The cocktails with fewer calories: how many have a gin and tonic?

  Here are some of the cocktails with fewer calories so you can identify them on your party nights. For me a gin and tonic! An afternoon with friends on a terrace, a romantic dinner or a day at the beach in a heavenly place well deserve a good cocktail or combined to make the […]


Here are some of the cocktails with fewer calories so you can identify them on your party nights.

For me a gin and tonic! An afternoon with friends on a terrace, a romantic dinner or a day at the beach in a heavenly place well deserve a good cocktail or combined to make the most glamorous plan. Without a doubt, it’s a refreshing and fun option but also … caloric! Of course, only if you choose the inappropriate cocktail. And is that not all varieties have the same caloric intake. The important thing is to know which is the richest and, also, which contains fewer calories. To know what else, here we leave a list with the most caloric alcoholic beverages.

But the vast majority of the most famous and appetizing cocktails are real bombs. It is difficult to find one that contributes less than 200 calories. A mojito, for example, has 217 approximately and a pina colada 230. The Peruvian pisco sour, is the most caloric of all: a single glass of pisco contributes more than 349 calories!

So, we are going to discover some of the cocktails with fewer calories so you know which one to choose if you do not want to commit too many excesses.

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Calories from gin and tonic

Gin and tonic is undoubtedly the cocktail of the moment. The gin specialty bars proliferate at the same pace as the flavours and essences with which this drink can be flavoured. Options: all those that come to mind. But when we talk about calories, things change. A classic gin and tonic have, more or less, 171 calories. It is not the most caloric but not the least. An option to reduce the number of calories. Choose a light tonic if they have it.

Mojito … in light version?

A classic among classics. As we mentioned before, a conventional mojito is usually around 200 calories. However, in mojitos, as in many other cocktails, it is possible to make small variations to get a slightly less caloric and almost equally delicious formula.

For example, instead of using lime, try sparkling water and lemon juice; or instead of sugar try some other low-calorie sweetener. It is not exactly the same but if your goal is to keep the line, a mojito made with these ingredients is around 140 calories. A breakthrough!

Cosmopolitan, the blueberry glamor

The mythical drink of the girls in Sex and the City of New York was not only because of its exquisite flavour, but surely because it is also one of the most light options in alcoholic drinks. A glass of this cocktail round the 123 calories. And if instead of the classic cranberry juice you use unsweetened cranberry juice and two tablespoons of water to reduce it, you will reduce your caloric level a little more, up to 105 per cup, approximately.

Bloody Mary, vegetables to power!

Vodka, tomato, lemon… Apparently this looks like a cocktail of the lightest, and the figures do not deceive. A cup of Bloody Mary is around 123 calories. Although it is not suitable for stomachs and delicate palates due to its strong flavour and spicy touch, it must also be recognised that the fact that it is made with tomato juice is a point in favour of other sweeter mixtures. To decorate, try shrimp, pickles, celery or other vegetables. If you accompany it with something so “healthy”, you will be less hungry to peck the appetizer and, you want it to not, those are also calories that you subtract!

Martini, the elegant temptation

A classic Martini is another of the lowest-calorie cocktails: 160 calories per each. This elegant drink is a good option if you want to enjoy a drink in the appetizer, but remember that if you want to keep the line and you are counting each calorie you ingest (something that you should not, by the way, then do not obsess , but take care), you can avoid eating their appetizing olives. Each of them has between 9 and 12 calories, which seems little, but if you take three martinis and each one has two, they are already about 60 calories that you save.

Non-alcoholic cocktails: more or less light?

Cocktails do not have to contain alcohol to be delicious. And, today, the letter of the alcohol free mixes is almost as wide as that of classic cocktails. So, there is no reason to give up a good drink at any time. In fact, most cocktails usually have the non-alcoholic version.

Of course, these drinks also tend to have a high caloric content because they contain ingredients to achieve a certain texture and enhance the flavour that usually have calories. They usually use fruit juices, nectars, syrups, milk and large amounts of sugar. A San Franciso, for example, contains 179 calories and that’s just a sophisticated multi-tasking.

So, what are the most refreshing and low-calorie soft drinks? Iced tea, homemade lemonade or natural fruit juices are, without doubt, the best option because, apart from being rich, they hydrate and provide vitamins and nutrients.

The keys to a good cocktail

You may now want to try some of the lighter versions of the cocktails that we proposed. And, for that, much better at home! This way you can be sure that the ingredients your cocktail has are just what you want or, why not, you can invent your own. For that, it is essential that you know what the basic keys are to prepare any cocktail. Take note!

  • When preparing a cocktail, you have to take into account the tastes of the guests. A cocktail too strong, bitter or acid is not always liked by all palates.
  • The key is in the ingredients that are chosen and the way to combine them. According to experts, you should not mix more than five ingredients in the same cocktail, and there always has to be a balance between them. None of the ingredients or aromas have to stand out above the rest, the combination has to be harmonious.
  • What is the best proportion? Two parts of acid for each one of sweet and bitter.
  • There is not much to drink. Only 40% of the cocktail is refreshing. The rest is made up of the rest of the ingredients.
  • The gas always has to be exhausted at the end.
  • Decorating a cocktail with a fruit, an edible flower or an umbrella is essential.

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