Renovating your rented apartment without much hassle

  We are also fed up with the bathroom tiles and the kitchen floor, but everything renovating has a solution (even if you have the worst landlords in the world). New year … new apartment. It is what we would like to many of us, give a facelift to our home, adapt to trends deco […]


We are also fed up with the bathroom tiles and the kitchen floor, but everything renovating has a solution (even if you have the worst landlords in the world).

New year … new apartment. It is what we would like to many of us, give a facelift to our home, adapt to trends deco and get rid of old-fashioned tiles and living room furniture that, just by seeing them, put us in a bad mood. Throughout this year we have seen how magazines and digital portals from around the world spoke about hygge, a Danish concept that refers to well-being, to find a pleasant and welcoming environment, an environment that invites peace and comfort and that has been transferred, in most cases, to the field of decoration. And, having a space in which we feel comfortable, that increases our comfort in our house, which is our ultimate resting place after all, is essential, regardless of the style we choose for it.

Everyone agrees up here, right? But the problem that most people face, and for which they do not carry out the desired reform of their home, is one: money. Someone has changed the floor, the colour of the walls, the tiles of the bathroom and the kitchen or the furniture of the living room for years and cannot afford to renew all these elements as often as you would like. Or who, for being of rent, still has it more difficult; It is unthinkable to propose to your landlord that you change the slate floor or the tiles of the bathroom no matter how much you detest it, and no one in your right mind would make a disbursement like that in a flat that in a few years you will have to abandon.

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But, what if completely changing the aesthetics of your apartment (either your property or rental vouchers) was much easier and cheaper than you think? Internet has given us many facilities since we discovered it and, lately, video channels like YouTube are being invaded by ideas to make a radical change to your home. Put a wooden floor without removing the one you already have or turn your bathroom into a white paradise worthy of any decorative magazine, not to mention restore old furniture or make shelves and headboards that will give your bedroom a life of its own. Are you ready? Here, a series of simple and economical transformations that will allow you to release your home in 2019:

Walls and vinyl floors for all tastes

Youtube has taught us that it is not necessary a large outlay of money, much less a work of several weeks, to have a floor worthy of the best photographs of Pinterest. These are the vinyls, which are plates and papers (depending on their function), adhesive to floors and walls that imitate materials such as wood, stone, parquet or hydraulic tiles, so you can give it a completely different and renewed look to a stay (even to the whole house) without the need of works. In addition, another plus of this technique is that it is ideal for rental apartments, since vinyl floors can be put on or removed with the same ease. You only have to put “vinyl floors” on Youtube and hundreds of videos will appear before your eyes explaining step by step how to place them.

Vinyl, furniture paint, slate walls and a new kitchen

The kitchen may be, especially in rental flats, one of the least charming spaces in homes. Possibly because it is the most expensive and expensive space to transform since, most of the time, furniture, countertops and storage spaces are usually made to measure. But we have to admit that having a kitchen with tiles in bright colours and borders of 30 years ago, together with a brown tile floor and cabinets and doors with perfectly lacquered wood effect completely break the harmony of any floor, by far Pawn that you put in the decoration of the rest of the house. But quiet, today there is a solution for everything, and without resorting to work.

Headboards and lamps DIY

The profiles in social networks of large firms of furniture and DIY can become your main source of inspiration, and will be your guide to get furniture, small works and step-by-step transformations in the simplest way.

Aged furniture (but renovated)

As we have just explained, when it comes to transforming furniture and rooms, the only limit is set by your imagination, especially with all the possibilities offered by social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. However, we must be honest, in most cases it takes more than imagination, and if you are not a “handyman” or DIY does not just fit into your life, it will not always be easy. If you belong to this group but you are dying to give a new life to your furniture, the aging technique may be the best solution. The aged furniture makes the most of the Nordic and rustic style that we see in social networks and to get them you only need to know two words: chalk paint. Have not you ever heard? It is a quick and very simple technique to achieve that aged effect in the furniture.

Tile painting for kitchen and bathroom

And if we started this article talking about vinyl floors, as one of the most powerful elements to give a new life to any room, the painting of tiles for kitchens and bathrooms would be the one that would culminate a complete transformation. It is a technique that most people do not know but that, lately, triumphs on the Internet. It is a way to completely transform bathrooms and kitchens with outdated and outdated tiles, painting them white and providing light to any room. This would be the last step to transform an old apartment into an authentic design apartment.

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