The Most Popular Cake Trends In 2019

Any occasion is made more special and better by sharing a delicious cake. Everybody loves desserts and cakes are one of the most popular types of dessert. There’s always room for some delicious cake after any meal. Like any other industry, the food industry too witnesses a lot of trends. Many trends stay for a […]

Any occasion is made more special and better by sharing a delicious cake. Everybody loves desserts and cakes are one of the most popular types of dessert. There’s always room for some delicious cake after any meal. Like any other industry, the food industry too witnesses a lot of trends. Many trends stay for a short while and fade out, but some trends are long-lasting. If you are looking for themed cakes Melbourne, Splendid Servings is the best place to go. Here some popular cake trends in 2019 which you should surely follow.

Ruffled Cake

These cakes are also known as frilled cakes. These are very popular for kid’s christenings or birthdays. The details added to the cake is what makes this trend unique. An interesting twist is added to the cake and made different from usual with ruffles. It extremely delicious and pleases the kids very much.

Hand Painted Watercolour Cakes

You might have come across these cakes on Instagram. Artsy bakers with painting skills make the most out of this trend and use the cake as a canvas for their masterpieces. Often, the cakes come out so beautiful that people get confused whether to eat it or save it! These cakes are too pretty to eat and are made with edible colours. It is made by smudging several coloured buttercreams which imitate the watercolour. Brushes are used to achieve perfect strokes and are blended in smoothly together. These cakes are very eagerly ordered for wedding cakes kew, bridal showers, receptions and so on. If you want a preferred design or image painted on your cake, this is your best option.

Naked Cake

Rustic themed weddings are becoming more prevalent and popular. Naked cakes fit well into rustic themed weddings making this trend more in demand. Naked cakes focus more on taste and have people wanting for more bites. Naked cakes ditch the frosting and use lots of fruits and berries to add an aesthetic view. Though the cake is simple, there’s no compromise in the flavour or taste, making this cake a must try.

Ombre Cakes

These cakes are very charming with gradient-coloured style. Pictures of these type of cakes flood the internet often. These cakes are also a most sought option for birthdays and weddings. These cakes are often combined with ruffled, rainbow and watercolour cakes. The combined details added to the cake makes it a lot of fun and mouth-watering.

Drip Cakes

These cakes are very versatile and can fit into any theme. If you don’t have much idea about cakes and their themes, this is your go-to option. These cakes fit into any theme and are decorated the way you like. The cakes are drizzled and topped with liquid icing, giving an aesthetic and delicious result. Pinterest and Instagram have a lot of DIY ideas for these types of cakes which you can give a try.

Black Cakes

Though the colour black is culturally stigmatised and worn only during specific occasions, couples who aren’t afraid of colour, choose these for their weddings! Black cakes are becoming a really popular option for wedding cakes. These cakes are a great option and are very vibrant. They are decorated well with adornments making it look chic and perfect. While most cakes are white, these stand out and make a statement and makes the party hard to forget.

Numbered Cakes

These cakes are very popular for birthdays and are famous novelty birthday cakes Melbourne. These cakes look fresh, cheerful and taste delicious. These cakes are designed and made in the form of letters, shapes or numbers. Usually, these cakes are made in the form of numbers which show how old the person is. These come in many flavours and toppings and are fully customizable.

Shaggy Cakes

These cakes have an insane look, but each strand of this cake has to be made individually. The amount of detail put into this cake makes this cake “shaggy” and not “shabby”. These cakes are a beautiful blend of colours and fit in perfectly in all events.


Flower Cakes

As the name suggests, these cakes are made with edible flowers topping the cake. The edible flowers are added to the cake as decoration making it look alive and fresh. These cakes are not only delicious but intriguing too. These cakes fit well into outdoor themed or rustic themed weddings.


These cakes are quite simple but very delicious. The entire cake is made with pancakes. These cakes emerge in various colours and styles. The cakes are often made with differently flavoured coatings too, like chocolate or red velvet. These cakes are perfect as they are both aesthetically pleasing and fill your stomach!

Metallic Cakes

Just like water coloured cakes, these cakes use buttercream to achieve a metallic finish to the cakes. The buttercream adds an unbelievable texture to it, and it is topped with fresh flowers and mushrooms for detail. These cakes fit perfectly into winter weddings and outdoor themes.

Feathered Cakes

These cakes which originate from Russia are very well structured and have much detailing on them. The cake is covered with feather-like shapes of buttercream giving it a marvellous finish. These cakes are again too gorgeous to eat and fit well into any themed wedding.

Cocktail Cakes

Cocktails aren’t limited to just happy hours anymore! These cakes are booze-infused treats which are very well sought out for. These cakes add a boozy adventure to your party and are deliciously blended. It is a must try for any party.

Berry Cakes

These cakes take freshness to a whole new level. Berries are topped on these cakes like jewels with perfect symmetry making it look very elegant and modern. The jewel-like berries not only add an aesthetic look to the cake but also add more flavour to the cake. These cakes fit well into most themed parties.

Edible Art

These cakes are a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Often people get confused if these cakes are edible or not. Edible cakes are made with full customisation and are fully made with edible ingredients. Edible cakes are a product of creativity and mastery blended and much sought out for in birthday parties.

The Best Cake Makers in Town

These are some popular cake trends of 2019 which you can also follow in your parties! These specialty cakes Melbourne are very well made and catered by Splendid Servings. The above-listed cake trends are well tested, and they all prove to be aesthetically pleasing and delicious.