Seasonal Drinks: Delicious Drink Delights for Every Season

As humans who are constantly on their feet, we love refuelling in astonishing ways. One of the most preferred astonishing ways is to include something that tickles our taste buds with seasonal drinks. No matter what the season is, having juice, slushie, or coffee can be so incredibly amazing. The right drink at the right […]

As humans who are constantly on their feet, we love refuelling in astonishing ways. One of the most preferred astonishing ways is to include something that tickles our taste buds with seasonal drinks. No matter what the season is, having juice, slushie, or coffee can be so incredibly amazing. The right drink at the right time can be both refuelling and mood-altering. When it is mid-summer, a vivid colour beverage is the best way to cope with the heat. In the winters, having your hands wrapped around your favourite coffee can be a beautiful scene from the movie! Or, at least that’s what it makes you feel like! During other seasons, fresh fruit drinks made out of fresh seasonal fruit can simply spice up an otherwise fairly mundane day.


The exciting varieties available

With today’s innovative machinery available to purchase and options like Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide, there is so much to choose from! There are cold press juices, slushies, smoothies, different kinds of coffee, etc. Before we get into our seasonal drinks menu, let’s clear all of the following terms mentioned so that we don’t get them mixed up.


#1 Cold press juices

Cold press juices are obtained by squeezing fruits and vegetables between metal plates. Modern machinery uses hydraulic pressure after chopping and/or grinding the ingredients put in it. Cold press juices are a great way to retain the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables and in making them yummy and notorious.


#2 Smoothies

Smoothies are usually a mixture of multiple components. Some of the most preferred ones include puree vegetables and fruit, dairy products, juices, herbs, and spices. These drinks can be delicious to have and also have a decent calorie content based on the ingredients included.


#3 Slush/ slushy or slushie

A slushie is typically flavoured ice or frozen un-carbonated beverage made with frozen crushed ice. This crushed ice is later mixed with artificial flavouring or with fruit.


Finding the perfect fit for your needs

If you are someone looking for healthier options, cold press juices and smoothies are a great way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fun beverage, especially for events or birthday parties, a slush would be the perfect fit. In this day and age, the best part is options like Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide. This means having the opportunity to hire machines for however long you desire and then have them returned. Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide allows you to save money, be efficient, and also have an unlimited supply for your favourite drinks.


The best ones you could opt for

If you are looking for a menu that perfect all year round, we have curated the best of juices, slushies, and some hot beverages which will never disappoint you.


Your delicious drink delights

Let’s start with juices, the beverage that can be both fun and healthy. Juices are a great way to incorporate fruits into your daily diet, especially if you aren’t someone who necessarily eats them whole. Here are some delicious juices that you can make any time with Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide and instantly enjoy.


#1 Watermelon-Lychee

Watermelon is a great fruit to have in the summer; it is both refreshing and hydrating. The best way to incorporate it in a juice is by adding watermelon pieces, lemon, lychee, ginger topped with a lot of crushed ice and mint leaves.


#2 Kiwi Juice


A glass of nutritious flavour could be achieved with some amazing ingredients. These include kiwi, cucumber, and Thai ginger. You could easily make this with Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide.


#3 Pineapple juice

The recipe for this one is extremely easy to go about, and the juice itself is delicious and refreshing. You could have it on a hot, tiring day and instantly feel refreshed. All you require is fresh pineapple pulp, black salt, lemon, and cumin powder.


#4 Sweet and sour

This juice is perfect for any kind of day! This sweet and sour juice is a joyful drink that tickles your taste buds. You could make this juice by opting for Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide. The ingredients you will require to prepare it will be lime, orange, grape juice, and mulberries.


#5: Virgin punch

Virgin punch is a drink that is commonly served. It is a great energy booster and is also very refreshing. All you require is some sparkling lemonade, along with apple, mango, and orange.


Your delicious slush delights

If you want to step it up and go for a drink which is less notoriousness but more fun, you can choose to go for slushies. You could opt for Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide instead of spending an obscure amount on purchasing one. Here are some slush flavours you could choose to indulge in:


#1 Clear lemonade

You could opt for the clear lemonade flavour and add some mint on top. If you want to go above and beyond, try adding some sparkling water as well.


#2 Cola

Cola is a great flavour that you can have as a slushie. All you have to do is add some black salt and a pinch of lemon for a tangier flavour.


#3 Mango

Mango slushies are perfect for the summertime, especially when mango is a summer fruit. You can add mango flavour and add some mango pieces on the top.


#4 Mojito

Mojito is one drink that you know will always be a good choice. Having is Mojito slush can never be a bad idea! All you need to do is add Mojito flavour, a real cut-up lemon, and some mint leaves.


#5 Strawberry

Strawberry slushie is another flavour that is impossible to go wrong with. You can simply serve the slushie flavour, and it will be enough. The best way to get a machine for your slushies would be Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide.


Your delicious winter delights

Winter is the time where your drinks get warmer while the weather gets colder. While some of us might enjoy winter and some not, the best and only way to get through it is a hot cup of homemade hot chocolate or coffee. You could opt for Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide if you need a hot chocolate machine for a winter party or otherwise.


No matter what the situation is, Daiquiri machine hire Adelaide is the perfect way to save money and get the job done! It can be a good trial and error period if you are planning to purchase a machine permanently as well. All you need to do is head over to Daiquiri Hire to hire the best machines on the market!