintenance to your car you can enjoy great benefits such as:

  • Saving money.

To take care of your car you must know that there are elements that wear out not only for the use but with the time, for that of general way you must give the correct maintenance to 5 important aspects:


Part of the car’s safety system is the brakes, a very important element that is not given too much attention until it starts to fail and you feel the danger to which you are now exposed, once the brakes are worn out. The investment that must be made to fix them becomes more expensive, as opposed to giving them the proper maintenance; Constantly checking the level of brake fluid serves to have a better braking and increase the life of the brake pads.

When the brakes are worn, you feel instability, vibration and squealing when you press the pedal. They should be checked at least once a year to make sure they are working properly and can continue to provide safety.


The function of lubricants is to make sure that each part of the engine has enough oil to move easily and that wear of the parts is avoided, they also work to cool the machine and that the temperature does not rise due to friction, That should be checked the oil level either to change it or to maintain the excellent quality, also you should consider that the oil change has several factors such as driving habits, car types, oil.

Shock absorbers

The shock absorbers are responsible for maintaining the control and stability of the car, also level the hits and impacts of the car unexpected situations, helping to keep the tires stuck to avoid wear, and for the shock absorbers have a good condition should be replace after 50 or 60 kilometres. To detect tire wear, the signs it gives you are: Driving discomfort, poor vehicle stability, noise when moving, loss of control, among others.


The rims can be considered the guides of the car, because they are the direct contact between the car and the street, and so that you can fulfil the function of helping you to move in good condition, comfortably and with tranquillity. In order to avoid wear, the pressure of each tire should be checked at least once a month, based on what the tire manufacturer recommends, the disadvantages of having tires in poor condition are less control of the car, failure in braking distance, cracks, damage, vibrations or strange noises.


The bodywork of a car deteriorates over time, either by washing, by the sun or other inclement weather, and to keep it in good condition should be taken care of any dry spot, scratches of paint, dirt animals, dust, etc. That’s why the best way to take care of it is to park it in places with a roof or shade.

Maintaining the care of a car can be complicated at times, but it is necessary to give the necessary attention to have a good maintenance, if we want it to continue working properly.

The car usually provides comfort, that is why it is important to learn to get the most out of it, and with our following 7 tips you can achieve it:

Avoid stopping suddenly

When the brakes are suddenly braked wear, although sometimes it is valid to do so, it is best to avoid it since you put your safety at risk when they begin to appear mismatches when braking.

Check the levels

The car needs oil and antifreeze changes, as well as spark plugs and filters, check it regularly.

Beware of caps

Passing a stop at high speed is usually dangerous, ideally at 10 km / h and without excess weight in the seats to avoid shocks and sudden movements.

Save gas

Gasoline is consumed faster if it accelerates a lot from scratch, the ideal is to try to drive slowly from the beginning and gradually gain speed, avoiding accelerations and abrupt decelerations.

Take care of the levers

Paying attention to the Parking, Drive, Reverse and Neutral levers will prevent the transmission from being damaged, and for this the car must be stopped.

Monitors injectors

For the injector to work properly, it is recommended to wash and calibrate it every 15 thousand kilometres.

Do not neglect the clutch

Only when you change speeds is when you should use the clutch, avoid using it when you wait because in addition to damaging it you also damage the speeds.

Keep your car clean inside and out

Both the outside of the car and underneath it is dotted with garbage, debris and dirt from the road, such as hot tar, dirt, insects or assorted objects. Over time, these elements can damage vehicle components, including engine parts and the external structure of the body. As for the interior, you will enjoy it more and increase its resale value if you keep it clean, well maintained and orderly.

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