Safety First: Why You Need MgO Boards For Your Next Building Project

  Magnesium Oxide (or Magnesia) is a material, which is by large progressively utilised inside the development. Magnesia is a flexible mineral which can be utilised as a major aspect of a concrete blend. It can cast into meagre bond boards and restored. MgO is consumed for private and business building applications.   MGO NSW […]


Magnesium Oxide (or Magnesia) is a material, which is by large progressively utilised inside the development. Magnesia is a flexible mineral which can be utilised as a major aspect of a concrete blend. It can cast into meagre bond boards and restored. MgO is consumed for private and business building applications.


MGO NSW is preferred to gypsum drywall nowadays. It is likewise used in different development applications, for example in the sheathing. It’s not paper faced and is accessible in a scope of sizes to suit the application.




  • Firewalls
  • Sheathing
  • Tile supporter
  • Shaft liners
  • Roofs


MGO NSW Board is a more earth cordial material than some other progressively customary structure materials. The creation of MgO NSW is vitality proficient and produces ozone-harming substances. Magnesium Oxide Board NSW absorbs a great deal which helps the factor of application.


MgO NSW: An eco-accommodating option

The world has developed into a thick solid wilderness with the rise of development innovation. As the innovation has developed, structures are constrained as well as have created to convey various capacities. These capacities give blunder-free and safe structures even before the development starts. This has prompted excellent development in the market. The worldwide development assessed it to stretch around $1.2 trillion by 2020.


As of late, the industry thought of another idea known as green development. Eco-friendly materials are used in this process which leads to minimal environmental damage. Numerous organisations are turning up for the idea. This has been only possible because of the use of MgO NSW, providing an eco-accommodating option in contrast to the traditional way to deal with the structure.


You are probably asking yourself, why should everyone adapt to this way of construction. Find out the reasons below.


  1. Reduction in warming and cooling cost

MgO’s NSW Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) have no off-gassing. These are not like compressed wood and molecule board. Its unrivalled protecting quality and vitality proficiency results in a potential 30 per cent decrease in warming and cooling cost over conventional development. The development procedure creates substantially less job site squander. It sets aside some cash and significantly lessens the measure of materials that unnecessarily end up in the landfill. MgO NSW trusts that its business is changing the manner in which development is done in a green and eco-accommodating way.



  1. Corresponding to the temperature

Magnesium oxide (MgO) NSW blended into concrete to make slim boards, known as MgO NSW sheets. These have developed as the greener option in contrast to conventional drywalls as of late. While they are not natural, tests demonstrate that MgO sheets are not harmed by water. They are impervious to shape, non-ignitable and very strong to affect. MgO blocks hold well when solidified and defrosted while being sufficiently strong to fix nails and screws. They are additionally utilised as wind boundary sheets to protect against the chilly, wind, clamour, notwithstanding hardening outside dividers and roofs.


The phosphates regularly used to join with the magnesium can even be sourced from creature squanders or matured plants. Add to this reality that these bonds grow extensively more compressive. Moreover, the pressure qualities contrast with concrete. The advancement and multiplication of the MgO NSW bond happened when vitality was shoddy, and wellbeing worries of the open were essentially not an issue.


  1. Complementary nature with cellulose

Another favorable position of Magnesium-based bonds is that they have a characteristic liking for cellulose materials. For example, plant filaments or wood chips; concrete repulses cellulose. So you can really utilise wood chips total to accomplish lighter weight and progressively insulative items. Magnesium oxide, when joined with mud and cellulose, makes concretes that inhale water vapour. They never decay since they generally oust dampness. MgO NSW concretes neither direct power nor warmth and cold. They have been utilised for a ground surface for radar stations and medical clinic working rooms.


While a pack of Magnesium concrete may cost twice as a similar load of concrete, that doesn’t imply that it is all the more expensive to utilise. This is on the grounds that with the traits of the MgO NSW bond. You can make extremely solid slight shelled structures with the help of an assortment of lightweight and modest strands.


An economical option

Since 2010, MgO sheets have, to a great extent, supplanted customary gypsum drywalls in the development business all over the world. In addition to the fact that they are viewed as a greener, they are likewise economical. Up to 100,000 square meters of MgO NSW sheets (the vast majority of which were made in China) were being sold each month.


Presently misfortunes purportedly brought about by MgO NSW sheets are being accounted for. The principal cases were passed on in the pre-winter of 2014. MgO NSW sheets contain salt, which draws dampness from the air. At the point when the salt is immersed, the MgO sheets begin discharging dampness (saltwater).


Fire Crunch: Providing The Ideal Solution

All these reasons combined together make it a good option for using MgO whilst building a new structural building. Its numerous benefits especially its low environmental footprint will only help us construct better and economical structures. Making building with the use of MgO NSW also means that we would be able to work and live in structures that are fire and water-resistant.


This is highly required during this day and age, considering the environmental changes that we are currently facing. Either way, we also need to improve the environmental footprint that we tend to leave behind with the number of constructions. The usage of MgO NSW is a step in the right direction. For all your building material needs, FireCrunch is your one-stop solution! Get yourself the premium quality building materials at affordable rates at Fire Crunch.


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