Moths:a harmless plague, but very annoying

It is possible that in these last days more than one person has noticed in their homes an unusually large number of large moths that invade their homes, taking advantage of the open windows and balconies thanks to the good temperature that can be enjoyed at night. Do you know why moths appear? For some […]

It is possible that in these last days more than one person has noticed in their homes an unusually large number of large moths that invade their homes, taking advantage of the open windows and balconies thanks to the good temperature that can be enjoyed at night.

Do you know why moths appear? For some it is an enigma the way in which these insects are presented. Here we will tell you what are the perfect conditions for this pest to make an appearance in your home.

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Perfect conditions for moths to appear

Keep in mind that moths are not problematic throughout their lives. The most dangerous stage of moth growth is the larva stage, since they are responsible for invading your home by attacking your food, clothing and wooden furniture.

The conditions for these to develop normally are quite common. This makes it very easy to have a pest in your home without even knowing it. However, the habitat of the moths brings together different environments to which they usually adapt.

Low light

Some people refer to moths as “nocturnal butterflies,” so it is obvious that they like darkness. The moths flee from the light; therefore, all enclosed space will be to their liking.

One of them is the clothing moth. It can hardly fly and feels no attraction for light. You should check your cabinets to verify that there are no eggs in or inside your clothes. keeping them closed all the time will prevent pests from entering.


Moths have a preference towards fibers or fabrics. Coats, woolen garments, comforters and pillows or even rayon and polyester, which are synthetic fabrics of your choice. They also prefer fibers than animals, such as feathers, felt, silk, among others.

The wood of the furniture or rooms of your house and the food that is in the open air could be a focus of attraction for this pest.


Depending on the temperature, it can pause the process of carpet deterioration. While they are in a cold season, they stop the feeding process. This is because the development of moths occurs only when ideal conditions occur.

On the other hand, if the moths are in a warm place, they don’t stop looking for carpets to chew. In addition to this, there are also other moths that can infest air ducts or furniture. They can also feed on pet hair, or fluff, among other things.

The ideal temperature of the moths ranges between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. In addition, they are also able to survive the temperature changes that happen very fast. Thanks to that, moths are found in a large part of the world. Even moths in some cases are able to survive in extreme temperatures


The perfect moisture percentage for moths is 40%. However, with its wonderful ability to adapt, an approximation to that number will not stop them from feeding.

If your house has these conditions, you are prone to moths visiting your home. There are also small processes such as placing a coffee container with a hole, full of coal, or a small sack of chalk. Also, a small sack of rice and salt. This could reduce humidity, making the appearance of moths more complicated.

Apart from these small measures, there are other preventive measures or even some processes to eliminate the population of moths, ensuring that you can enjoy your life free of this pest.

Most of these insects are quite harmless; Only a few species are dangerous and can cause damage and disease. Similarly, the amount of them can become annoying for some people. This makes it necessary to avoid them at all costs.

How to avoid moths in our home

Have you found any holes in your clothes? Has any moth appeared in your house? We give you some tips to avoid and prevent the appearance of these insects in your home and damage your clothes.

Before giving you the tips to prevent the appearance of moths, let’s meet her. What are moths?

The moth belongs to the same family of butterflies (lepidoptera). Although there are more than 150,000 known species, fortunately, few feed on wooden clothes and furniture. They also usually accumulate in books that are not cleaned periodically and accumulate dust.

They are called moths to various small butterflies whose larvae devour stored food, clothing or paper. Of the different families of moths, we are going to focus on the one that mainly affects the home that is the family of the Tineids

There are three species of tineids that can affect us: The moth develops through metamorphosis and goes through the phases of: egg, larva, cocoon and adult, which is the insect we know as moth.

Although we usually see it in its adult phase, the one that really attacks clothes and wood is when it is in the larva phase.

An adult moth is able to lay more than 100 eggs, and from each of them comes a larva that develops for three months while feeding on natural tissues such as wool, skin, silk or wood. Then it forms the cocoon from which the adult insect we know comes out and is harmless to the garments.

Well now that we know the moth, let’s see how we can prevent it from being in our house. We give you some tips to prevent its appearance.

Tips to prevent moths

We must have a good cleaning in our closet. It is not necessary to do it frequently but to do it conscientiously and deeply at least 2 or 3 times a year. You can do them when we make a change of clothes from winter to summer or vice versa. Thus we take advantage. If you want some recommendations on how to change clothes you can see the post we dedicate in our blog here.

Cleaning the closet, it is best to do it with a damp cloth and let dry completely before putting the clothes back. Moths like stained, dirty or simply worn clothes so you should never store unwashed clothes in your closet. Those garments that we do not usually put in the washing machine are recommended to be taken to a dry cleaner when we are no longer going to use them and we plan to store them.

Another important factor in the appearance of moths is moisture. For this you can use products that absorb moisture that you can place in the cabinets and drawers, as well as dehumidifiers for the rooms.

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