Labour Lawyers and the Differences Between Work Accidents

Discover the importance of having a lawyer to advise you in any labour lawyers-related conflict. What are the benefits of having a lawyer? Feeling “abandoned” by the labour lawyer that represents you is more normal than it seems. But that is something usual, does not mean that this is good, much less that it is […]
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Discover the importance of having a lawyer to advise you in any labour lawyers-related conflict.

What are the benefits of having a lawyer?

Feeling “abandoned” by the labour lawyer that represents you is more normal than it seems. But that is something usual, does not mean that this is good, much less that it is convenient for you when you have a case of work accident.

And it is precisely the labour lawyers of RS Chase Lawyers frequently handle cases with situations with dissatisfied people; hundreds of people come to them with the frustration that their cases of unjustified dismissal, accidents at work or even harassment at work, have not advanced enough to be resolved, of course, when they have been placed in the hands of others.

How will a labour lawyer help you in your work accident case?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no problem if you have already hired another lawyer to represent you. A simple call to the number of RS Chase Lawyers where you explain your situation, will solve all the procedures of change of legal representation and that, without costing you a single dollar.

From that moment they will help you file the compensation claim that suits your case; Even if you have doubts that an injustice has been committed, or you are not sure that you have rights to receive Workers Compensation, you should contact them. You may be able to get more benefits than you have imagined so far.

Can you be your own Labor Lawyer and represent your own interests?

Of course, you can. But to know if you can get the best result, you must first answer the following questions:

  • Do you know in depth the law of labour in Australia?
  • Are you absolutely clear about all your rights and duties as an employee?
  • Do you know which are all the rights of the company that hired you?
  • Can you stand before a judge without fear and with total decision to get a good compensation?

If you answered no to any of these questions, there is no doubt that you need the help of one of a professional labour lawyer. They are one hundred percent dedicated to representing people like you who have been victims of unjustified dismissal, work accidents or workplace harassment and who will not fear in court to fight for your best interests.

From the first moment you will notice how they are always willing to listen to you so that, once in the courts, they have all the arguments at hand so that you win your case. Is not that a good sign that they do know what they are doing and are willing to do what is best for you?


Remember: the objective of a good Labour Compensation Lawyer is always to achieve the maximum economic remuneration for you.

And for you to have clearer the subject, we enumerated some situations in which the specialists in labour law can help you:

  • Injuries, trips or falls, or if an object fell on you.
  • Accidents on stairs, scaffolding, elevators.
  • Injuries from handling defective tools or equipment.
  • If a co-worker was at fault and you were injured in some way.

Differences between work accidents and occupational diseases

A work accident at work is any bodily injury that the worker suffers on occasion or as a result of work performed by another.

This legal definition refers to both the injuries that occur in the workplace labour lawyers  and those produced on the usual journey between it and the worker’s house.

The work accident is the immediate and most obvious indicator of poor working conditions and given its frequency and severity, the fight against accidents is always the first step of any preventive activity. It is estimated that accidents represent around 10% of the mortality rates derived from work.

Accidents, no matter how unexpected, surprising or undesirable, do not arise by chance. They are the consequence and effect of a previous situation, in which there were the conditions that made it possible for the accident to occur. There are always natural causes, not mysterious or supernatural, and although sometimes it is difficult to find them, we should not blame “bad luck” or resign ourselves, because in this way it is not possible to prevent them from reappearing and giving rise to new accidents.

“Safety at Work” is the set of techniques and procedures that aim to eliminate or reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Occupational diseases represent another important part of the damage to health caused by occupational hazards, although the failure to appear immediately their relationship with work may go unnoticed, so many are often classified as “common disease.”

For a disease to be recognised as occupational, legislation usually requires a specific and indisputable relationship with work. It is usually defined as all that contracted as a result of work performed on behalf of another person, in the activities specified for the job position.

If a disease is included in the list of occupational diseases, its work origin is proven. Now, when it is not like that but we believe that a disease is related to work, it is necessary to highlight the labour factors that have conditioned it. This is not always easy, much less in individual cases. That is why the relationship between health and work tends to become more evident when we study the incidence of diseases in a group of workers.

However, most of the ailments that affect the health of people in their work are rarely due to a single cause and are generally related to both labour lawyers and non-work factors (eg lumbago). Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to classify them as an occupational disease in the traditional sense of the term.

The diseases contracted as a result of work activities and that are not considered as occupational diseases will be considered, for legal purposes, as work accidents.

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