Searching Efficient Energy or Smart Energy

Energy Saving Day is celebrated worldwide with a double objective: on the one hand, that society reflects on its energy consumption and, on the other, adopts a series of small habits that will result in good of the planet As in other industrial sectors, technology is becoming a great ally of energy to achieve that […]

Energy Saving Day is celebrated worldwide with a double objective: on the one hand, that society reflects on its energy consumption and, on the other, adopts a series of small habits that will result in good of the planet As in other industrial sectors, technology is becoming a great ally of energy to achieve that efficiency that we all seek.

The reduction of emissions and a productive and sustainable energy efficiency are the fundamental pillars on which the evolution of new technologies adapted to consumption works. To all this we must add the effort of the administration to adapt the regulations to the new rules of the game of energy consumption, at the corporate level.

They are clear what are the priorities that organisations and companies have to apply if they want infrastructure to provide, in a sustainable way, to the new needs that are emerging in society.

We are Westwire Electrics, a third-generation electrical contracting company proud of offering businesses in Melbourne an option to increase profitability with the installation and maintenance of second to none equipment with advanced technology.

What are we doing wrong?

It is necessary for companies to change their energy behavior to achieve sustainable and competitive development. In fact, this vector should be considered a parameter of competitiveness in any strategic approach, for this, experts offer three ideas:

  • Economic and clean energy is the basis of all business activities.
  • The strategies are based on saving fossil fuel consumption and reducing dependence on the importation of resources.
  • The energy improvement is seen as an economic benefit and increased competitiveness.

If these ingredients are mixed with technological solutions such as Big Data, in the end the result is that of a powerful and attractive recipe called Smart Energy. “It’s about the intelligent use of energy to do useful things, whether it’s not leaving a light bulb on or channeling a room’s temperature well. It is not necessarily about reducing energy, but using it well.

In the end, the goal of the company is that its customers become something different. That they see us as a partner, as a partner that helps them achieve their goals. Show our customers that their benefit is also ours and the business relationship is advantageous for both parties.

What makes energy consumption smart?

On paper, making good use of energy or efficient use (which, in the end, is what the term smart turns on) involves the combination of several factors, which involve both the consumer and the supplier. First, the user must know how he or she consumes, where he or she has to consume and how much; Second, it must use appropriate technologies, efficient, well-managed equipment operated and regulated. Thirdly, you must have a continuous measurement of the uses and customs to know, in case there is any problem (such as a parameter that is unconfigured or some need for adaptation in the production process or habits), which can manage or fix to prevent leaks.

Finally, we should give continuity to all of the above. Energy is not something that we take, we look at it, measure it and leave it as it is for the next 20 years. The productive technologies are changed every year because there is better IT every time and the companies’ own production processes also evolve: the factories do not always produce the same, the degree of hotel occupancy is not always the same, nor is the temperature Exterior. Everything becomes a virtual cycle that must be managed day by day. This differentiates the transformation into smart energy and not just paying bills.

All the previous steps can be applied to both personal and business consumption; However, the smart concept is rather linked to how and not to whom. Although the data at global scale show a surge in spending last year, at the local level.

Energy as a service

Energy is not the same as intelligent energy. It would be necessary to differentiate, therefore, between a machine that produces electricity to an efficient management of that electricity. Different technologies are involved, both necessary, but as different as night and day. Beyond the devices that allow us to enjoy gas, light or water, what makes them smart are the data (the Big Data) and, by extension, on the Internet of Things.

These two trends are the ones that are revolutionising this powerful sector in our lives and in our economy, so much so that, companies are focusing many of their services on improving something as little related to the final product as is the management of internal processes. of the companies. We analyse how you are behaving, identifying where you are better. We see many companies, we know the processes, we propose the improvements and we help their implementation.

In the last two years there have been more data than in the entire history of mankind, every second we produce millions of them. And its management can help us turn reality, or in this case energy, into something else.

Because it is the value of that data that is going to make things change, we can have a lot of data and very varied, but most of them are useless without taking them out of value. But how to find that value for business or for life? There are a series of steps that begin with understanding the problem, going through talking with the experts, finding what sources of data there are, building the algorithms that will extract that value and, finally, implementing it in the business. Over the years we have seen that this methodology is simple but works very well.

One of the main energy areas that are especially benefited with Big Data is that of renewables. We cannot control the wind, which blows or stops blowing, but we can predict it. We have been trying for many years to know what the wind production will be and we have managed to reach tuning levels such that now this energy has managed to enter the adjustment markets.

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