How many dresses do you need in your wardrobe? Not as many as you think!

Having a last-minute event and having “nothing” to wear is a situation that happens to many (maybe all), but of course: in the eyes of the world the closet is full, so “not having anything wear” not only seems a false, but also an inappropriate statement, specially if you choose Lucy & Loo to buy […]

Having a last-minute event and having “nothing” to wear is a situation that happens to many (maybe all), but of course: in the eyes of the world the closet is full, so “not having anything wear” not only seems a false, but also an inappropriate statement, specially if you choose Lucy & Loo to buy your convertible dress. But it is important to know that one multiway wrap dress can fit many purposes. Getting a multiway bridesmaid dress is an excellent option that covers all your needs.

So, what are the colours you need to have in your wardrobe?

Black convertible dress

The king of the classics should have a special space in the wardrobe of all, since it can work for almost all events. With a multiway bridesmaid dress of a great black colour, since it is a convertible dress, it can adapt to your body. Remember that depending on the way you wrap your multiway wrap dress you can make it look short for casual events and too long can be over compensated and elegant for special days. And of course, it is necessary to provide individuality with the precise accessories.

White multiway wrap dress

Get a convertible dress that is a white dress and can be the perfect opposite option for your black dress, few things are as good for a woman as both tones, but unlike black, finding the perfect white dress can have certain difficulties. The most important thing is that it is timeless, as well as having a cut that favours your body type, and of course, moving away from whites that approach a tone that can make the dress look damaged at first sight (although this does not be the case). A multiway bridesmaid dress is a great option for any wedding.

Choosing a convertible dress as your beach dress

Whether you have planned a vacation in a few days or maybe in several months, you need to invest in a multiway wrap dress that suits the warm weather, that works to go to the beach during the day and to go to a beach. Cocktail at night. The ideal is to have it in neutral tones so that it never goes out of style. A convertible dress will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Can a multiway bridesmaid dress be a gala dress?

No wardrobe is complete without a real impact dress. Although this is probably the one that requires more investment, you can easily solve it with a great multiway dress. If you want to buy a deluxe dress at a store, it is necessary to intensify your search to find the one that has the perfect cut, the best quality, as well as a colour that is perfect with your skin tone. The day you find it, the best thing you can do is not let it go. Keep in mind that a multiway wrap dress can save you time and effort as well as being easy to wear many times in the future.

How to know you bought a good convertible dress

If you are a fan of shopping but you usually have doubts when making a purchase, this list will help you strengthen your knowledge as garments. It will be of immense help and you can make your clothes last much longer. For that reason, we will provide you with a couple of tips so you can ensure your multiway wrap dress is of exceptional quality.

Check transparencies

Place your hand or other object behind the transparent fabric and verify how translucent it is. A good multiway wrap dress will be able to cover you properly.

Pull it to find out how hard it is

When a fabric type is sensitive, it usually wrinkles easily, for this you must wrinkle a bit from somewhere and observe how much it wrinkles according to the force you apply. A good multiway bridesmaid dress will be able to stand itt. This is a significant help for clothes that you wear in important places.

Avoid visible closures to avoid accidents

The closures are important and delicate details you will find in any type of dress, either a multiway wrap dress or a common dress. It is important that you check the quality and sewing to ensure your convertible dress will not fail when you need it the most. It is believed that in the case of blouses and dress pants, the closures must be covered, that means that it is a good quality garment.

Check labels

Quality garments contain more natural fiber than synthetic fiber. In this way they will be able to resist better the washing and the constant use of the garment.

Check the seams of the dresses

When you are about to purchase a dress, check that the seams on the sides are even. For that you should use a little force and pull it so that the seam is noticed. Do not use brute force, please since you can ruin any convertible dress.

Check the colour resistance

When you choose a garment of strong colour that usually fade a bit to the third or fourth wash, it means that it will not last long, so it puts limitations. To avoid this, wear a white handkerchief in your bag and fruit on the cloth, if you manage to remove it a little while still new, lose hope and see something else. This is not a problem you will have if you choose our multiway wrap dress.

The most important of all: Try it!

When you go shopping, try to have enough time so you can try everything you think to buy, if you do not, you will lose more time when you get home and you will be surprised that your size calculation was incorrect. If is very important to try on your new multiway wrap dress before you buy it.

When you choose a multiway wrap dress here at Lucy and Loo, you are not buying one model alone but many. In only a few steps you can take your convertible dress and make it look like a new one. A multiway wrap dress is the solution you need in your wardrobe.