Strong Cars Should Have Strong Gear

When getting ready for a big weekend of 4×4, fishing, camping or hunting, having the top of the line equipment will make all the difference between getting stuck strong cars in the mud and staying stuck in the mud. With high-quality brands like Hayman Reese towbars Australia in stock, you will find only the best […]

When getting ready for a big weekend of 4×4, fishing, camping or hunting, having the top of the line equipment will make all the difference between getting stuck strong cars in the mud and staying stuck in the mud. With high-quality brands like Hayman Reese towbars Australia in stock, you will find only the best and toughest in outdoor driving equipment at Road to Range. Here at Road to Range, we have a premium range of 4WD and vehicle accessories at your convenience. Distinguished and trusted in the industry, you can rely on us for all your vehicle accessory needs.

Understanding where and how you use your car is a great first step in choosing the best gear for it. Steep hills, deep mud, sand, fishing or dirt roads? Which do you do the most? Depending on what you enjoy most will ensure that you get the best equipment first time around. Time and time again we see people whose cars are not built for the conditions that they are driven in. And almost every time this happens, there is damage and destruction done to Their car. It can be extremely expensive to repair, or worst case scenario, your car has to be replaced due to the extensive damage. Whether your car is new or old, repairing or replacing parts is a task that no one wants to do. This is why getting the best and highest quality car parts as soon as possible is essential.

Where to start

Towing is one of the most important accessories a strong car should have, whether it is towing a boat, trailer or horse float, the tow bar should be first on the list of things your car should have. For example, sporting a Hayman Reece towbar Australia will allow this area to be fully covered; especially due to the strength and reliability of the well-known brand. Hayman Reese towbars are made with durable materials so you do not have to worry about the weight of your load.

If it’s you or if it’s your mate, one of you are bound to get stuck, it’s happened to all of us before and it will happen again. The key is to be prepared by having the tools necessary to pull yourself or your mate out in this scenario. The adrenaline of driving through a big muddy ditch is something non-comparable to anything else, but the risk of getting stuck is high. When your car has a winch, you can confidently tackle riskier paths because you have something to pull you out.

Safari Snorkel
Just like when you go underwater, your car needs to breathe! Even if you do not plan on going underwater or through sand storms, there is a large possibility that it will happen, especially on the beaten track. If you plan to make your car as strong and ready as it can be, attach a snorkel. A snorkel for your car will work wonder and will allow you to drive through water with ease.

These three tips are a great start to preparing your 4×4 for the conditions you need. Having quality items such as the Hayman Reece towbar and other similar quality brands will ensure you the best experience. If you have already prepared your car with these three basics, you are ready for the next level of strength. These tips are geared more towards those who are serious about the 4×4 experience.

1. 4×4 suspension and lift kits
Rocky and bumpy trails are a few of the things people are familiar with out on dirt and mud tracks. It is common to see them just about everywhere that is not a paved road surface. Improving your suspension, however, will make your car take on these aggressive bumps and jumps so much better. Your engine will only thank you after you have upgraded. In addition, you will notice the benefits of how suspension makes your car ride easier and smoother.
5th wheel kits
Being prepared for anything is very important when deciding to take your car off the road. Packing an extra tire may save you hours of waiting time and possibly, even more, money in some worst case scenarios. Having an easily accessible 5th wheel will make sure that in this case, you have a backup. It is always good to be prepared to avoid those troublesome situations.

For some, buying 4×4 accessories online may seem daunting or too complicated. Here at Road to Range, we offer exceptional customer service and industry leading products to match. Purchasing from a distinguished and trusted 4WD and vehicle accessory provider will reduce the stress of purchasing quality 4×4 accessories online. Our affordable prices will not make you compromise your budget for quality items. When listing though the activities you use your car for and what accessories will best make it tougher, always get the best you can get. Investing in top quality products is more cost effective than buying the same cheap and poor quality product over time. We understand how having a hobby like 4×4 can be expensive, but when you get the right gear the first time around, it will not only save you money but also effort in the long term.

It is important to remember that having premium long lasting car accessories will make you and your car both enjoy the ride more. Your car will last longer due to its increased strength and you will have that added peace of mind because your equipment is durable and ready to tackle the harsh terrain. Having reputable brands such as Hayman Reese is a great way to reinforce the strength and durability of your vehicle. Whether you are building up your car for towing, hills, river mud, or all of the above, it is imperative that you do not forget the first key steps in order to determine what you need for a smooth outdoor trip. It is crucial to understand that what accessories you use for your car will affect the performance of your car. And it is also important which accessories best suit your type of car. For example, you would not put a Hayman Reese towbar on a formula one racing car, but you would put it on a serious 4×4 car.

Additionally, when a cargo barrier is equipped, separation of your equipment can be easily organised. Rather than piling all your equipment on top of each other and opening up your boot to a pile of mess after you have driven to your destination, you can scrap that worry and keep your belongings organised to save you time and effort sorting through your things. Picture yourself trying to sort through piles of equipment. Now imagine opening your boot to a clean and tidy setting. Wouldn’t you prefer the latter?

There are some other car accessories that could be added to make your 4×4 experience better. Here at Road to Range, we stock other car accessories including cargo barriers and driving lights. These do not necessarily make your vehicle tougher, but they simply enhance your driving experience. Upgrading to better lights, for example, will allow for your car to tackle the night so that your 4×4 adventure does not have to end when the sun goes down.


Here at Road to Range, we bring you the highest quality equipment so that you can get maximum output from your 4×4 outdoor trips. We offer a diverse range of highly durable and reliable outdoor driving equipment to take your outdoor motoring experience to the next level. When you shop with us you will be bound to find the best accessories for what you need. Whether you’re towing, mudding, or simply off the beaten track. All our products are tried and tested in the harshest and ever changing Australian conditions. Whether it is tested through hail and rain or on the rough and rocky terrain. Our representatives have years of experience and expertise at your disposal. We will help you with your needs and enquiries in a timely manner. Ask us about any of our products and we will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the functionalities of the product you have enquired about. We love sharing our passion for great off road experiences and exceptional products. We are happy to help you find the best product for your car.

We all enjoy the thrill and fun when taking our cars off the road. This thrill, however, can all be easily taken away from damage and costs that arise due to the wear down of poor quality car parts and accessories. This is why, to enjoy the full experience without the worry, you must have the best gear you can get from the best vehicle accessory provider, Road to Range. Discover the difference our products backed by some of the biggest brands in the industry will do for your car and your experience. Check out our website Road to Range for all your 4WD and vehicle accessory needs today!