What the Makeup Giants Aren’t Telling You About “Glam”

Everyone uses makeup to complement their looks and be a more beautiful version of them. But in our zest to look like that, we often don’t do enough research and go for the popular choices out there. However popular a brand is, it is very important to check their ingredients and production method. The products […]

Everyone uses makeup to complement their looks and be a more beautiful version of them. But in our zest to look like that, we often don’t do enough research and go for the popular choices out there. However popular a brand is, it is very important to check their ingredients and production method. The products that we use may be derived from torturing innocent animals. The testing methods or product acquisition methods of most of the companies aren’t ethical. Most of the makeup products claim to be “cruelty-free” but use animal hair or other products as their primary substance.


It is difficult to understand the authenticity of products while shopping. Commonly found eyelashes say that they are of horse hair but don’t have any proof. Ethical procedures promised aren’t followed, and there is the possibility of an animal’s fur being used. Makeup products that aren’t vegan or cruelty-free are harmful to the eco-system. They could be a small aspect of the industry, but they contribute to harmful situations for animals. The animals used for the material of these vegan lashes are tortured. Their natural elements are derived from them. Their owners mistreat the animals and don’t give them proper nutrition. They become tools of business in a slaughterhouse.


Awareness of environmental protection has been increasing. Everyone is trying to make their share of choices that benefit the surroundings. Some alternatives are cruelty-free choices for eyelash material. You can opt for synthetic fibres for your vegan lashes.

Things You Must Be Aware Of While Buying Any Cosmetic Product:

1.     Loop-Holes:

When a company says its methods of manufacturing and testing are cruelty-free, there is no guarantee. There are several articles written by experts in the field to enforce cruelty-free practices. Organisations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA list the names of companies which don’t perform product test on animals and which do. Even with the attempts of such organisations, people keep finding loopholes for their policies. There is a lack of a definite explanation as to what is exactly “cruelty-free”. Therefore, people surround their practices with these loopholes. Somehow, some justification is provided for their activities.

2.     Testing and Maintenance:

A lot of cosmetic products are tested on animals before finalisation of the composition. This is to test aspects like skin irritancy, sensitivity to light and acute toxicity. The very nature of such tests comes across as horrible and terrifying to animals. Lots of regions have banned the use of such methods of testing for cosmetics. Testing is done in no guided manners. The animals being used for these purposes are neither kept in a healthy environment nor fed properly. They are used for an unnatural purpose and are violated against their existence.

3.     Materials:

Even materials used from animals are derived in torturous and unorganised manners. There is no way of recording or checking the legitimacy of any material. It is easy to pass away any fur as the said fur in the industry. Some of the false eyelash adhesives contain elements that aren’t vegan-friendly. Stearic acid is an example of such ingredients. It is a fatty substance that is taken from the stomachs of pigs. The condition of the pigs they take it from can be depressing. There are situations where people even use euthanised pigs to acquire this substance from. Even false eyelashes online adhesives are tested on animals. The whole concept of testing on animals gives scope to the absurd and ruthless treatment of animals.

4.     Wrongful Encouragement:

People who use animal-based cosmetic products use by-products of their slaughter. This cause for more uses of such animals and motivate people to express more of their insensitive side. Unintentionally, millions of people would be contributing to the profit of men who just wants to slaughter animals for their profit.

The Best Place to Buy Eyelashes:

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Vegan and cruelty-free eyelashes are usually synthetic or make their lashes out of human hair.  They are vegan as they don’t promote either usage of animal ingredients or testing of products on them. The procedure involved in making these eyelashes is extensively nature-friendly. It doesn’t deprive or derive anything from animals in its formulations.

The procedure is also comparatively more transparent and credible. Again, due to the popularity of “cruelty-free” productions not legitimately being so. Vegan lashes are cruelty-free and follow the following activities to keep up to this tag:

  • They don’t test their final products or ingredients on animals.
  • No third party is appointed to test the final products or ingredients on animals.
  • No materials that are tested on animals are involved in the manufacturing.
  • Materials or products aren’t sold in places where animal testing is required by law.

There are various alternatives you can choose from while deciding on the material of your eyelashes. The available types made from either acrylic material or poster can be adopted. Vegan lashes make fashion an environment-friendly interest rather than being an additional medium used to hurt animals. Synthetic lashes are also one of the new fashion options for fake eyelashes Australia. They last for a long duration of time and come from an environment-friendly background of manufacturing. The durability and price of these fake eyelashes usually don’t differ that much from product to product. Buy false eyelashes that look natural while knowing what exactly they are made out of.

You can now buy fake eyelashes online and thoroughly check the contents. Buy fake eyelashes from a huge variety. There is a plethora of options you can choose from ranging from volume, length, and material. The best lashes to buy must properly fit you, look natural and fits your budget. Get one of the best of fake eyelashes Australia from Tigress Beauty. You define your look, and let fake eyelashes top your look without needing additional usage of mascara or line. Fake eyelashes are the best choice to finish up the look you decided for yourself. Always ensure that you are using the best of products that follow safety instructions.