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If stormy days are coming and you do not want to take a dislike, follow these basic tips to prevent material damage to the exterior spaces of the home.Remember that the best option to protect your windows is to install external venetian blinds that are safe and provide you with the extra comfort you need. […]
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If stormy days are coming and you do not want to take a dislike, follow these basic tips to prevent material damage to the exterior spaces of the home.Remember that the best option to protect your windows is to install external venetian blinds that are safe and provide you with the extra comfort you need. We are available for you if you want to know more about our blinds, we will help you. Contact us now at External Venetian Blinds.

The bad weather of these last days of winter can cause us serious damage at home. The wind reaches and exceeds 100 km / hour and that means material losses of great importance in our balconies, terraces or gardens. If you have not yet suffered any mishap under this cause, it may happen at any time. It happened to everyone to found completely torn protective cloth, mud-stained furniture, shattered pots, mostly overturned, objects at the mercy of the air rolling through the floor and a whole DIY closet collapsed completely, with the doors unlocked and its contents emptied by land. Anyway, a complete disaster.

In this post we offer some tips to avoid these little scares that can alter anyone fresh out of bed.  We will start with those areas where greater caution is necessary: ​​we will ensure windows, doors and everything that is in danger of falling off public roads such as façade tiles or railings. Avoid water leaks due to rain hazard by sealing the door and window frames with some self-adhesive or water strips.

Make sure the gutters are not clogged and allow water flow correctly. Protect the windows by completely lowering the blinds, to avoid the dangerous collision of any object against the glass. Keep the awnings fully collected.

To prevent your pots from tipping and splitting if they are ceramic, the ideal thing is to place heavy stones on the container or introduce them in another broad-based pot to avoid their balancing and possible breakage.

In case of plastic cabinets or other unsafe furniture in stability, place weight on the ceiling, interpose heavy objects in front of the doors or seal them if necessary.

A DIY trick that can work for you is also to create a natural protective screen. It is about forming a barrier of resistant trees or plants, with shrubs such as poplars, pines or beech trees, forming a protective screen where the wind can cause more damage with its strength. These plantations can be a protection system to resist more aggressive air.

11 tips for days with strong wind

The wind can become very dangerous when it blows hard. We are not talking about spoiling your newly released hairdresser hairstyle, but more serious consequences. That geranium that happily adorns your window could pose a serious danger to pedestrians passing underneath. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a series of indications and advice when strong wind gusts occur.

  1. Look at the weather forecast on our website so that the wind never catches you by surprise.
  2. Close and secure all doors and windows. You don’t want the wind to throw that beautiful and nothing flashy Chinese vase that your brother-in-law gave you, right?
  3. Also close the awnings, or the wind could have a balloon effect and your house will end up like Up!
  4. Save all the planters and ornaments you have on windows and balconies. We only have rain, hail or snow icons to put on our maps, the potting shower cannot warn you.
  5. If you have posters posted on the wall, make sure they are secure. What a scare if suddenly a “sold” sign falls on someone’s head.
  6. If you go down the street, stay away from cornices and balconies in case someone has not followed the above advice. Flee also from the areas with trees.
  7. Do not approach buildings under construction, as they could have elements that easily come off in the wind. Don’t get on scaffolding either. You’ll do the goat another day.
  8. Avoid traveling by car, motorcycle or bike as much as possible. If you carry a tank, no problem.
  9. If you live in a maritime zone, stay away from the beach. The wind could generate large waves and pose a serious danger. Also, keep in mind that you would not see anything because you would be blinded by the sand. Better wait for the storm to pass in some indoor bar.
  10. Do not make fire if you are in the field and there are strong winds. This is something very serious and we will not joke about it.
  11. If you are camping, nail the tent to the ground. And if you’re on a picnic, stick the tablecloth, the tortilla and the breaded steaks. You have to be crazy to go on a picnic with such a wind.

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What advantages do blinds provide?

Solar protection. The slats are an obstacle to solar radiation protecting the occupants of the home where they are installed.

  • Energy saving. They offer insulation values ​​that other types of sunscreens cannot achieve by avoiding extra energy expenditure, whether due to cold or heat. Live the exterior blinds!
  • Acoustic protection. It offers protection against external environmental noise thanks to the qualities of the materials that form it, mainly aluminum or PVC.
  • Air and water permeability. It provides extra protection against carpentry that we have installed in the envelope of our house.
  • Resistance to wind load. We return to influence protection against adverse atmospheric agents.
  • It is an extra “layer” of security against thieves. The new models of blinds, thanks to technical advances are reaching high anti-theft levels, and certainly, it is appreciated.
  • They really form a barrier against those prying eyes from the outside when we practice closing, and there are even installations with perforated or microperforated slats that also let air and light pass.

What type of blind is better?

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