How to overcome fear of insects

Is having an insect nearby one of the worst scenarios you could witness? Do you feel aversion towards insects to the point that the fear of their bites influences your daily life? Do you have to deal with them in any situation, but if you think about it, you feel chills because of panic or […]
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Is having an insect nearby one of the worst scenarios you could witness? Do you feel aversion towards insects to the point that the fear of their bites influences your daily life? Do you have to deal with them in any situation, but if you think about it, you feel chills because of panic or disgust?

We can all identify them easily: they usually have two antennas, three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings. Surely you can also list some without any difficulty, since it is the most diverse group of animals on the entire planet Earth.

We find insects everywhere and with different shapes, sizes, dangerousness. That’s why for those who suffer from phobia to this type of animals it can be a great inconvenience to have to face an insect regardless of its characteristics.

Cockroaches, beetles, bumblebees, wasps, caterpillars, crickets, dragonflies, bugs, etc. It is clear that with such a large number of beings not everyone can like 100% of them, for that reason you should know that insect phobia is not treated for nothing of something rare or minority and that, on the contrary, is something more frequent than you can imagine.

In fact, entomophobia (insect phobia) is considered the most common phobia among animals in the population, so fortunately this has allowed a deeper treatment of the issue that you can now use to your advantage to overcome this rejection that produce insects.

Fear is not a bad thing, it is a barrier to defend ourselves from what our brain considers to be dangers. However, an excess in our levels of alert to certain events could directly affect our day to day is what turns fear into a phobia.

Here at Brisbane Terminator we will provide you with the services you need in order to ensure pests stay away from your house.  However, we can help you overcome fear to insects, the normal thing is that the phobia to the insects appears in two ways, being able to present one, another or both in an exaggerated measure:

You find the insect disgusting

Some would never wish to have an insect on their skin; others cannot even see them. This is an unpleasant sensation before something that we see, smell or touch and for many people to come in contact with an insect is a nightmare that they prefer not to imagine.

Fear of the sting

This is another of the fears that insects generally arouse. Feeling panic about the damage that an insect can inflict on us is another branch of entomophobia. It is logical, since while some bites pass completely unnoticed, there are others that can even cause death.

How to know if you have true phobia of insects?

You could say that you suffer from phobia to the insects one of these things happen to you when you see an insect:

Reactions that seem irrational and exaggerated even for the subject. For example, blocking yourself from seeing an insect to the point of paralysis or loss of control can be a clear symptom of entomophobia.

Avoid going to places where you can find insects. Those who suffer from entomophobia try to avoid plans that have to do with the presence of insects. An excursion through the mountains, a barbecue in the countryside or sitting on the grass of the park are things that an entomophobic would never do.

It is impossible for you to share space with an insect, even if it is open. If you have no choice but to do so, you may access it, although you will feel a great deal of anxiety trying to manage the pressure by trying not to lose control.

Physical discomfort before the physical or mental presence of an insect. You suffer from sweating, rapid breathing, tachycardia, nausea and sometimes even cries when having an insect nearby.

Your decisions are subordinated to their own fear of insects. Entomophobia influences the affected person’s life by making you change the way to work.

Although the symptoms may vary from one person to another, in general, through the above signs we can understand better if it is an authentic entomophobia.

3 super effective steps to overcome insect phobia quickly

Overcoming the terror produced by insects is possible provided it is a real phobia. Although there is no magic formula, we can find a series of goals that will help us enormously in our mission to be happy once and for all even with insects nearby.

  1. Immerse yourself in the interesting world of insects

Entomology classes, search data and images on the internet, watch a movie or play a video game where insects take relevance are excellent initiatives to overcome the fear we have insects. You can watch a documentary or simply watch a video on YouTube that will help you better understand these little creatures so you can see that they are not as terrible as you think.

  1. Find that it is not a big deal

It is true that there are insects that can cause death. However, there are only some places in the world where we usually find highly dangerous insects in the streets or houses. Knowing exactly what type of insect we are in is crucial to discover if we are facing an irrational fear or justified fear. Only informing you about what causes you fear can overcome it quickly and with less effort. Look for information on the insects that you usually find in your day to day to realise it as soon as possible that there really is nothing to fear.

  1. Just get rid of them once and for all

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