Running Gear That Lets You Pound Pavement In Style.

I experienced some envy and guilt the other day. Actually, quite a lot of envy and guilt. It was a Saturday morning and I needed to grab a few things from the shops. You know, the usual routine. Now I know a lot of us probably go through this, the “New Year’s Resolution”. On the […]

I experienced some envy and guilt the other day. Actually, quite a lot of envy and guilt. It was a Saturday morning and I needed to grab a few things from the shops. You know, the usual routine. Now I know a lot of us probably go through this, the “New Year’s Resolution”. On the remaining hours of 2015, my girlfriends and I were enjoying a nice glass of wine while talking about the major highlights and lowlights that the year had given us. Then I was asked what my New Year’s Resolution was. I had actually thought about what it could be a few days earlier, weighing up in my mind what I really wanted to change, what I wanted to achieve to make the coming year something special and great. After running a long list of options through my mind, I had finally come to a decision about what my resolution could be. I had decided it would be to get fit and get right back into sports. Cliche? Perhaps. Realistic? definitely.

I was ready to plunge right into a change that had the power to transform my self-esteem, confidence and overall health. But back to why I was experiencing large amounts of envy and guilt. I walked back to the car dressed in a hoodie, casual trackies and runners that were not very well kept (after all, I much prefer my sky high platform heels!) It was when I sat in the driver’s seat when I noticed a group of women dressed in workout gear from head to toe. Vibrantly coloured running shoes (mine were quite worn out with dirt here and there), skin tight workout leggings with various patterns and shapes on them (my trackies were black, baggy and had long passed its expiry date), and heart rate measuring gear wrapped around their arms. One was even pushing a baby stroller. Basically, I looked and felt like a mess with a loaf of bread, chocolate milk and a magazine on the seat next to me. Enough to trigger feelings of envy and guilt? Yeah, I think so.

It was at that moment when I wanted to bring my hoodie up over my face and hide. It was a harsh reminder that I completely dishonoured my New Year’s Resolution. I had not followed through with it again, much like all the times when me and the girls would say “this is the last cookie, the diet starts on Monday!” Don’t get me wrong. I am not extremely unfit. I look after myself and eat well (most of the time). But it just was not enough. As you all may know, fellow readers, maintaining and balanced and healthy lifestyle is crucial to increase the quality of life and decrease the likelihood of disease onset in the coming years.

Staying active was my main goal, at least having some kind of schedule put into place that I could follow and complete certain physical activity programs in allocated times. This was supposed to happen and begin on the first day of the year, but hey, better late than never! Once upon a time, I was told that when you tell other people who are close to you about your exercising and dieting plans to build up a supportive network. For me, this usually means letting people know I want to exercise and when I refuse to kick me up out of bed (this is true). So that was exactly what I set out to do. I told all my girlfriends and family that this was the real deal. I was dedicating myself to my workout schedule. I needed an upgrade on my current (very little) range of workout gear as a source of motivation. I had usually seen television ads with active and happy couples wear great workout gear and sophisticated heart rate monitors. I needed those.

So I set out to find new running shoes, sports clothes, drink bottles and a diary to track my progress along the way. I am quite busy and time poor because of my job, so I gave countless hours of shopping around a miss and went to search for what I needed online. The highly saturated fitness market seemed a little too much for me, with prices skyrocketing as I flicked through more and more stores. I was looking for high quality running gear without the expensive price-tag. After visiting Joggers World, my opinion on the fitness market completely changed. They helped me keep my New Year’s Resolution by actually providing great quality work out and running gear at great prices. After searching what the other places had to offer, I was very happy with the globally-renowned running gear Joggers World had in stock. With something to suit everyone, including women, men, and children, it was easy to see why Joggers World are industry-leaders when it comes to running shoes, running clothes and running accessories. Something else that made me really want to continue searching through what they had available on their website was the fact that they are authorised retailers to brands including Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, Brooks, Asics and many more.

I could now train hard thanks to the brands that were essentially the “kings of the fitness industry” all without breaking the bank! What else could I ask for? Hmm.. maybe a few shorts and tops for the times I work up a sweat. Everything I needed was available at Joggers World. I also want to let my fellow readers know that the running shoes I had purchased, specifically Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 are something else! The support and comfort while I work out is truly second to none. Both lightweight and durable, I can tackle any surface that comes my way be it asphalt, grass, or on the court. I am super happy with my high quality purchase at a great price! All it took was a little time searching for the most appropriate running gear that suited my goals and my budget, and hey presto! I no longer felt any feelings of envy or guilt. I was well on my way to achieving my fitness goals with my new-found running gear that will last for a very long time to come. New Year’s Resolution? Check!