Does your sofa need a replacement or you only need to reupholster your furniture?

When you sit down, do you sink so much that it costs you your life to get up? Does the upholstery look like it’s taken from an old business in the city? Do you fight to sit here or there? The time has come to look for a new sofa. Here at Brisbane Upholstery we […]
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When you sit down, do you sink so much that it costs you your life to get up? Does the upholstery look like it’s taken from an old business in the city? Do you fight to sit here or there? The time has come to look for a new sofa.

Here at Brisbane Upholstery we pride ourselves in reupholstering well-made furniture and antiques. If you are looking for experts in upholstery in Brisbane you can be sure our team of professionals will repair, restore and recover your dining suites, wardrobes, chairs and all types of furniture as well.

These are the unmistakable signals that your sofa is sending you from the corner of your living room. If you have also detected them, maybe it’s time to retire and change them for a new model.

  • You feel like there is a world underneath … that is swallowed by the system when you sit down. If before you sit down, you are looking like crazy for a cushion to gain thickness and not sink, it’s clear: it’s time to renew it.


  • If wanting to put order on the sofa you have a good time moving the cushions from one place to another place for where they fit best is that they have become too deformed, which implies that they have lost consistency. It is time for a change.


  • You consider the fabric is ugly… The stains have made a dent in the upholstery and you do not know how to remove them. You can consider two things: buy a new one or reupholster it, only if the structure is fine and the filling has not lost its consistency. If you choose the latter, watch what’s coming.

Keep in mind:

That the tissues are usually expensive because they must be more resistant than those that have another function. Rate how old the sofa is (or the love you have for it) and in what state it is before spending on a reupholstery.

  • There are more feathers in your living room than in the Moulin Rouge… If your cushions are made of feathers and start to come off, it is time to start thinking about giving them a new lease of life. Because they will lose consistency and, at the same time, when you sit in them, you will prick yourself.


  • Well maybe it’s that you’ve run out small, right? If when you bought it you were two but today you are four, you have to think about a change. The modular ones can be a good solution for you.


  • It moves a lot. It happens when one sits on one end and the other propels upward like a catapult. He is lame. It is obvious. If you choose to put a raise, you will stabilise it for now, but its structure will not rest on a good basis. It’s time to go looking at alternatives in the market.

And now that you can get rid of your old sofa, a few keys to know if you can solve the issue reupholstering.

Tips to give your furniture a new look

Over the years, the home furniture ends up spoiling, going out of style or, simply, stop liking. That’s when people get rid of them and buy new ones. However, a more economical and ecological option may be to paint, reupholster or simply repair old furniture, turning them into new charming pieces. If you do not know where to start, you can get inspired here.


Wood, wicker, leather … Before getting rid of the furniture, you should think that maybe they can be repaired without much effort. Cleaning, fixing defects and hiding scratches, carrying out anti-carcoma treatments, repairing skin cracks or re-varnishing are some of the possibilities when it comes to rescuing the beauty of your furniture.


To paper furniture, as well as being simple, it can be perfect, whether you want to hide flaws, or if your intention is to give it a new, unique and original look. The adhesive or painted paper is a simple, creative and economic solution that can be applied to most pieces. The only requirement is that the surface on which the paper must be applied is smooth and clean and dry. Test the different results by papering the entire piece of furniture or just some of its parts such as doors, drawers or the surface.

With use, the upholstery of the chairs ends up deteriorating until they break, fray or wear out. In addition, the passage of time and changing fashions can make chairs, sofas, or armchairs outdated. An economical solution is to re-upholster these seats. You just have to choose the fabric that you like the most and adapt it to the needs of the furniture and upholster them. You can also choose to take them to an upholsterer, although that will mean more money. Be that as it may, the results can be surprising.

Paint it

In the market there is a wide variety of paints to leave your furniture as new. You just have to prepare the surface to paint, choose the right paint and give it a little imagination. Take advantage of the advantages offered by paint to renew them, give them an aged touch or change the colour. Choose the colour you like the most and combine it with the room to decorate.


Sometimes, that a piece of furniture looks renovated depends on very little. The first thing is to fix the possible damages, then there are many options: vinyl, varnish, metallic effect paint… You also have other options such as changing the handles or decorating with stickers or eye-calling colours. The important thing is to find that different, personalised touch that fits the decoration of the room.

Here at Brisbane Upholstery we can help you make your furniture look excellent. Our expertise collected throughout this entire time working for European families helps us provide a wide skillset and quality of attention to you in Brisbane. We work towards earning the position of the leading experts in upholstery in Brisbane.