The six unexpected benefits of drinking alcohol

It is not a secret that drinking alcohol moderately every day – two to three drinks a day for men and one for two for women – reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is demonstrated that moderate consumption of wine and beer is healthy, protects the heart is beneficial for both neuronal and bone […]
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It is not a secret that drinking alcohol moderately every day – two to three drinks a day for men and one for two for women – reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is demonstrated that moderate consumption of wine and beer is healthy, protects the heart is beneficial for both neuronal and bone health. The polyphenols in wine have clearly anti-cancer properties, provide anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and help prevent gastric problems. They also improve the immune response to certain infectious diseases and can help to increase the defences.

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We go further and list the six most unexpected advantages of consuming alcohol, among which is to be more optimistic or increase our mental resistance.

1- Better performance at work.

Moderate drinkers have lower rates of absenteeism than their abstainers. A Finnish study showed that people who do not drink, stop drinking or drink a lot were absent from work about 1.2 times more than those who drink moderately. The study also revealed that drinkers do their job better. In fact, one researcher stated: “The difference in sick leave among non-drinkers and among moderate drinkers may be a consequence of the lack of protective effects of alcohol intake.”

2- Greater cunning and speed.

With a couple of glasses, the sense is not lost, just the opposite. At least, that’s what a study published by the science magazine Science News says. Under the premise that alcohol fosters creativity, the researchers subjected 20 people to a cartoon session, some of whom drank vodka and others did not. During the session, respondents had to answer a series of three terms with a keyword. For example, the researchers said “arm”, “peach” and “tar”, and the rest had to answer “well”. The drinkers were able to provide the appropriate response about four seconds faster than non-drinkers.

3- Long-term mental resistance.

Drinkers also have better long-term cognitive functioning, even in old age. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that apart from that, there was also no significant increase in brain risks associated with higher levels of alcohol consumption. Also, it does not matter what you drink.

4- Greater optimism.

One study showed that non-drinkers suffer more depression and anxiety than those who drink a couple of drinks a day. The researchers were the first to be surprised by this result and were equally concerned, they came to believe that their study was defective, since it includes both people who had never drank and people who had to quit smoking. However, after repeating the study, the researchers found the same results.

5- Stronger hearts.


Experts almost unanimously agree that the consumption of one or two drinks a day is good for the circulatory system and the heart. Not only does it reduce death rates from heart attack or stroke, it significantly decreases the chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Scientists suspect that it has something to do with the effects of alcohol on HDL or “good cholesterol”. Alcohol increases HDL levels perhaps more than any other environmental factor. It could also act as an anticoagulant to prevent death from stroke or heart attack.

6- Several beneficial effects for health.

For every benefit that science has shown moderate alcohol intake, there are about another dozen for which medicine cannot find an explanation. For example, drinkers have less gallstones than non-drinkers. Researchers suspect that alcohol in the liver dilutes the waste produced by this organ. On the other hand, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) showed that a small amount of alcohol doubles the life expectancy of small worms. And another study conducted at the Catholic University of Campobasso (Italy) revealed that consuming a maximum of four alcoholic drinks per day reduces the chance of dying from any cause by 18%.

6 tips to drink preventing a hangover

Take them into account and say goodbye to those discomforts that make you fall in repentance.

Curing a hangover is incredible, but would not it be better not to have it from the beginning? Today we list six recommendations with which you will say goodbye to the inconveniences that take away your peace.

  1. Hydration

If your party is scheduled, drink plenty of fluids during the day before going to the liquor. It also includes water rich in drinks rich in salts such as Gatorade or another hydrating drink that gives the body a load of minerals such as potassium, perfect to cushion the hangover the other day.

  1. Consume plenty of fruit.

A good option is to consume a lot of fruit before the rumba. Of course, avoid watermelon because it can have toxic reactions with some liquors. Fruits and vegetables in general hydrate and protect the stomach.

  1. Eat meat.

The fat content of the meat prevents gastritis. If meat is not your best choice for flour and sweets, they help improve the metabolism of alcohol.

  1. Water and more water.

Drinking water is the most effective. If you are one of those who unexpectedly ended up with more drinks than you expected, drink a glass before each drink. On the one hand, it will keep you hydrated and, on the other hand, it will help you to evacuate the liquor from the body faster because you will go to the bathroom more times.

  1. Peanuts, your ally.

Do not think that they put it in the bars of pure whim, or so that you have more thirst and you consume more, the peanuts and the nuts have a high content of fat, which helps to avoid any discomfort proper from a hangover.

  1. Avoid mixing different types of liquor.

Mixing liquor is not just a myth, to avoid being hit so hard, you should know that there are some mixtures that do not get along: a dark rum will never be a friend of a brandy, red wine of vodka or gin brandy. The more you mix them, the worse the next morning will be.

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