What you need to know about the first date and why you must choose an Italian restaurant

  It is the first time and everything has to be very -but very- thought about. Nothing can go wrong, at least you should try. Do you already know where you are going to take him to dinner? The time has come to set time and decide where to go. It has touched you and […]
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It is the first time and everything has to be very -but very- thought about. Nothing can go wrong, at least you should try. Do you already know where you are going to take him to dinner?

The time has come to set time and decide where to go. It has touched you and you no longer have a possible escape; all responsibility falls on you (but no pressure). The questions follow one another, we assume: do we have dinner? We eat? We drank some beers? A few wines? The possibilities are endless, but when the moment of truth approaches the subject seems to be complicated (and much). Who said that the first appointments were an easy task?

The first thing you should do is to think about the tastes of the other person (the one who has given you the first appointment) and the second to turn around in your head (many laps), start thinking about places, call and reserve, all for the same order. If something is important is that everything seems like improvised, although the thing has taken hours and hours of preparation. It would be good to make clear some basic points, here our gastronomic decalogue for the first appointment (that is to come).

Know what would be astonishing for a first date? Delicious dishes from all kinds of cuisines coming together with an excellent environment for eating and having a great soirée. We are located in 118 Norton Street, Leichhardt, Sydney. If you want to make a reservation you can call at: (02) 9560 7957 and we will be happy to have you within our guests for another wonderful night here in At Fernando’s.

  1. The best option is to stay for dinner, that’s why the low light

Here the shame is general. Nerves, on a first date, are more than usual. For this reason, it seems that this is already taken for granted, that there is no need to go further: the perfect time is dinner time. Stay for breakfast is totally ruled out (not hours, not even the time of brunch), the lunch hour seems too serious and snack is perhaps a little cheesy.

  1. If you think dinner is too much, try a few beers (or wine) for the first contact

Many are lazy and others think that having dinner (on the first date) is too much haste. Another option, no less successful, is to stay for a few beers (or some wines). The thing will be more relaxed and it will not seem like we are on a ‘first date’. A bar or restaurant with relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to stay, have a few beers and who knows if it ends up stinging something in your letter.

  1. Choose a place with atmosphere, so that it does not seem like you’re on a ‘first date’

If there is something that cannot happen, under no circumstances, is that a first date seems like a first date. If the place you have chosen for dinner is empty, that will happen that should never happen and possibly turn everything into a real disaster. Therefore, it is essential that on your list of possible places to go on a first date (we will write this list someday, to make it easier) are targeted locals with a lot of atmosphere, those you have to call to book in advance and that will ensure people and background noise, very necessary for a first time.

  1. Escape from that place you always go to and where everyone knows you

It is very obvious, but sometimes we are so hooked to a place that we do not want to let go for the first date. It would be good to look for places you do not usually go to and where you will not find (cross fingers) one of those ex or funny friends, who can ruin your night. In addition, it is the perfect time to try new sites and leave, for a moment, those who already know you perfectly. It is clear that there are places to go with a date and places that never go.

  1. Never ask for a hamburger, you will see your worst image

It is not about stipulating what you should or should not ask for in the letter, it would be more. But it is true that a first date is not made to order a hamburger and devour it, as you would with your friends. The important thing is to ask for dishes to share and, above all, do not do a disservice (as can happen with a double hamburger of meat, with tomato, onion and overflowing with ketchup).

  1. Everything must be very thoughtful, but it must seem like improvised

The expected date is Friday night, but you have been preparing it since Monday (first hour). You have called ten friends to ask for advice, you have gone through the instagrams of the main gastronomic recommendations blogs and you have gone through all the websites of restaurants to read their letters over and over again (And what can I ask for everything to go well?). All this is very good, a field work more than necessary, but once booked the restaurant should seem as if everything was improvised. If they ask you, you should smile and say: “Everything has been so easy”.

For many people, Italian food is synonymous with romance and the perfect date, but the truth is that beyond love, the ingredients, smells and flavours of the cuisine of this European country have the goal of uniting people no matter if they are couples, friends or relatives. Remember that Italian food can’t go wrong since it is extremely delicious and very appealing for people with any type of taste.

When you want to try some delicious Italian dishes cooked by professionals for a first day, you have to visit At Fernando’s to taste some of the most delicious dishes in the city.