Renew the bathroom in only one weekend

In the blink of an eye or on a weekend. There are small changes that work well with which to renew the bathroom without works. We make a list of the basics and you decide how far you want to go. With all these ideas you can transform a home without the need for major […]

In the blink of an eye or on a weekend. There are small changes that work well with which to renew the bathroom without works. We make a list of the basics and you decide how far you want to go.

With all these ideas you can transform a home without the need for major works and above all, with little budget. Remember that here at LA Webb Construction you will find skilled professionals who are proud members of the Western Australia Master Builders Association. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

White and wood bathroom

There are bathrooms that need a complete reform but others can earn a lot, transform completely, acquire personality or renew with small gestures. They are those mini reforms without work practically, available to everyone.

We start our lists for the changes that take more work and to which we have to spend a little more time, such as painting walls, furniture or changing the floor (eye, without works). And we continue for a change of taps, the incorporation of a piece of furniture or, simply, a change of towels.

We list and you decide how many steps your bathroom needs and what you want to do. We assure you, in a weekend your bathroom will look like new.

Colour on walls and ceiling

A change of paint has a spectacular effect. The feeling of change cannot be greater. If you have a tile base up to half a wall, paint the rest with plastic paint in a different shade. Let the change be appreciated!

Also painting the ceiling achieves a similar result.

In the image, the white contrast with the dusty grayish blue tone of the wall. Furniture and accessories, from Ikea.

Floor Change

Unrecoverable vintage tiles? Seventies? If there is nowhere to take to the bathroom floor, bury it. In one day you can place a vinyl coating (resistant to moisture, you can scrub it without problems) yourself and look like another. They are cut with a cutter and glued on the original floor.


Brush in hand you can get many changes. We are not just talking about painting the tiles with special, moisture-resistant paints, which is an option to renovate walls although it is laborious and you have to be thorough to get a good finish. But to update the image of a piece of furniture with acrylic paints, enamels or lacquers or even an old, almost collector’s bathtub, which can become the star of the bathroom.

DIY laundry front

Goodbye to the standing sink. Replace it with a low cost design made by you. It is an inverted L-model, which is fixed to the wall and with an over-top washbasin.


You can make the structure with tropical wood (waterproof), kitchen countertop, pine with autoclave treatment and a glass on the envelope … Stone countertops are also appropriate although you must have specific material to work them.

A touch of light

The change of lamps illuminates the atmosphere in another way. Replace spotlights with pendant lamps, change the sconces, dare with a chandelier in the centre of the bathroom …

Star faucet

This investment is somewhat high but the image is completely renewed, especially in the case of toilets. Replacing old faucets with a striking design will put a note of sophistication in the bathroom.


A mirror with striking moulding, antique design, modern moon, a pair of mirrors or a composition of several … Play with them! The front of the sink is completely renewed. You can also incorporate mirrors in another wall. You already know that space is enlarged.

One plus of order

Win in organisation with extra furniture. Well shelves or open cubes on the wall, or a shelf in which to have in an orderly manner and in boxes and baskets the items that you use most. Shelving and accessories, by Ikea.

Auxiliary parts

Buy and place. Simple. A touch of renewal. A chest of drawers or a stool are practical pieces that can have an important decorative weight.

Dare with pieces of wood, whatever the style of your bathroom, they will put the warm and natural note.

Desk lamp

Table or bath. It is a way of transforming general lighting, creating a warmer atmosphere and without displacing points of light, earning plugs or replacing luminaires.

You just have to place a table lamp on the washbasin cabinet or on a shelf.

More than walls

Hooks with baskets. You win in store and decorate the walls. Coat rack and textile baskets, from Ikea.

Carpets in the bath, yes

Take a look at your bathroom mat and if it has fulfilled its function for a few years it is time to replace it. Think of a jarapa or a fibre design.

New curtain for bath and shower

New design. Try not to be especially striking in the most recharged or small bathrooms. Risk in bright and spacious spaces. Choose the new shower curtain or shower area according to the colours of the coverings. You will notice the change!

Small details

A new set of soap dish and dispenser, new towels and some picture or sheet for the bathroom (yes, photos and art have their place in this room). They are small details that renew the image. Infallible: a vase with flowers next to the sink.

In the bath

Look at this idea: a wooden board, painted or varnished and placed in the area farthest from the faucet. It’s about creating a shelf in the bathtub for boats and sails. You can also use a specific bathtub tray (which is supported on the sides) and decorate it with candles, oil pearls, soaps …

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