Keys for a memorable morning makeup with cruelty-free eyelashes

The makeup, it has always been believed, helps to increase the beauty of a face. Now we know that the importance of makeup lies in that it increases the contrast of the elements of the face – the lips look redder, the eyes more delineated and large, the lashes more abundant and black, as well […]

The makeup, it has always been believed, helps to increase the beauty of a face. Now we know that the importance of makeup lies in that it increases the contrast of the elements of the face – the lips look redder, the eyes more delineated and large, the lashes more abundant and black, as well as the more colourful eyebrows and cheeks- , and this contrast produces two effects: it diminishes the apparent age, that is, it makes the younger face look, and it makes the face look more feminine and different from the masculine one.

Surely, you’re sure about that an outfit you should wear a party at night must be completely different to the clothes you use when you have a meal or a breakfast, right? Well, when we talk about makeup, too! since this one must go in harmony with all your look; that’s why the next time you have an event in full sunlight you must take into account the following points to achieve a perfect makeup.

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  1. Prepare your skin

Natural light makes dryness, excess makeup and even skin imperfections much more noticeable, so it is super important to prepare the largest organ of your body very well so that it looks impact, then before apply the base you must clean the face, use thermal water or rose water, then put a little moisturizer special for your skin type and finally a bit of primer, which cannot miss for any reason, it will improve the texture of your skin, it will diminish the appearance of the pores and will make your makeup last intact for a long time. Also avoid using a base too heavy and make sure it is a light product but with high coverage, because only then you can make it blend with your skin and not look like you’re wearing a mask.

  1. Avoid dark colours

Black, grey, purple, blue, etc., it will be better to keep them for an event at night; so, during the day better opt for lighter shades for the eyes; Coffee, terracotta and vanilla will always be a hit. Do not forget that the cleaner and more natural, the makeup will look much more.

As for the lipstick tone, it also depends a lot on what you are going to do, for example, if it is a very important event, then something in wine red or pink colour – depending on your colorimetry – would be perfect. If it is a make-up for every day then opt for a beige or nude lipstick. If you are going to do contouring, we recommend that you do it with powder so that it is not something super marked; Remember that the bronzer should be matt and not satin.

  1. Avoid delineation

The black eyeliner is completely out in this type of makeup and obviously also make a pinup, cat eye or something that looks like it – unless you have a wedding or a very important event and that yes apply a loaded makeup; so better delineate the eyes in coffee, you can even do it with red, just following the line of the eyelashes.

  1. Say yes to the highlighter

Give a touch of light to your makeup with a highlighter, as this will always be a must regardless of your type of makeup. Apply it on the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s arch-above the lips. Diffuse it very well and apply little product, otherwise you would be giving an effect too bright and definitely not what we want.

In general, there will be exceptions: most women wear make up on their faces notoriously. It may seem like a purely cultural behaviour; However, there are profound reasons for doing so: we do not put on makeup because it is fashionable, simply by copying a seemingly “capricious” behaviour.

Professor Richard Russell, a psychologist at the Gettysburg College, has found, after doing two investigations, that we attribute female or male gender identity to faces, based largely on contrast. When we see more contrast, we tend to think that the face is feminine, when the contrast is lower, we attribute it to the male sex. In the next photograph of an androgynous face you can see the effect.

The skin of the woman is a little lighter than that of the man, independently of the race, but neither the eyes nor the lips are it, so to make up the face achieves the effect of creating even more contrast and, therefore, giving a more feminine appearance to the face. In Egyptian painting, from the time of the pharaohs, the distinction of sexes according to the colour of the skin is dramatic.

This feminising effect makes the woman more attractive. On the other hand, with aging, contrast is lost: the lips become pale, the amount of hair on the face and on the head diminishes, the colour of the hair and the eyebrows becomes lighter, the lashes fall off and the skin darkens a little. Wrinkles are an important key to assign an old age to a subject, but there are other subtle and important keys as mentioned.

In an experiment conducted by the psychologist Richard Russell, images of faces with appreciable contrast differences were shown. The evaluators assigned more age to the faces without contrast than to the same faces with contrast, with appreciable difference. This explains why the cosmetics industry moves millions of dollars a year, all over the world; This explains why women spend valuable minutes every day in the make-up function.

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