Reasons for a great lawyer can save you from real issues

What do you do when something breaks down at home, a tap, pipe, electrical panel, etc …? You call a professional, right? Well in the same way in your daily life you should have a good lawyer of confidence. This profession, in many cases, poorly viewed by the ordinary citizen, is fundamental for everyone. Almost […]
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What do you do when something breaks down at home, a tap, pipe, electrical panel, etc …? You call a professional, right? Well in the same way in your daily life you should have a good lawyer of confidence.

This profession, in many cases, poorly viewed by the ordinary citizen, is fundamental for everyone. Almost certainly you will have to make use of them sometime in life. No matter how much you know about a subject, a judicial or administrative process is different. You will need a professional who is qualified to provide with prompt assistance.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, self-employed or a worker, we do not think you are about to waste your time studying quickly and running procedural right to claim your rights.

The day to day of a company or a self-employed person is work, not the legal aspects. Remember that here at RS Chase Lawyers you will find the most suitable services offered by professionals qualified for your case.

Why it is necessary to hire a good lawyer you can trust in

Because they are specialists in law. For that they have studied. Also, if they are specialists in a much better area. Because in most of the procedural procedures they are necessarily required. Professional law requires it so that anyone who comes to defend their rights does so with the maximum guarantees.

A good lawyer will advise you and prevent you before trying to reach a tedious legal procedure.

Spinning with the previous point, a good lawyer will always try to reach agreements before going to trial. Why? First, because the conflict is solved more quickly and, secondly, it is less expensive for the client.

A lawyer is trained in communication and negotiation. It is not the same thing that your lawyer negotiates that you do, even if you think you will do better. If you have a good lawyer specialised in a field and who is your trust, knows you and knows what you do, let him negotiate for him.

Because sometime in life you’re going to need it the same way you need a plumber, an electrician or a bricklayer. It is a profession based on trust and you should consider having a good lawyer of your trust available. Just in case.

Here are some reasons why we believe a lawyer is necessary:

Because the lawyers studied law. A person to become a lawyer in most countries, must spend 5 years in the university studying the law degree, plus take an exam for the degree that is studied on average 6 months and also make a mandatory professional practice for the benefit of the State , requirement without which you cannot obtain the title of lawyer. After 6 to 7 years studying, they are the most qualified to advise someone on legal issues, without taking into account that more and more lawyers have different types of specialisations such as diplomas, post degrees or master’s degrees.

Because there are cases in which it is mandatory to have a lawyer. To appear in a trial, for example, it is mandatory to be represented by a lawyer, except in some exceptional cases where the law allows you to appear in person.

Because it is good to prevent. Lawyers can always warn their client of the possible negative consequences, in legal terms, that may result in a business, a contract, some action in the family or carry out some conduct that may even constitute a crime punishable by the criminal code.

Because they participate in non-violent ways of resolving conflicts, in favour of justice and social peace. Justice is the way to resolve conflicts, and for that the role of a lawyer is central: they are the judges and those who represent the parties in a trial.

If you want to negotiate in different areas, lawyers have different tactics and negotiation skills, such as great communication skills. This is very important to capture the attention of others, to convince and reach a good business deal or in personal matters.

Represent their clients in negotiations and contracts with public or private entities. These negotiations can be employment relations, realization of public and private works, leases of equipment. They are also in charge of advising, preparing and declaring the tax obligations of their clients, such as payment of taxes, declarations of assets, request of resources and claims before the effects of the patrimony funds of the state.

Prepare and manage the procedures related to inheritances and successions. These procedures refer to wills, declarations of assets, heirs and partitions. The lawyer formalises the separations of benefits or property that the spouses merit, before contracting marriage, as well as separations of bodies and patrimony to process divorces, defending and protecting the rights of children, adolescents and women, complying with the norms of equality of genres.

Manage copyright procedures. It is about registering the possession of rights on a product, formula, trademarks, possession rights and authorship, when the person or company has created said product and deserves to protect it from copies and plagiarism.

Act in mercantile procedures. Lawyers can manage and represent their clients in mercantile procedures, such as expropriations, evictions, negotiation with state entities, as well as procedures for obtaining licenses, credentials, authorizations and grants for foundations before State agencies.

Also, when you have a lawyer to represent you, not only in court, but in legal matters, in which it is not necessary to be represented by a lawyer, you can generate feelings of trust and seriousness in other people.

Here at RS Chase you will receive legal assistance to ensure you are making the right decision regarding your assets and how to protect them from potential future litigations. To give you an idea, today we will provide you with some asset protection strategies we consider are the best when it comes to securing your assets for the long term, we also provide a long range of specialised services.