Learn different ways to customise your windows at home and protect them with external venetian blinds

Give your windows a delicate touch with different elements and do not let them go unnoticed. They are your source of natural light and give amplitude to any space. The windows are important pieces inside each room and you have to give them the place they deserve by not letting them go unnoticed in the […]
External Venetian Blinds

Give your windows a delicate touch with different elements and do not let them go unnoticed. They are your source of natural light and give amplitude to any space. The windows are important pieces inside each room and you have to give them the place they deserve by not letting them go unnoticed in the decoration theme.

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Nowadays there are many other options to give your windows a modern twist without ceasing to fulfil their function. In addition to looking good, it can also be a way to ensure your privacy without losing style.

Here we give you ideas to make your windows shine with their own light at home.

Using vinyl

Some types of vinyl are opaque to ensure privacy or combine opaque parts with other discovered to create fun designs. You can also imitate the appearance of a frosted window in the corners.

With stained glass

Stained glass is an elegant way to colour your windows. You can choose something soberer for a lobby or more colourful in a living room or dining room. Keep in mind that the light that enters through them will not have a neutral tone so you must adapt the rest of your decoration to it.

With pictures

Who says that paintings just hang on the walls? Windows, especially large ones, can also be used to hang works of art. Use appropriate adhesive elements to ensure they stay in place without damaging the glass.

With plants

Placed on the outside of the windows not only provide a beautiful panorama to appreciate from the inside, they also ensure privacy by covering part of the window. If you put them in the interior, choose herbs that can be used to flavour environments or cook.

With metallic screens

These pieces will be the centre of attention in your windows and will give them all the prominence they deserve. If you are going to make them to measure, try to choose a design that allows the entry of natural light so that the window does not lose functionality.

What if you choose vinyl to customise your windows?

There are several doubts and questions. If you have questions of how to use them to decorate your home, this publication will interest you.

What is decorative vinyl?

Decorative vinyls is a type of special sticker used in the world of interior design. They are durable and resistant, their price is affordable, they are easy to place, they allow you to remove them without damaging the original surface; so they become a detail of the most versatile.

You can place them on any type of surfaces (tables, cabinets, ceilings, glass, household appliances …), walls or rooms (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom …). Yes! To be well, it is important that the surface is smooth; so, you should avoid placing them on stucco walls, with gotelĂ© or rough surfaces.

Difference between vinyl and stickers in decoration

There is a confusion between traditional decorative vinyls and stickers. Both are used as decorative elements, but they are not the same. The difference is that the vinyl the background will always be the wall and is created in a single colour. In contrast, stickers have a range of colours in their designs and the background is the sticker’s own material, not the wall.

Types of vinyl for wall

In general, decorative wall stickers are sold in two types of finishes:

  • Normal surface vinyls: These are somewhat cheaper
  • Washable surface stickers: Allow you to wash the “sticker” with a damp cloth. These are the most suitable if you want to put a decorative vinyl in a children’s space.

There are other varieties to consider:

  • Frosted vinyl: They are usually used for exteriors or to decorate windows. These let in the light and give privacy to the space.
  • Cutting vinyl: It is a self-adhesive film. This model is die-cut. It has the same colour on the adhesive surface as on the outside.
  • Printed vinyl: It is also a self-adhesive film, very similar to the previous vinyl. The difference is that its base is white and is applied by means of surface printing.

Ideas to decorate with decorative vinyl

The decorative possibilities that decorative vinyls give you are endless. You can use them to complement the decoration of any room in your home including kitchen and bathrooms (since the material is water resistant). They are also completely suitable to complement any decorative style.

This type of decoration is not only suitable to adorn the walls of your home, you can also use them to decorate stairs, appliances, ceilings, furniture … here the limit is set by your imagination. A simple and economical solution to give a new look to your house.

How to place decorative vinyl

Its placement is very simple, if it is a small vinyl, it can be done by only one person; According to its size it is preferable that two people do it.

To place decorative vinyl you need:

  • Paper tape
  • Plastic spatula
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Water spray.

Step by Step:

  • Clean the area where you want to place the decorative vinyl.
  • Once dry, start to stick the vinyl. Little by little, it takes off a small part of the sticker that covers the adhesive.
  • With the help of a spatula, remove any air pockets that may remain.
  • Once stuck, you just have to gently remove the conveyor film.

Care and maintenance

  • To maintain the original appearance and its durability it is important:
  • Clean the decorative vinyl with a damp, lint-free cloth.
  • Use only mild soap and water.
  • Clean it frequently so that dust does not accumulate.


Remember that if you are looking to definite solutions that can take care of sunlight covering and ensure you have privacy while allowing you to decorate the interior of your house in any way you like, contact us today and acquire external venetian blinds of premium quality.