Past work experience and why is it so important

When looking for a job, young professionals encounter the problem of previous experience. Most do not have the minimum required and therefore believe they do not have the capacity to do the job. That’s when the frustration and depression come. However, there are some things you can keep in mind if you want to avoid […]
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When looking for a job, young professionals encounter the problem of previous experience. Most do not have the minimum required and therefore believe they do not have the capacity to do the job. That’s when the frustration and depression come. However, there are some things you can keep in mind if you want to avoid these issues.

Nowadays, the search for employees with little experience is becoming more frequent, as several companies consider it important to incorporate young talent to give them training. However, to reach such companies, it is necessary to have success stories that support capacity, commitment and, especially, knowledge in that sector. That is to say, the number of years we spend in the same job is no longer important, but rather the quality of the work.

According to recent studies, at least 75.3% of the job offers emphasise the experience needed to qualify for a position. Of this number, 70% of the companies request a minimum previous experience, and 30% clarify that the experience is not an exclusive requirement. That is to say, the trend towards the less experienced is getting higher every time.

The average past works experience required in job offers is 3.28 years, compared to 3.42 a year ago.” This implies a reduction of 1.7 months in the period of one year, that is, now companies are slightly less demanding and request less experience in the candidates.

Bear in mind that although past work experience is very important you also need to hand a well-written and complete resume that can help your employer know your capabilities and strengths. Here at Sydney Resumes we can help you achieve all professional goals and also assist you with tips that can help you complete any job interview successfully.

Why it is important to get work experience and how to get it

It is not a secret that companies look for an experienced staff to be able to have better performance, but there are practical solutions that will allow young people to obtain better options when entering the working world.

Looking for a job is not easy, much more for young people who have just finished their studies. Almost always, companies look for trained personnel who have experience in what they do, a huge obstacle for young people.

It must be borne in mind that the first job will not always be the dream, but you can ensure a stable employment close to our area of ​​studies by taking actions that benefit our curriculum vitae.

  1. The internships are a practical solution to be able to use the knowledge and learn new skills, in addition they will allow to create contacts and manage the time in a simpler way, since the interns have much more flexibility of schedules in comparison to the collaborators of the company.
  2. Social work, compulsory for most universities, can be exploited to the fullest if you are looking for one related to the branch of studies; Like the internships, the person has more flexibility in their schedules and can put into practice the knowledge acquired.


  1. Other ways to gain experience are through associations and volunteers; many companies look for active people either in the labour field or extracurricular, since it is a way of analysing if the person is used to carrying workload.

If it is impossible to achieve any of these tips, undergoing courses or diploma courses can be very helpful. A person with extensive knowledge about specific issues can be very interesting for companies, because in some cases knowledge can overcome the experience.

How important is past work experience in the eyes of your future employer?

Nowadays, job experience of the postulants is much more valued than their professional title. Employers mainly select candidates based on their work history, as it shows them how committed they are to their employment and which competencies stand out the most.

Tips to stand out in the nominations

To be able to stand out from the rest of the applicants, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

  • Expand your cv: explain each task you did in your previous jobs. It is very important that you detail very well each work experience that you had, without exceeding in points that may not be relevant for the employer.
  • Short courses: if you do short courses related to your profession, you can keep your knowledge both theoretical and practical updated, which adds much value to your experience as a professional. It also helps you stand out from the other professionals.
  • Show proactivity: highlights experience you had in which you took a proactive role, to demonstrate your attitudinal performance at work. This can help the interviewer consider what kind of role you are able to have within your company.

4 common questions related to your part work experience you can expect in any interview

How long did you stay in your previous work?

If your time in your previous job was very short, try to suppress that experience from your CV because it can have a negative impact on recruiters.


Why did you leave your last job?

The requesting company will always want to know if you were fired or resigned, and if any of those situations were due to your performance or your abilities. You can answer that you are looking for new experiences that allow you to continue growing and forming.

What do you want do in the future?

The employer will want to know what to expect from you. Be attentive to business objectives and try to align your interests and future plans with the company’s projects.

Do you prefer to work alone or as a team?

Normally, companies choose workers that can work as a team and get along with their colleagues, allowing a collaborative and fluid work. However, do not renounce individual work, since there may be instances in which you must carry out some work on your own, without the support of others.

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