Popcorn is the best snack! They cannot be missing from your party

  It is no longer necessary to go to the cinema to eat popcorn. The homemade version of sna are a very healthy appetiser since they are low in fat and rich in fibres Crunchy, warm, fluffy, tasty … Who does not like popcorn? But like all snacks, the bad fame pursues them and rightly […]


It is no longer necessary to go to the cinema to eat popcorn. The homemade version of sna are a very healthy appetiser since they are low in fat and rich in fibres

Crunchy, warm, fluffy, tasty … Who does not like popcorn? But like all snacks, the bad fame pursues them and rightly so: those we eat at the movies or in bags ready to heat up in the microwave are loaded with fats that are not recommended and salt. However, it is proven that they are a healthy food, provided they are cooked properly. Their nutritional properties make them the perfect alternative to fried potatoes and other similar snacks.

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If they do not add with butter or abuse salt or sugar, they are healthy. They can be cooked with a spoonful of oil, although much better with nothing with a popcorn machine. Most snacks contain trans and hydrogenated fats and homemade popcorn does not.” But there are many more reasons to adore them and run away from the stock market. Here are the main ones:

  1. Rich in fibre

Popcorn is an integral cereal and provides more fibre than any other snack. They contribute 8 grams approximately by 100, while the chips only about 4.6 g. Fibre helps with weight loss, decreases blood sugar levels and fights constipation. People who consume a good amount have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes or being obese. The recommended daily amount of fibre for adults is 20 to 35 grams per day.

  1. Large amount of polyphenols

Or what is the same, antioxidants, those substances that protect the cells from free radicals. A study by the University of Scranton notes the high concentration of polyphenols, to the point that it exceeds that of fruits and vegetables, among other things because popcorn contains only 4% water, while in vegetables, these antioxidants they are diluted in 90% of liquid. According to the researchers, a serving of popcorn contains 300 milligrams of polyphenols, while a fruit serving 160 milligrams. And even if it bothers you between your teeth or your throat, eat the peel, because that’s where more antioxidants and fibre concentrate.

  1. The properties of whole grains

These are very rich in fibre and source of vitamins, especially B, such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, a compound especially important in pregnant women. Its regular consumption helps to prevent anaemia and does not influence the increase in cholesterol. says the nutritionist. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (JADA) concludes that the consumption of popcorn is associated with a higher intake of whole grains (250% more than average) and dietary fibre (22% more) compared with those who do not consume them.

  1. Double the protein

It is clear that it is not a food considered within the range of proteins, such as meat, which contains about 30 grams per 100 grams, but if compared with the rival snack: around 12 grams, compared to 6, 5 of the bag fries. In addition, corn, as cereal, has minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

  1. Less calories

It is not that you are going to include them in a strict weight loss diet, but “they can be taken, without abuse, if you are not overweight. They contain between 350 and 395 calories per 100 grams (the ration per person is about 25-35 grams). The microwave, about 500 calories and the fries 520 calories on average. If we compare the fats, the corn has 4 grams compared to 30 of the potato chips.

  1. Perfect to eat between meals

Because they are very satisfying because of the amount of fibre they contain and they eliminate hunger. Eating them between meals avoids the temptation to eat sweets and other fatty foods. And since they do not contain gluten, they are suitable for people with celiac disease.

Extra information about the popcorn and why it is the best snack

We all like to enjoy a good movie session eating popcorn, but many do not consume them because they contain large amounts of fat that negatively affect our diet. Or that’s what we believe… From now on that is going to end, because popcorn contains more nutrients than we think and are a great source of fibre, because its raw material is a whole grain, corn.

Corn is a fundamental integral grain in our daily diet. As such it is rich in fibre, and it serves as a great aid in the prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These properties are found in whole grains that have been poorly treated, that is, that the germ has not been eliminated.

Popcorn is a clear example of this, because they are obtained from virgin maize grains that contain all their intact parts like the artefact, rich in fibres and vitamin B; the endosperm composed of carbohydrates and proteins and the germ full of antioxidants, vitamin E and unsaturated fats. Components that make popcorn the great unknown of the diet.

Generally, most of us fall short in the intake of high-fibre cereals, so popcorn can be a good ally. Of course, avoid packaged popcorn. The best solution is to make them yourself at home with a little olive oil and salt, which will avoid the saturated fats and toxins that have given this food such bad reputation

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