The 3 Golden Keys To Get A Smooth and Shiny Finish

Silky hair is one of the most preferred and liked hair textures across the world for people. Silky hair reflects that the hair of the person is strong, shiny and devoid of tangles. People do love silky hair as they provide a cleaner and beautiful outlook. Getting a smooth and shiny hairstyle requires great care […]
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Silky hair is one of the most preferred and liked hair textures across the world for people. Silky hair reflects that the hair of the person is strong, shiny and devoid of tangles. People do love silky hair as they provide a cleaner and beautiful outlook. Getting a smooth and shiny hairstyle requires great care taken by people.

Proper conditioning and shampooing are two main basic things that a person must do to maintain the smooth hair finish regularly. Optimum usage of shampoo is a necessity. Over usage of shampoo might wash away the nutrients. Natural shampoo bars nourish the hair and also are also a promising option for maintaining a smooth finish to the hairline.

Here are some guidelines to maintain a smooth and shiny finish to the hairline.

#1. Use the water properly

Maintaining smooth and shiny hair is an immensely difficult task, but it provides a great outlook when properly maintained. The main reason for not possessing the silky hair is the lack of moisture and dehydration. This makes the strands to become weak. Water plays a vital role in making the hair look silkier and shinier. Rinsing the hair with cold water after using natural shampoo bars could contribute towards the constriction of the pores.

Cold water smoothens and seals the hair cuticles which tend to lock the moisture and induce shine to the hair. Hair cuticle is the main reason for holding the moisture and making the nutrients enter the strands of the hair. Hydration is the main reason for maintaining shiny and smooth hair. Hence, drinking lots of water contributes to aiding the silky finish. Usage of Aloe Vera shampoo conditioner bar helps in supplying more water to the hair.

#2. Use proper Shampoo and Conditioner

Getting a smooth and a shiny finish hairline requires proper usage of shampoo and conditioner. Shampooing enhances the nourishment in the hair and is a necessary step in getting the proper shiny hair. But over shampooing makes the nutrients and the moistures to get washed away. This is a serious condition where the hair loses its nutrition and becomes weak. Weak hairline cannot provide a shiny look and hence creates a depression in people. Selecting the shampoos with rich amounts of glycerine paves a better way in enriching the hair with nutrients.

Shampoo bars are an effective way to aid the shampooing process. Natural shampoo bars should be chosen properly and hence can be incorporated for frequent shampooing which can last longer than the normal shampoos. Conditioners play the most important factor in providing the nutrients and aids in coagulation of moisture and the various nutrients like glycerine and glycerol products.

Shampoo conditioner bar gives a great advantage in helping to hold the nutrients in proper amounts. Co-washing (using the only conditioner) can be done to retain more moisture. Conditioners are selected with naturally occurring hydrating ingredients like shea butter, hazelnut, argan oil, etc. Natural shampoo bars tend to remove the build-up of clarifying hair. The conditioner and the shampoo had to be selected with less amount of sulphates.


#3. Proper drying and masking


It is better to dry the hair for some time after the bath and then use a blower. Drying makes sure that the water doesn’t completely get away from the hair. Blowing with heat might cause the hairline to become weak and break. It is better to use a blower with a diffuser.

Diffuser reduces the heat without compensating in the output style. An iconic blow-dryer can be used which dries the hair faster than the other forms and helps reduce the static deposition of heat. Shampoo conditioner bar used with a proper ionic blow dryer would provide a shiny and soft look to the hairline and also make the hair well-nourished and moisturised.


The hair mask is a very important process in getting smooth hair. Hair masks can be done with various natural substances before taking a bath and also before sleeping. It is also better to tie a silk scarf and lie down in the bed. Generally, the cotton rugs and pillows heat the hair due to the friction. Silk, on the other hand, is less porous and thus maintains the moisture and also decreases the amount of heat caused due to friction. Natural shampoo bars tend to provide the softest look when properly maintained with a silk scarf in the night.

  • Egg mask: The yolk of the egg provides the hair with necessary moisture. It also has proteins which strengthen the hair.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar naturally conditions the hair and boosts gloss. It balances the pH level of the hair, clarifies the strands and leaves the hair soft.
  • Avocado masks: Avocado has rich fats that tend to enrich the hair with nutrients thereby moisturising the hair.
  • Honey: Honey can be used as hair masks. Honey acts as a clarifying agent and attracts moisture. This provides the shine required for hair preventing it from being dull.

Natural shampoo bar contains all the nourishment and moisture that contains all the necessary nutrients required for maintaining a shiny and softer hair.

Get the smoothest and softest hair

People love to possess smooth and softest hair which makes them live confidently and happily. Silky hair will make them more presentable and loving to others. This is done with various maintenance schemes. The three ways of getting smooth hair with regular treatment of hair would possibly give the best outlook.

Natural shampoo bar can be used to treat the hair because they are rich in various nutrients and resources. They tend to hold the moisture in the hair. Rasling Raw helps people to possess shiny and smooth hair and makes them improve their confidence and make them lead a great life. Rasling raw offers natural shampoo conditioner bar which is one of the best solutions to maintain smooth hair online at reasonable prices.