Repair or Rubbish? The Age-Old Question Answered

  The life of an entity bought goes through three phases. First phase belongs to the purchase of a new product, second phase relates to its usage over time, and the third phase consists of disposing it off when it wears out or looks dull. The cycle continues from the top again; by purchasing a […]
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The life of an entity bought goes through three phases. First phase belongs to the purchase of a new product, second phase relates to its usage over time, and the third phase consists of disposing it off when it wears out or looks dull. The cycle continues from the top again; by purchasing a new product.

When we consider a product rubbish and dispose it off, it adds to the waste. There are tons and tons of waste in this world already. Why add more to it, when the situation can be helped? Furniture upholstery Gold Coast can help you get that life back in your old furniture.

The 5 R’s

To manage the waste in the world, five formulated ways should be adopted and followed:

  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle
  4. Repair
  5. Refuse

Reduce the amount or number of things you buy. Only if it’s required, procure it. Piling things up to dispose it off later, adds to the waste.

Reuse products, if possible. For example, cotton bags can be reused for various purposes, even plastic bags and plastic bottles too. For instance, you can get crafty and make flower pots from old plastic bottles. Hence, it isn’t adding to the waste, and you’re able to reuse the bottle as well.

Recycling is the best option for waste management. Old newspapers, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and metallic objects can be recycled in the industries to make new products.

Repairing old entities and turning them into new-like is a plausible option too. It’s good on your pocket as you needn’t buy a new product again and can use the same old one, modified to be better. A very good example would be furniture. Wooden furniture or luxury furniture tend to look dull and wear out by the passage of time. Instead of considering them rubbish, they can be repaired and mended to look polished again. There are several ways and techniques for achieving that.

Refusing to buy unnecessary products in the market creates much less waste. If a shopkeeper offers you a plastic bag, refuse to take it. This is how to contribute to waste management.

What are a few things that are recommended to be repaired instead of replaced?

  • Shoes
  • Cell phone screens
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

Amongst all, old furniture should be repaired instead of replaced. There are several techniques that can make your old sofas look trendy and polished as a fresh piece. The Upholstery fabric gold coast make your sofas look new and trendy. We have all the required services.

Why is repairing better than replacing?

  1. Repairing is far more cost-efficient. Repairing the few worn out parts will obviously cost way lesser than buying a new set of furniture altogether.
  2. It saves time and efforts. All the time that’s wasted on buying new furniture and effort used in getting it delivered can be omitted.
  3. Repairing provides an opportunity to create a whole new style by actually not paying the price of new furniture.
  4. It is scientifically proven that repairing and restoring furniture makes it stay polished and able for more than 10years.

When does your furniture need repairing?

Antique furniture can hold a lot of sentimental value, so you wouldn’t want to toss it off as rubbish. If your furniture has the following issues; it can be repaired by furniture repairs in Brisbane.

  1. Ripped or cracked seat
  2. The seat cover may have scratches or chipping
  3. Due to excess exposure to the sun and atmosphere, the upholstery might’ve faded

These are flaws that can be mended and mitigated by furniture repairs Brisbane. We have expertise in the services of upholstery. By reupholstery, all the above problems can be solved, and your furniture will look dashing.

What is upholstery?

Upholstery is the process of attaching furniture with padding and covering it with leather or fabric covers. The material used, adds to the aesthetic element of otherwise dull-looking furniture. Upholstery makes a difference in the ergonomics and comfort of the seating. Since it covers and secures the wooden furniture; you can choose from various options from furniture upholstery gold coast and refurbish your antique furniture pieces.

Why is upholstery an important aspect of furniture?

Furniture and fabric create a lasting impression on people; thus, one must make sure it’s perfect. It’s very important to choose the material of fabric and the colours and patterns to match the theme of your house. By choosing furniture upholstery Gold Coast, you get manifold options to choose from the palette. Choose a trend or look you want to follow and select amongst all the colours and fabrics we provide to make your old furniture look like sparkling new.

By choosing Brisbane Upholstery, you get to consult our professionals here who’d help you pick out the best quality Outdoor furniture upholstery Brisbane. The quality of old and antique furniture is non-replicable; instead of tossing them off as rubbish, the smarter option would be renovating them by reupholstering.

Catalogues to choose from

  1. Modern lounges: You can choose from this furniture upholstery Gold Coast to modernise your old furniture. If you have modern modelled furniture such as recliners, modular lounge suites, fancy dining chairs, armchairs, etc., you needn’t replace the entire set due to wear-and-tear. Choose an appropriate leather or any other material fabric to pep up the look of dull furniture.


  1. Antique beauties: Antique furniture of solid wood can lose its charm over time, but the quality still remains. The furniture repairs Brisbane has wood re-polishing and repair options to get the charm of the prized antique furniture back.


  1. Commercial services: From repair and renovating your personal furniture to providing services in commercial centres like offices, cafes, restaurants, etc.; we extend our services for commercial purposes too.


The Best Place for Upholstery

Pieces of furniture can sustain for a long period of time with good maintenance and reupholstery whenever required. Contact us at Brisbane Upholstery for any furniture repairs Brisbane to give your old furniture a marvellous look.