Say No to Mink: The Truth Behind Mink Lashes

Lashes have been known to augment your appearance from the ordinary to fancy. As agreeable as these eyelashes online sound, the luxury lashes that are available on the market aren’t as friendly as you think. Are you fond of Mink eyelashes? Here are a few reasons as to why you should stay away from them. […]
Mink Eyelashes, Natural False & Fake Eyelashes

Lashes have been known to augment your appearance from the ordinary to fancy. As agreeable as these eyelashes online sound, the luxury lashes that are available on the market aren’t as friendly as you think. Are you fond of Mink eyelashes? Here are a few reasons as to why you should stay away from them.

The Right Choice for Your Eyeballs

Traditionally, lashes were never trending in beauty. All that mattered about eye care and makeup hacks were the brows and eyelids. Then came the era of eyeshadows and eye enhancements, like eyeliners and mascara. Around this very time, lashes came into the picture. These eyelashes were a wonderful addition to the eyes, making them look more whimsical and attractive. Today, eyelashes have become dear to all. The false eyelash extensions or plain mascara painted on the lashes make eyelashes look bushier. Eyelashes produce an overall vibrant and dominant effect to the personality leading to an increase in the demand for the best false eyelashes Australia.

A Perfect Pair of Eyelashes Should Have the Following Qualities:

  1. Lightweight on the eye.
  2. The prominence of the eye features.
  3. Ability to blend natural eyelashes.


Mink eyelashes flooded the market with these features. Mink lashes did live up to the mark of being the perfect pair of eyelashes. They’re fluffy, precariously lightweight and natural. They were the perfect luxury eyelashes that anyone could wish for. Demand for these lashes skyrocketed significantly. They made the eye look fuller, livelier, and more dramatic.


However, in spite of all the above qualities, Mink eyelashes should be a strict no-no. You will be shocked to know how they have been duping your innocence with the cruelty and suffering they hold.

Know the Reality Behind A Pair of Mink Eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are harvested on fur farms that inhabit animals with fur, namely Minks. The fur is sheared from those innocent animals for the sake of fake eyelashes online.


To understand Minks, you need to understand their habitual lifestyle. Minks are wild animals. They do not roam in the woods and wild in colonies. They are independent animals which travel many miles per day. They are the most hostile creatures you will ever meet. Conflicts among Minks are a common sight, and more often than not, the quarrel ends in violence.


They are treated with conspicuous lividness. They are, moreover, locked up in tiny, untidy caged compartments where Minks tend to gnaw on the metal due to fear and stress. This injures them gravely, but no attention is paid to their open wounds. They barely have any room to move around in the cage, thus leading to lack of exercise. This is good for luxury lashes harvesters; fatter the animal, more the fur obtained. Minks are not properly fed or looked after due to which, over a period of time, they grow unhealthy.


Many manufacturers claim that the hair/fur that is used in making those eyelashes is by brushing the Minks. And when the Mink is brushed, the remnant hair falls off which are picked up to make eyelashes. This brings us to this question: Are Mink lashes hygienic to use, if they are the “remnants” of Mink brushed fur? Moreover, is it reliable to assume that Minks really do let humans brush them when they are aggressive creatures which are locked up in a cage?


After the Minks are fully grown, they undergo severe, devastating procedures. The forms of obtaining their fur are:

  • Anal electrocution
  • Slow poison deaths
  • Live skinning
  • Exhausting them on engines
  • Killing spree
  • Sauna gassing

Don’t you feel bad knowing the reality behind your prized pair of mink luxury lashes? This is unethical sourcing of Mink fake eyelashes online. These animals are treated in an inhumane manner by not taking care of their psychological and physiological needs. These lashes are by-products of animal euthanasia.

Why should you say ‘NO’ to Mink luxury lashes?

Keeping the cruelty factor on the one hand, let’s consider the next set of disadvantages that you will face by using Mink lashes.

1.     Untameable and Unadaptable:

The oh-so best false eyelashes Australia and elsewhere are made out of natural mink fur. Using Mink fur eyelashes is a nightmare when it comes to life. They are not easy to lift onto the eye. Furthermore, after a usage period, they tend to wear out and curl endlessly.

2.     Pricey:

The price you pay for Mink lashes goes beyond the price tag on the set. Costing the life of an animal for the sake of looking beautiful is contrary to the definition of beauty.

3.     Fake Appearance:

Mink luxury lashes make you look far from pretty. They hang on your eyes like artificial extensions. These fake lashes online change their shape and colour unforgivingly every time.

4.     High Maintenance:

It is a fact that expensive items are made to be used carefully while making our lives easier. Mink fake lashes online do not provide easy maintenance.

How To Be Aware Of Mink Lashes?

Don’t believe the marketing leads that the companies flash on their products. Phrases like ‘cruelty-free’ are disbelieving lies. Instead, try to skim through the manufacturing details of the pair of lashes. Double-check whether or not the lashes are synthetic. Try out synthetic lashes for your eyes. They are not very heavy and are completely wearable. These eyelashes are human-made. Therefore, they are bound to be easily manageable. Moreover, they are cheap false eyelashes online.


Why wear upon yourself the responsibility of an animal’s death when you can treat your eyes and the harmless Minks better?


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