Slushy machines: Which is the Best Slushies of 2019?

This time the team wants to help you make the best slushies and cocktails you can imagine with the perfect slushy machine for your personal purposes. Get a good party and test your creativity with a slushy machine. Who doesn’t like very cold ice cream in hot weather? The slushies come to save us in […]

This time the team wants to help you make the best slushies and cocktails you can imagine with the perfect slushy machine for your personal purposes. Get a good party and test your creativity with a slushy machine.

Who doesn’t like very cold ice cream in hot weather? The slushies come to save us in those days, they serve us to accompany a good margarita or any frappé. With a slushy machine you will not need to spend more and you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

In the following article, we want to introduce you to the world of slushy machines and let you know all the possibilities that this product can offer, its advantages, disadvantages, places of sale, prices and essential characteristics to consider if what you want is to have the best product.

Remember that here at Snow Flow you will find the equipment needed for a wonderful time enjoying delicious frozen yogurts and slurpees, bring a new spark to your party or event.

First the most important

Slushy machines are used to make ice-based snacks. This is achieved by grating it in the form of shavings and then some flavouring should be added to the taste. The most popular preparations are iced coffee, margaritas or traditional slush. It has the advantage of helping you get the job done quickly and in quality.

Among the slushy machines are two types that enjoy great popularity. These are those for domestic use and commercial or industrial use. Although the difference may be evident, both can be used as you want. It can be in your family reunions, birthdays or for personal use.

Other factors that you can check before buying your slushy machine, is the capacity; This will allow you to do as many slushies as you want. Its power will indicate its electrical consumption and texture of the final product. Finally, choose a safe machine with the special functions for you.

Ranking: The 3 best slushy machines

In addition to being functional machines for slushy, this product can be very beautiful. We invite you to know the most popular models of the last time. Do not miss the opportunity to know what users say about this appliance that will not only help you make ice cream, but will also decorate the place.

1st Place – Coca-Cola slushy machine

It doesn’t matter if you want to use the special moulds of the machine or you want to put any ice cube tray. Both options are suitable to use this beautiful slushy machine with all the vintage style that Coca Cola can offer. In addition, it includes two cones and straws.

It is very easy to use, you just have to put the ice on the top and press. Quickly the ice chips will start to come out. You just have to shape it and serve it in the cones. You can add any soda, juice or syrup that you like and enjoy! Best of all is the product design, which everyone loves.

2nd Place – Smear crushing machine for slushy

This machine is mainly for commercial use, which does not mean that you can not have it in your home if you want to have a perfect slushy every time you want, since its mechanism is not large. Its safety stands out from the rest because the cutting mechanism is activated only once you press the lid.

It also includes corporate guides with images references if what you want is to start your own business and take advantage of your favourite slushy. It is capable of crushing 65 kilos of ice per hour. The areas that remain wet are made of stainless steel, while the ones you manipulate are made of plastic for greater smoothness.

3rd Place – Shaved Ice Machine and Syrup Party

You can make the best parties with this scraper machine and feel like in Hawaii enjoying a nice summer day and cooling off. It includes colourful disposable cones for a better presentation of the product, along with all the accessories that will help you make the best scraping.

It has 25 special spoons for scraping and syrup dispensers. It is the same that you will find in established commerce. It is easy to serve, add the flavouring and you just have to add the ice and apply a little pressure. The rest is the responsibility of this incredible machine!

Main aspects to consider when buying a slushy machine


Many options influence this area as slushy machines often include sharp blades to create ice chips. In the case of industrial companies, they generate ice by rotating frozen tanks, which can certainly cause an accident. On the other hand, some other considerations will give us greater security.

Water filtering

It is responsible for removing the particles that are added to the water to make it drinkable. These can clog the machine causing accidents or they could also create dull-looking and unattractive drinks. We recommend the filter if it is for commercial use and you want to make drinks that stand out visually.


This function is essential to make slushy safely. It can be a knife system lock that only activates when the ice compartment is open. It can also be a blocking of the rotating tank in an industrial machine. They are activated automatically when you serve a slushy.

Remember that also fruit yogurt can make us gain some extra calories, for the same reasons as the syrup, since the added fruit is sweetened, in addition to adding dye. A healthier substitute is natural yogurt to which chopped fruit, cranberries or nuts can be added.

Also, foods with gluten have added sugars and other ingredients that encourage weight gain, like granola bars, which are processed foods. If you want to consume oatmeal, opt for the natural one without flavour.

Here at Snow Flow you will find slush machines for home you can buy or rent and make sure your guests can enjoy a refreshing option specially during summer days. Contact us today if you want more information about our machines and how much of a good addition for your party they would be. We’ll be happy to help you.