Security in a Roofless Balcony

  You need to install a security system on a terrace and a window, do you need any structure to support it? To place a net on a terrace or any place without a roof that has a rail, you must build an aluminum, wood or iron structure. This structure must have vertical supports – […]


You need to install a security system on a terrace and a window, do you need any structure to support it? To place a net on a terrace or any place without a roof that has a rail, you must build an aluminum, wood or iron structure.

This structure must have vertical supports – columns attached to the floor and to the handrail of the railing – and an upper stand – crossbar – secured to the top of the columns. The net of the enclosure will be attached to the crossbar, to the floor or railing and to the sides.

In the case that it does not have a handrail, it must make a stronger structure – self-supporting -, this structure should be walled or heavily abalone to the floor so that it does not move.

We need to protect a small child from an «L» that forms the internal staircase of my house from possible falls, it could be said that it would be like a small balcony of 1.20 x 1.20, there is no structure at the moment there, we would like to indicate if it is possible to use this network for this purpose and that we should structurally place it to support it. You can place the net by holding it from the ceiling and floor or handrail of the railing, without any structure.

On the sides it is attached to the wall and on the side on which there is nothing there is simply the rope that although it is going to arch a little is safe. If you want it to be very firm and neat, you can install a vertical column from ceiling to floor and attach the net to the column in the place where there is no wall. We can also offer security doors for the stairs.

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Safety net on roofless balcony

How do you place a network protection if my balcony is on the top floor?

To be able to install a security enclosure on a roofless balcony or on a terrace, a structure consisting of columns and a crossbar must be made, the net is secured to the crossbar. You can choose, according to the level of security you want, the height of the enclosure, the most common heights are 1.5, 2 and 2.5 m.

If you want security for a cat eating you make 2.5 m high and place a horizontal net as a roof so that the kitten does not escape.

If you give me the measures of front, side and height we quote everything. What would be the main difference between polyethylene and titan safety networks?

You can place by holding the net with a steel cable on the top. The Titan network looks less. The translucent polyethylene is a little stronger and cheaper.

Networking on terrace and roofless balcony

If you need need to install this security system on a terrace and a window, do we need any structure to support it? To place a safety network on a terrace or any place without a roof that has a rail, you must build an aluminum, wood or iron structure.

How to choose an outside floor for your terrace or balcony

Do you feel like renovating the floor of your terrace or balcony but you don’t know which one to choose? Without a doubt, it is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. Not only should it be sought to be functional and resistant, but also to be decorative. This guide on how to choose an outdoor floor for your terrace or balcony will help you make this decision.

With good weather and holidays, we have more time to enjoy our terrace or balcony, but also to renew it and give it a new air. Before choosing furniture or accessories, we must think of a floor that is durable, resistant to radiation from the sun, rain and cold. Nor can the decorative aspect be overlooked, since the floor will be one of the key elements when it comes to providing personality to our terrace.

External soil types

We currently have many options when choosing the most appropriate floor for our terrace or balcony. Among the most popular outdoor floor types include:

Artificial grass

The main advantage of artificial grass is that its maintenance only requires periodic cleaning so that it always looks like the first day. In addition, it has another series of advantages that make it ideal for your terrace or balcony:

  • Resists weathering and UVA rays
  • Does not spread fire
  • It can be placed on the existing floor, whether it is cement, tile, earth, etc.

Its intense green brings joy and life to any terrace. In addition, combined with other types of floors such as wood and stone, aesthetically spectacular results are obtained.

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are placed on the existing floor, so they are an excellent solution when you have a low budget. Its installation is so simple that you can do it yourself and it only takes a few hours.

They are also resistant, easy to maintain and there are many designs that adapt perfectly to any style. This guide on vinyl floors will help you choose the most appropriate for your terrace or balcony.


The wooden floors are elegant, warm and very comfortable on the tread. For these reasons, it is one of the favorite options when choosing an outdoor floor. However, it must be taken into account that it requires periodic maintenance to be like the first day. In the following guide you will find all the keys on how to care for wooden floors.

Among the different types of wood to choose, the most economical are those of pine wood, although the most suitable for outdoor are those of tropical wood. On the other hand, its installation allows the placement in the form of tiles, flooring and even geometric compositions that are decorative.


Ceramic is not an excessively expensive material and is a practical and aesthetic solution for outdoor floors. Among its main advantages, it stands out that it is resistant to wear, humidity and temperature changes. When installing a ceramic floor, keep in mind that the floor must be level, without cracks or cracks, dry and clean.

On the other hand, as with vinyl tiles, there is a wide variety of designs that mimic wood, natural stone or hydraulic tiles.


Among the natural stone floors, the most common are slate and quartzite. The board is strong, durable and waterproof. On the other hand, quartzites are very resistant to temperature changes.

Keep in mind that stone floors are not easy to place and requires an expert professional for installation. They are also quite heavy, so check that our terrace or balcony is prepared to support the extra weight.

Here at Gold Coast Edge Protection  we take care of protecting the edges of the roof to avoid any kind of falling accidents.