The best 5 ways to organise living room furniture

The living rooms are generally the largest space in each home due to its use, becoming the meeting point for social and family gatherings. It is true that in almost all houses, elements such as the sofa, television and side tables are repeated in all designs regardless of their style or size, what does vary […]
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The living rooms are generally the largest space in each home due to its use, becoming the meeting point for social and family gatherings. It is true that in almost all houses, elements such as the sofa, television and side tables are repeated in all designs regardless of their style or size, what does vary between designs is the way we distribute these elements to optimize and guarantee a smooth operation of our room.

There are no rules or a guide to decorate and organise your living room, however, today we have 5 excellent proposals for you to organise and distribute your living in a functional way to take advantage of every corner. So, analyse your space, and take note!

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  1. Armchairs to complement small rooms

The armchairs are elements that take up little space unlike a sofa, becoming the ally and perfect complement for small living rooms that seek to add a couple more seats to their distribution. Thanks to their small size, you can arrange them in front of the TV and they will not block visibility; and if you want to gain space, look for a set of tables and armchairs where you can hide the seats under the table surface, a great idea!

  1. L-distribution

The free plants, that is to say, where there are no divisions to mark spaces, depend on the furniture to grant identity and delimit the space of each area. Thanks to its breadth, you can opt for large furniture such as sofas in L to house several people, orienting it to the nearest social area to create communication between spaces and functioning as additional seats. Remember to maintain a balance between the textures and colours of each piece of furniture for a harmonious and homogeneous design.

  1. Use the sofa as a room divider

Smaller spaces require elements that adapt to their spatiality, with each piece of furniture arranged with a specific function and use. To create divisions between environments without reloading the distribution, you can use the living room sofa as a kind of wall that divides this area of ​​the dining room or kitchen.

  1. Linear room

When it is a small space, reducing to the essential minimum is essential for the room to function comfortably and correctly. In this case, we bring you a linear proposal, where only the distribution of the room is composed of 2 main elements, being the entertainment furniture faced by a long sofa. If your space allows it, you can complement it with side tables and armchairs such as a puff that adapt to the small space.

  1. Against the wall in small apartments

Studio apartments can present a challenge when fitting all the pieces of furniture. Due to its small dimensions, it is best to look for modular furniture that does not take up much space and suits your needs. In the case of the room, cramming the sofa against the wall is the best solution to take advantage of corners and corners without adding elements in the middle of the circulation.’

5 tips for organising a small room

In a small room we must make the most of the space, so that we can create a comfortable and super warm environment. For that, it is vital to know how to choose furniture, curtains, colours and decorative accessories, which help us visually expand the space.

The most advisable for small spaces is to place medium furniture and pieces with multiple uses, so that we can deceive the eye and make the space look visually large.

  1. Paint the walls with light or neutral colours

Light colours are the most recommended for small spaces, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. Its main objective of light colours is to visually expand the space. The mouldings, the ceiling and the edges should be painted white.

It is also very important that you install sockets to captivate the attention up and make the roof look taller. To reflect natural light throughout the space, you must place a large mirror on a wall opposite a window.

  1. Buy furniture of the right scale for your small room

To make a small room look comfortable and tidy, we must place the appropriate furniture and fit perfectly in the space we have. Instead of placing a complete sofa in your small room, opt for a sofa that has two seats and simple chairs.

It is also advisable to place in a small space furniture that is multifunctional, for example ottomans and cubes, these are used to sit and also to store some things. We suggest you do not place a large mouse table, better opt for two storage cubes or ottomans. Or also choose to place a small coffee table that has a glass surface.

  1. Place furniture directed to the focal point

Especially the furniture can be directed to the focal point, either towards a large window, towards the entertainment area or towards a beautiful fireplace.

Under the furniture, that is, on the floor place a beautiful large carpet that matches all the decoration. It is also very important that you manage to create a conversation area, for that you must place two chairs in front of a sofa or also two medium sofas facing each other.

  1. On furniture upholstered with large patterns

Always use sleeves that are plain and neutral, because they combine easily. With the covers of the same colour you have to cover all the furniture, then add some nice pillows and cushions.

  1. Use adequate curtains for windows

On the windows of your room you must hang beautiful curtains and try to make the length reach the floor, that way your room will be visually high. If you want the light of nature to pass inside the room, opt for light and light-coloured fabric curtains. But, if you want to block natural light, install curtains that are made of heavy fabrics.

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