Safety rails to prevent hazards at work

The risks in the practice of different maintenance works at heights and outdoors, combine several potential risks to happen accidents that put at risk the integrity and life of the worker in maintenance work. Safety rails are a safety measure that prevents all risk of accidents at heights. Developing any activity from two meters high […]
Safety rails

The risks in the practice of different maintenance works at heights and outdoors, combine several potential risks to happen accidents that put at risk the integrity and life of the worker in maintenance work. Safety rails are a safety measure that prevents all risk of accidents at heights.

Developing any activity from two meters high is considered as a potential risk, and the implementation of a safety system that safeguards life and does not expose it to an unnecessary and clearly foreseeable risk is required. One of these measures is the adoption of safety rails, rather than the fulfillment of a standard, it is the anticipation of a possible accident.

The implementation of the system of safety rails is due to supplying the evident need to prevent accidents and vacuum falls of workers who carry out different tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, system verification, repairs and tasks that require working directly in high areas that involve risks.

Remember that you need safety equipment for all works carried out in your ceiling. Top suppliers such as Gold Coast Edge Protection have developed diverse types of security systems looking for the perfect way to provide workers with the safety they need.

What are the safety rails that can be implemented?

There are two types of safety rails, horizontal and vertical. They are made up of three fundamental parts, to guarantee their efficiency. A harness system, which at the time holds the worker, an element for connecting the harness to the line, such as a carabiner, and the anchor point to the structure. This is a set of elements that must agree so that the result and the security they provide are efficient and meet all their objectives.

The safety rails are also complementary measures to other collective security systems, for example in their vertical application, inside or outside different types of stairs, such as cat ladders, optimising these security systems. There are several systems that can complement each other.

As an indispensable complement to these security systems, such as lifelines, it must be ensured that workers, whether plant-based or subcontracted, have the proper knowledge and training on their use and handling, since although they are highly reliable systems, their good use will determine much of its efficiency and the guarantee of its operation.

The company that installs these security systems must carefully analyse which is the most efficient means for each case, they are the only ones that have the technical bases, the sufficient knowledge and the appropriate experience to make this type of determination.

Aspects to consider before choosing a rail

Before looking at the types of railings that are available, it is necessary to take into account some aspects. For example, if it will be placed outdoors or indoors. The materials that will be used in its manufacture will not be the same. Those that are intended for outdoors will be more resistant. Also its coating will be different.

You also have to take into account its design, and the materials with which it is made. The aim of the latter is to be in line with the house and the furniture in it. If the railings are for the staircase of a block of flats, a sturdy and well-fitting model will suffice.

On the other hand, when installing railings, it is advisable to take into account who will be the ones who will use the ladder. As we have commented, it is not the same as in the house where it is going to be placed there are small children than older people, for example.

Collective protection: safety railing

The Risk Prevention Law recommends prioritising Collective protections over Individual protections. When the risk of falling from height cannot be eliminated, all interventions must be accompanied by safety systems for working at height.

Permanent collective protection equipment is installed whose purpose is to effectively protect users against the risks of falls from height.

We have a complete range of products, offering numerous solutions and varieties adapted according to the architecture of your building or its technical and aesthetic limitations.

Installing a counterbalanced safety railing on a deck

  • Polyvalence: Installs on all types of roofs and covers. It allows any design and adaptation to the existing surface. Homogeneous distribution of loads to distribute the overall weight. Agility and cleanliness of execution ensured by our team of cables and professional slings.
  • Waterproof preservation: Total effectiveness against seepage and humidity. No intervention is required from the bottom of the building
  • Longevity and useful life: Robust overall and light weight entirely made of aluminum. Possibility of having specific versions for fixing to the bib, parapet cover and sheet metal.
  • Environmental sustainability guarantee: Ergonomics of extruded aluminum components and perfect finishes
  • Variety of colours: Optionally it offers the possibility of thermo-lacquering in a wide variety of colors according to the paint catalog.
  • Revisions: It is advisable that the safety railings have annual maintenance. At Cables y Slings we check the stability of each of the elements to verify that total reliability is maintained over time.

Features and benefits of safety rails

  • Agility: The innovative design of the system provided by Gold Coast Edge Protection guarantees high security and agility at the time of being traveled.
  • Adaptability: high flexibility to the environment. Various fixing methods allow our system to adapt to different roofs, metal structures, wood and concrete.
  • High technology: great load transfers. Our system was designed to be installed on the lightest structures, without compromising them. The weight of the system (one third of an iron platform) and the person is distributed on all supports.
  • Simple and fast: easy installation without altering the structure. Simple installation using standard and modular components, without modifying the structure where it will be installed.
  • Strength and durability: 100% aluminum high grade. The Gold Coast Edge Protection system is fully comprised of special High Grade Aluminum extrusions, which allows it to withstand all kinds of weather conditions without alteration and requires zero maintenance.
  • Manufacturers: 100% made in Australia.

Are you worried about safety in your company or work and do not know what to do about it? Here at Gold Coast Edge Protection  we take care of protecting the edges of the roof to avoid any kind of falling accidents. Contact us today for more information about these services we offer.