Tips & Tricks:Taking care of your vegan lashes

  Eyelash extensions are already an aesthetic option for many women, because in a few minutes they allow to have lashes twice as long and thick, in addition to being able to forget about mascara for quite some time. It is a laborious technique in which a false eyelash is glued on each of the […]


Eyelash extensions are already an aesthetic option for many women, because in a few minutes they allow to have lashes twice as long and thick, in addition to being able to forget about mascara for quite some time. It is a laborious technique in which a false eyelash is glued on each of the natural and that for an impeccable result, it is best to go to a professional aesthetic centre. The result is a much more attractive look with enlarged eyes and extremely long and beautiful eyelashes. If you decide to test how they are, it is important that you take into account the tips that we show you in this article about How to take care of the extensions of tabs. That way you’ll keep them always perfect!

The eyelash extensions are placed one by one over the natural eyelashes and, in general, do not cause damage to the latter. However, it is important to make sure first of all that this type of technique is not harmful to the health of your eyes, so if you suffer from any type of allergy or eye sensitivity you should take this into account.

Its application is not painful and can be placed in different areas of the eye as well as with different sizes depending on the final look you want to achieve, you may prefer to give your eyes a torn or, on the contrary, rounder.

Stop cruelty in the makeup industry by resorting to vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty. With our eyelashes you can easily emulate the look of natural eyelashes with extra volume that will help you achieve a beautiful doll-eyed look.

How to take care of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions last between 2 and 3 months, but to keep them in perfect condition until then it is essential to do a good maintenance. In general, natural eyelashes have a natural cycle of between 60 to 90 days, so it is advisable to do a retouch after 15 or 20 days after the first application. In this case, the technique will be to place new extensions of tabs in those holes in which they have fallen by themselves.

  1. It is very important that during the first 24 hours after application, keep the eyelash extensions completely dry and not having contact with the water. After that time, you can wash your face, take a bath, swim … and do everything with normality, although it is always advisable to avoid extreme heat, vaporizations and hot saunas.
  2. When you go to wash your face, it is preferable not to do it with very hot water, it is best to use warm water. It is also not advisable that you expose the face under the strong jet of the shower, but try to do the facial cleaning with a lot of softness to prevent them from falling early. As for the products for the care of the extensions of eyelashes, it is not recommended to apply lotions, creams or make-up removers with oils or greasy.
  3. One of the great advantages of the extensions of eyelashes is that without having to use mascara on a daily basis, it shines a spectacular look and natural lashes super long and thick. This is why you should not make up masks, the look they offer alone is enough to be much more beautiful. Yes, you can use other makeup products for eyes such as shadows, eyeliner, pencils, concealer … but try not to be waterproof or waterproof, as these need oily and aqueous cleansing agents to be eliminated completely. Remember that you must remove makeup very carefully and avoid that these types of products come in contact with your eyelashes.
  4. Another tip to keep in mind to take care of the extensions of eyelashes is to avoid the use of the curler of tabs. This is an ideal instrument to bend the natural ones, but now you do not need it anymore. Also, it could lead to breakage and fall, so it’s best to avoid it.
  5. As we have indicated, it is best to go to a professional aesthetic centre so that the extensions of eyelashes are perfect and get a very natural look. Now, if you dare to try this technique at home yourself, you must follow perfectly all the steps necessary to do it correctly. In the article How to put tab extensions you can see the whole process, do not miss it!

How to wash your face with fake lashes on

The grafted eyelashes, fake eyelashes can make your eyes bigger and more attractive, then after grafted eyelashes, can we wash the face? How to wash your face with the extension of eyelashes?

Can you wash your face after the eyelashes are grafted?

Eyelash grafting is a quick drying glue for false eyelash glue on your eyelashes, so after the completion of the operation, it is better not to touch the water between 3-4 hours. After 4 hours, the glue is completely dry, then you can touch the water at will, but the way to wash your face is to pay special attention to the method, or make the false eyelashes to fall easily. Therefore, grafted eyelashes can wash the face.

How to wash your face after the eyelashes are grafted.

Step 1: Take an adequate amount of cleanser

Take an adequate amount of cleaning mousse or milk wash in the palm of your hand. The grafted eyelashes are glued with glue, so try to choose a mild cleanser to prevent the glue from dissolving, causing the eyelashes to fall out.

Step 2: clean the face

Rub the cleanser to foam, then apply the foam evenly on the face (remember to avoid the root of the eyelash) and clean the face with massage. But the strength of the face should be soft, not rub hard face, especially around the eyes, sister paper can be wiped with wet towels, pressing gently when cleaning the eyes, as far as possible to avoid rubbing the eyelashes. If you cannot be sure of your strength with a towel, dip warm water in a cotton swab or make-up remover and pat the area around your eyes gently after taking it out.

Step 3: milk facial wash


It is recommended to use warm water to clean the face cleaning products with splashing water. Wipe gently around the eyes with a sponge. Do not use water vigorously or touch the eyelashes with your hands.

Step 4: dry the water

Wash excess water on face with sponge or cloth face. Please use the press to dry, remember to rub the way, rubbing the way too violent, that the fragile skin around the eyes should choose a soft shape Oh! And it can also prevent the graft from falling eyelashes.

Daily Maintenance

After cleaning the face, you can clean the face care products according to the diary. Take into account oil-based maintenance products and eye adhesive solution when avoiding the roots of the eyelash, so that it does not dissolve the grafted glue, resulting in the fall of grafted eyelashes.

Vegan eyelashes such as the ones provided by Tigress Beauty will become your favourite option to complement any elegant outlook you choose. Contact us today!