Why should you include wood in your decoration?

When you decorate the different rooms of the home you have to consider different factors (the colours, the furniture distribution, the size of the rooms and the different elements …), although one of the most important aspects is the material that each of the pieces that will be part of the stay. In the market […]
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When you decorate the different rooms of the home you have to consider different factors (the colours, the furniture distribution, the size of the rooms and the different elements …), although one of the most important aspects is the material that each of the pieces that will be part of the stay. In the market you will find a wide variety of materials for all elements (floors, walls, textiles, furniture), although today we are going to talk about one of the most present in most homes: wood.

Remember that here at Wine Barrels you can rent or buy beautiful wine barrels for decoration and add a classic touch to your place. Look at these ideas that will inspire you to put hands in action to generate a rustic, close and relaxed air of the environments you decorate.

Beautiful and welcoming spaces

It is not surprising that, for centuries, wood has been the preferred component in furniture and other elements, since thanks to this material cosy, comfortable and healthy spaces are achieved. Among other things, this is thanks to the fact that it is a natural material that causes beneficial effects in people. In addition, it is a material that looks great in all environments, making the rooms really beautiful places.

An insulating and relaxing material

Wood is not only perfect for making furniture, but it is ideal for floors and walls. And it is an insulating material capable of preventing the reverberations of sound. In addition, according to some experts in the field, when in contact with wood, the body and mind relax due to lowering of blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. Therefore, the mood can improve considerably.

Ideal for the floor

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that wood is capable of absorbing impacts better than other materials that, supposedly, are harder, such as marble or wood. Therefore, choosing a wooden floor can be ideal for your home. In addition, although many people do not know, with wooden floors you do not lose body temperature when walking barefoot. That’s not to mention how pleasant it is to walk through the parquet both in winter and in summer thanks to the thermal stability of the wood. Of course, this can help us reduce energy bills.

Ideal for furniture

Of course, opting for wooden furniture is also a great option. First of all, it is one of the simplest materials to clean and repair, so its maintenance will be relatively simple. In addition, we must bear in mind that wood is a very durable material and is gaining value as time passes. Of course, for this it is important to take care of wooden furniture properly. To make matters worse, most wooden furniture is lighter than other types of materials, such as metal, so they will also be easier to handle. Thus, it will be easier for you to move a wooden desk like the one you can see in the next image than another metallic one.

Perfect for all places

Another of the great advantages of wood is that it is a material that can be used for all types of rooms: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and even terraces, provided that appropriate care is taken for outdoor furniture. Bearing in mind that it is a relaxing and silent material, we recommend that you use it, above all, in bedrooms, both in floors and in furniture. Solid wood furniture for the bedroom, like the ones you can see in the picture, will help you find the peace you need in a room like this.

Because nothing is more elegant

The wood does not go out of fashion and is present in the trends of all decades, although the shapes of the furniture change, as material always endures. It is not necessary to make a radical change at home, precisely the good thing about wood is that a few details can suffice. A coffee table, a dresser, or a floor lamp. Depending on the tone of the floor and other furniture, a piece of wood can always fit well.

The simplicity of nature

Wooden furniture transports us to other places and to other times. This material provides that wink of natural subtlety that can compensate other decorative elements of the house. A wooden dining table, for example, does not need chairs of the same material, it can be combined with plastic or lacquered elements. Use as a centre of the space a wooden furniture, like the table, enhances the feeling of warmth in winter and freshness in summer.

Rustic, Nordic and Japanese style

There are many styles of decoration that suggest us as a base wooden furniture. We have near the rural style, the robust wooden furniture that we remember from our childhood, massive and forceful furniture. But we can also appeal to a more refined and minimalist design, such as Scandinavian and Japanese, both have in common the sober, straight lines and the search for maximum functionality from the deepest minimalism.

Because it can last a lifetime

In addition to the fact that wood tends to design more sober and durable over time, it is a living material that you must pamper but that in turn becomes a jewel for life. A piece of furniture that will accompany you and that can be considered part of the family heritage. Like an old chest, with the magic it gives off, or a bench for the dining room. These are the details that make a style, and that after decades your children remember how those impressive, lasting but always accessible elements.

Wood where you least expect it

Wood can fulfil a decorative function in some details that are not furniture. As in the exterior finish of a bathtub and completely covering a house wall. This type of ideas generates a different acoustics that surrounds all the space and muffles the sound, making it warmer.

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