Know the types of services for cars that maintain their useful life

  Our car is a useful tool to be able to fulfil on time all the commitments that are generated daily. We go to work, we take the children to school, we make purchases, trips and other trips but it is very important to remember that all this generates wear and tear in the system. […]


Our car is a useful tool to be able to fulfil on time all the commitments that are generated daily. We go to work, we take the children to school, we make purchases, trips and other trips but it is very important to remember that all this generates wear and tear in the system. The time comes when the car does not work the same and it is necessary to go to a car service store so that they can carry out the necessary revisions and changes that will maintain their useful life.

Why if it is our ally in the daily passing do not pay attention to keep it in perfect condition. Below we will explain some of the services that you should be waiting to do to your car in order to keep it in good condition longer. Remember that problems can be prevented and more when it comes to such specialised machines cannot leave out any detail.

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Services for our car

After the first year or the second it is important that you begin to be aware of certain services that are necessary to make the car to keep your system in perfect condition. Depending on the car’s mileage, the type of service it will require will be higher or lower. It is necessary to know which of the two you need before entering the workshop to save money and unnecessary adjustments in mechanics.

The minor service consists in changing the oil, checking the water filter, oil and gasoline, adjusting the bulbs and time, belt tensioner, clutch free play, leak check, terminal cleaning, battery level and revision of the front train. For its part, the major service includes a review of the same parts mentioned above but with greater emphasis. Keep in mind that these checks are important to maintain the power and performance of your car.

When are these checks performed?

Very few people really know the services for cars that must be done to the vehicle and how often. It is important that you keep an eye on these revisions to the car’s system to preserve its useful life. It is recommended to keep written all the checks made and the date for more control. Also, if the car is new from an agency, it is necessary that the review be done by the mechanics of the original automotive store to keep the insurance coverage intact.

To know the correct time in which these checks should be made you will find in the owner’s manual which originally comes with the car. Keep in mind that the service will depend on elements such as the type of review, labour and material used in each visit you have made to the workshop. Another aspect that influence the wear of the car and that you should keep in mind is the time, the way of driving and the mileage. This type of car portal provides relevant information so that you are up to date with the revisions you must make to your car.

Service costs for cars

An important aspect to evaluate when making preventive checks is the money you should invest. You need to be aware that the longer the car passes without performing the necessary services for its proper functioning, the deterioration could be greater, generating high costs. There are many factors that will determine the cost of the review services, including the type of service to be performed, the problem that the car is presenting and the workshop where the review is performed.

If the car has an insurance policy, check with your insurance agent what type of services the agency would cover. If on the contrary the car does not have any type of insurance and the expenses will run on your own then you should look for the different options of mechanical workshops in the city. In this aspect it is important that you turn to the best specialist in what your car needs. Also, evaluate different options before entering the car to the workshop and make sure it has been the best alternative.

When it comes to services for cars, it is best not to skimp on expenses since when trying to save some money it could be causing a bigger problem. It is also important to always be aware of the mileage the car has so as not to skip the revisions. Remember that the key to maintaining it in optimal conditions is preventive maintenance. Consult with specialists in the field who could provide you with better advice on what you should do to your car, automotive accessories among other topics of interest.

Tips to restore crashed cars and leave them as new

It may be your own vehicle, or one that you have acquired in some way, but the truth is that repairing crashed cars is always a risk for many reasons, because the chances of serious damage are high. Still, there are people who seek to leave these unfortunate cars as if they had just left the factory or turn them into an even more ambitious project.

The truth is that if you want to repair a crashed car, no matter the reason, today we will tell you some tips you must follow before starting your project that is successful and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

1- Make a budget

You have to know what is the monetary limit that you will put on the repair and especially how much money it would take to repair the vehicle. You will have to know the costs of each necessary repair and thus not pass or decide whether to start the project or not.

2- Choose the mechanic

It would seem like a simple task, but it may be the most special, because not only do you need to search for “the best”, listen to recommendations and others, but it is also important to create a bond and even share the passion for the project.

3- Suitable spare parts

Always look for spare parts and parts that you must install are appropriate and if possible factory. As always, you should not discard junkyards and parts suppliers used online.

4- Redouble maintenance

Once you finish the repairs, do not forget the maintenance, it is more, reduce it to avoid wear, because you must remember that you speak of a vehicle more sensitive than normal, because it has already suffered greater wear than those that were never damaged.

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