Keys to get the full benefit from running and jogging

Running and jogging improves our mood and this is a proven fact, and although on this type of exercise weighs a not so unfair fame for the impact it generates in the body, physical trainers and science itself confirms that there are many more benefits than disadvantages. Doing “running” can get more than just a […]

Running and jogging improves our mood and this is a proven fact, and although on this type of exercise weighs a not so unfair fame for the impact it generates in the body, physical trainers and science itself confirms that there are many more benefits than disadvantages. Doing “running” can get more than just a rush after the race. In fact, it is widely proven that running, and physical exercise in general, reduce anxiety.

As if this were not enough, a research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that only two minutes of physical activity are enough for a healthy life and has a positive effect on blood glucose and insulin levels (glucose and insulin in blood) in healthy adults.

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Top benefits offered by running

It is even beneficial for breast cancer patients. After analysing and comparing women who were walking compared to those who ran, a study conducted by the “Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory” concluded that mortality was reduced by 40.9% in the case of runners compared to 4.6% of those who preferred to walk.

Going for a run generates cardiovascular, aerobic benefits, makes us lose fat, accumulates more calcium in the bones, generates more red blood cells in the bone marrow. The only counter that has is the impact suffered by the locomotor system and, therefore, not recommended for people with problems in the knees, lumbar, meniscus, hernia, etc.

Running widens our legs?

The million-dollar question, specially for women, is whether the “running” allows us to outline the silhouette or causes the leg muscles to widen, giving the feeling that “fat”. Aerobic training helps shape the silhouette because it is functional and long, and that leads to burning fat. If you have little fat, your musculature will look better, it will “stick” more to the skin and be defined. But you must distinguish muscle tissue from fat. If you train the musculature it will react, but the fat will still be there. We can conclude that aerobic work does not enlarge, it is physiologically impossible for a girl to get “strong” running.

Experts advise resting one day between each training

If all you want to do is to lose weight, regardless of whether the leg is more or less muscular, you should start interspersing walking and running, a minimum of 30 minutes and that the race is, at least a total of 15 minutes, even if one is running one or two, because it is very hard, especially if you are overweight, start running directly », Then it would be necessary to decrease” the time of walking by jogging as we progress in training “. When we run the whole session we should do it, according to this trained staff, at an “easy pace, at 50-60% of our capacity”. In addition, it reminds us of the need to “rest one day between each workout to give the body the opportunity to rest and assimilate it”.

If we are worried that the leg becomes muscular it is important to accompany running with good strength work, go to the gym, which should be the priority, and then run, especially in the morning when the growth hormone is more active and the leg or any part of the body gains more muscle mass.

You must run with good shoes

The tread is what generates the greatest debate. In this case, it is necessary to evaluate if we have a suppressor, pronator or neutral footprint and the shoe must counteract that footprint. If you run very slowly, there is less projection and the impact increases because you enter with the heel and not with the centre of the foot. On the other hand, you must keep your eyes up, do not look at the ground to avoid the “hump”, the shoulders must be relaxed, the elbows flexed, and the arms must follow a natural movement. The hands should be loose because otherwise they will fill with blood and swell. We must keep our fists as if we were holding a “handful of nuts”. Regarding the abdominals, they must be in contraction to remove weight to the lumbar and the body in general must be inclined, as it will help the propulsion.

You will improve your endurance

A person who wants to lose 39 minutes should do 5 days a week; to go down between 40 and 48 minutes, four are enough; and from 48 minutes, 3 days is enough. The 5 days would make two days of series and three days of shooting. The one of 4 days, 1 day of series and 3 of races.

It is vital to never do more than 3 days in a row. Ideally, make a day of racing and rest, at the most join two days of training but never two qualities (series or long progressive races). To improve your resistance and get a good mark in your step to 10 km includes one of these workouts every week (remember that your body needs rest to assimilate them, it is very easy to fall injured if you abuse these intense workouts without your muscles and joints be prepared).

Being constant

The main recommendation that can be given when speaking about running and starting a jogging routine is to always be constant. Steps to follow:

  1. Wake up early. The research shows that people who exercise early in the morning are more consistent.
  2. Keep it real. Set small and achievable goals in the beginning. If you are new to the exercise, plan to exercise three times a week. Next, it happens every two days. As you progress you can build a weekly routine of up to 5 days (or more).
  3. Have a specific plan before you start. You should create in a variety of exercises to maintain energy (for example, strength one day, cardiovascular exercises), but the trick is to plan ahead.
  4. Find someone to share the exercise with. It can be a training partner or a personal trainer. Either way, do sport with someone you feel comfortable with.
  5. Set goals and track your progress. Maybe your goal is to lose weight or run 5 km. It could also be as simple as “exercising every two days for a month.” Seeing the progress, you will feel motivated.
  6. Find inspiration or distraction. If the exercise objectives do not excite you, choose your favourite fun and include it in your exercise routine. You can listen to music, watch TV or read a magazine while you exercise.

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