These are 10 decoration trends that can inspire you

When you move to another place, decoration is a very important aspect you need to take into account. Remember that for top removals you can contact us. Adelaide Furniture Removals is your professional services provider in Australia. Your house is one of the places where you spend most of your life for decoration, you share […]

When you move to another place, decoration is a very important aspect you need to take into account. Remember that for top removals you can contact us. Adelaide Furniture Removals is your professional services provider in Australia.

Your house is one of the places where you spend most of your life for decoration, you share with your loved ones and it is also a perfect space to express your tastes, personality and creativity when needs decoration. If you are looking for ideas to renovate your rooms, kitchen or corridors, consider the following styles to turn your house into the most original, or simply, the ideal one for you.

  1. Vintage style

If you are a lover of the classic and the old, then you can choose this style to share the personality with your home. The vintage trend gives you the opportunity to recover the chandeliers that your grandmother once inherited from you. It is also the ideal time to dust off the typewriters and other antiques you were storing in the garage or basement of the house.

  1. Minimalist style

Organisation and functionality are the main characteristics of this style. It’s about having the least number of belongings and furnishing the house with only those items you need. For example, a table can become the perfect place for dinner, and also in your workspace.

  1. Art deco style

It is inspired by the twenties and thirties, when soft forms reigned decor, as well as simple colours such as green, red and black. It is also worth combining these tonalities with more striking colours to generate an original and balanced contrast. To achieve this trend in your home hangs movie posters and Hollywood characters of the time, sure your parents or grandparents will have some in their trunks of memories.

  1. Geometric style

As the name implies, it is about filling your house with lines that form hypnotising figures. This style is ideal for those who want to give a more organised and perfectionist look to their space. There are several ways to achieve this, for example, painting or printing triangles, circles or abstract lines on walls and cushions.

  1. Nautical or marine style

It consists of decorating every corner with articles of marine essence. This option will give a very fresh touch to your space. For that, it places accessories such as shells, sailboats and fishermen’s paintings throughout the room and the rooms. The curtains and other fabrics that you use in the windows will look great if they are scratched, and in white and blue colours.

  1. Rustic style

If what you are looking for is warmth and a homelike atmosphere to share with the family, then what you are looking for is the rustic style of decoration. To achieve this, it is enough to fill your home with furniture and accessories made with materials from nature such as wood and cotton. You can even perfect it by adding a tree trunk to turn it into an occasional bank.

  1. Neo-colonial style

Antiques are ideal when you look for this style for your home. If you have the joy of living in an old house with high iron roofs, few windows and interior courtyards you can renew it without sacrificing its essence. Paint the walls in pastel and muted tones. To furnish it, simply dust off the large armchairs and kitchen cabinets, or acquire the furniture that you lack in antique stores.

  1. Shabby chic style

It is one of the most original styles, as it mixes glamor, light, elegance and even a touch of fantasy. The furniture that is used usually has a worn appearance, as well as accessories and textiles. However, it maintains an essence of unequalled neatness. Mix flower prints and hearts; In addition, mirrors and accessories finished in gold abound, such as chandeliers. If you are a romantic person, the shabby chic is for you.

Shabby means worn out by the passage of time, and in the use of these types of antique furniture and accessories it is sought to give them a sophisticated touch, hence the relationship of the ‘chic’ in this trend.

Well, like any style in interior design and decoration, shabby chic also has its own characteristics and are the following:

Colours: to achieve the perfect mix in the different spaces of the house, and that old and new furniture and accessories do not generate visual discord, it is necessary to unify them through colour. This is achieved by painting or taping them in the same colour or coordinating shades of the same palette on the walls and furniture.

It should be noted that the predominant colours in this style are pastel colours and neutrals, floral tapestries and fodder. That is why this trend is preferably feminine, because it has a romantic touch, precisely because of its colours, although using less ‘pink’ tones could work for family homes.

To combine: contrast is the key to this decoration. For example, the antique accessories are perfectly balanced on the most modern and stylised furniture and tables, and on the contrary, the most modern elements are very well on the basic furniture.

Respect the worn: the idea is to leave in evidence those furniture that denote the passage of time, but not in all the furniture. For example, wood is undoubtedly the best ally in this item, if that piece of rustic wood is still intact, why change its look? as well as in some metal pieces, which are mostly accessories.

Balance: it is important to try to maintain balance in the decoration through the forms. If the dining table is extremely modern or straight lines, it is good to combine it with old chairs with rounded edges, and the opposite if the table is old, combining it with very modern chairs. The same can be done with accessories.

  1. Bohemian style

Do you love art, culture and freedom? Paint your walls with warm and vivid colours, such as reddish, pearly and yellow tones. In addition, the space should be as comfortable as possible, so you can change the chairs for puffs or large pillows; the hardness of the floor can be reduced to the softness of a carpet.

  1. Feng Shui style

More than an aesthetic function, this style seeks to influence the energy of your home. The main objective is harmony, balance and the perfect balance between people and home. It’s about distributing the furniture in an appropriate way to generate the vibes that we want. For example, mirrors should reflect nice things, so it’s best to put them in front of your favourite painting.

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